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Traditional Medical Systems and Animal Wellness


For thousands of years, Amazonian Indians and Andean Highland and Lowland Indians and indigenous peoples worldwide have been using plant and marine based herbals and supplements to stimulate the body to heal itself, and these actions are ascribed to a traditional, medical system. 

The Amazon Rain Forests, Andes Lowland Cloud Forests and Highland Mountains and Pacific Ocean support the growth of the specialized plant and marine life Natura Petz Organics harvests and processes.

Our supplements and super foods have been formulated based on a traditional Peruvian medicine, which is a medical system that combines all elements of health, illness and the relationship between humans, animals and nature and analyzes the results against both indigenous empirical knowledge and modern medicine. Natura Petz is proud to carry on the tradition of using and promoting herbals and other specialty supplements as a medical system.                            

Natural or traditional remedies have been used worldwide since the dawn of civilization as healing, medicinal and curative agents across many indigenous cultures and continents. Traditional medicine originated in China over 5,000 years ago and Peruvian medical systems originated 4,000 years ago. The terms “traditional” and “alternative” medicine reflect an inherent bias in Western concepts of medical treatment. However, many educated consumers are now using natural products solutions to help address their health needs, and by extension, their pet's health. 

Nearly 40 percent of all health care revenue now represents “alternative” or “complementary” medicine, and 44 percent of all Americans utilize supplements to help maintain wellness.

In comparison, up to 65% of consumers use a natural product first for their pets before a synthetic option. These buying and user statistics suggest that consumers understand a natural investment in their personal health may also result in a  direct investment in their overall quality of life and believe their pets may benefit from the same philosophy. 

Natura Petz Organics specializes in all facets of natural medicine, including botanical health and wellness products, research, documentation, green sustainable harvesting, product manufacturing and the exportation of over 200 medicinal plants from the Amazon rainforests, Andean cloud forests and mountains and Humboldt Current as aided by the Pacific Ocean. 

Our focus on natural products over synthetic options for pet wellness is deeply embedded in the practice of traditional pet medicine and holistic veterinarian care. Natural products may help address the underlying conditions that cause the symptoms of disease rather than suppressing symptoms. Symptoms indicate illness; signs that your pet’s body is fighting to return to a state of balance.

Suppressing symptoms may cause more serious symptoms to emerge. Natural medicine treats systemically and symptomatically to get at the root of the actual health problem. Our nutrient rich herbals and supplements optimize your pet’s state of well-being today and may also reduce the risk or delay the onset of disease.

The Amazon, Andes and Pacific Ocean are magnificent and providential places and host unique and powerful plant and marine resources that are creating a global health care revolution focused on holistic, natural medicine. As global demand for botanical plant medicines increases, so does our vigilance in protecting the fragile plant and marine life that promotes balanced, integrative health and well being. 

Each plant ecosystem determines the ceiling of its productivity and each rain forest plant and marine life has its own defined life cycle. Natura Petz Organics supplements are wild harvested specifically as orders are placed. Our plants are grown and processed in their organic state, without the use of pesticides, fumigation, genetically modified organisms, synthetic fertilizers, or ionizing radiation.

During the manufacturing process, each supplement retains the highest level of pure, active plant chemicals possible, resulting in an absolutely natural product, free of synthetic chemicals, fillers and preservatives. Our products are made to the highest standards of quality, consistency and are validated by independent testing. 

Natura Petz Organics provides a full spectrum of specialty supplements developed within a traditional medical system that may help compliment the normal diets of dogs and cats. We stand behind our slogan:

We invite your pet to experience its best health ever. Thank you for choosing our products. Natura Petz Organics. 

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