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Stone Breaker for Dogs and Cats * Educational Video

Stone Breaker for Dogs and Cats *



First class adaptogens and biologically active natural plant chemicals which help identify all types of liver, kidney, bladder and gall stones including gravel, crystals, grains and calculi, and safely remove them from the body.

Helps address dissolve liver, kidney, bladder and gall stones, including calcium oxalate, struvite, uric acid, cysteine, calcium phosphate & silica stones.

Plant adaptogens are alterative in function, and work to identify the root cause for stone formation and may help limit stone formation permanently by blocking cellular irregularity related to the bladder and kidneys.

With time, is 94% effective in eliminating bladder and kidney stones and related infections by reducing cortisol and calcium levels in the urine, by acidifying the urine, by normalizing liver enzyme and pH levels and by reducing spasms in the bladder and kidneys.

Contains a natural plant pain reliever that is more effective than NSAID’S as well as Prebiotics and Probiotics to help support digestive health.

* as suggested by holistic vets

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