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The Natura Petz Advantage

Natura Petz Organics may help your pet experience a health revolution!

We manufacture pure organic, 100 percent all-natural, bio-available super foods, herbs, meal toppers, starter packs, specialty supplements, treats, foods and pet lifestyle wellness products, made from the most nutritionally rich and powerful ingredients found on earth. Our supplements are derived from the Amazon Rain Forests, Andes Cloud Forests and Pacific Ocean, which are the world’s largest and most sophisticated natural plant and marine "pharmacies."

Our specialty, nutritional pet products have been researched for their effectiveness and formulated to help address common conditions in dogs and cats, including symptoms related to joints; digestionallergies, hot spots, skin and coat; anxiety, stones; bladder and kidney infections. Our premium products may help address the nutritional needs related to tumors; liver and kidney disorderswounds, infections and more. * As recommended by holistic veterinarians for use under a traditional medical system. 

Our organic pet supplement line is veterinarian formulated and contains unique, nutritional ingredients that WORK to help address your pet's unique health needs. Our supplements help give the animal body the nutritional and intrinsic therapeutic properties it requires to maintain healthy from the inside out. Our products contain the most powerful and unique nutrient panels that are found nowhere else on this earth, which may benefit the health of your dogs, cats, horses and small animals.

Let's talk quality. All of our nutritional pet supplements, including pet herbs, vitamins, oils, serums, powders and tinctures are made with pure ingredients and contain no fillers, preservatives, gluten, GMO or chemical anything. We proudly bear the highest industry certifications possible, ensuring that our products are safe and effective for your dogs and cats. Our pets are family and we only give them the best!

To help our pets achieve balanced health, wellness and potential disease prevention, we must address the underlying cause of disease. Natural products may help support your pet's body body by helping to address the underlying cause for disease, and may help nutritionally repair or correct dysfunction. We don't just want our pets to be healthy; we want them to thrive!

Your fur babies deserve the best health and wellness products available and one of our goals is to proudly offer the best pet wellness remedies on the market. 

Welcome to Natura Petz Organics!

our philosophy is = pure, natural, pet health. 


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