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Our in-house lab works with registered growers and certified suppliers, guaranteeing that each plant:
  • has not been adulterated, falsified or mislabeled,
  • has been grown sustainably and is eco-friendly,
  • has been wild or organic harvested in a proper way,
  • the environment has not been damaged from source to bottle. 

Processing of each product is done so that the active natural phytochemicals found in each plant or marine product are not lost, guaranteeing the highest quality and plant-to-product efficacy ratio. We use only whole plant herbs and no standardized extracts. Our products do not contain additives, preservatives or chemicals.*

In order to achieve these outcomes, we have strict quality control processes established that ensure adherence to all vital areas of manufacturing, including a plant identity analysis that is performed prior to manufacturing to ensure that the correct plant species is used.

Our quality control system begins at cultivation, to post harvesting and corresponding analysis during the entire manufacturing and production processes in addition to confirmation of the following:

  • Selection of the plant or marine material and pharmaceutical form.
  • Pet patient’s acceptability.
  • Stability.
  • Correct packing. 
  • Contamination prevention.
  • Correct dose. 
  • * As recommended by holistic veterinarians for use under a traditional medical system. 

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