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The Natura Petz Organics Advantage

Our Vision for Animal Health & Wellness

Natura Petz Organics proudly manufactures all-natural, organic pet wellness super foods, treats, foods, meal toppers, meal balancers, herbs, supplements, herbs, starter packs and pet lifestyle products to help promote wellness in your dog, cat and horse.

We are committed to informing our consumers about the potential health benefits of natural pet remedies over synthetic options. Overwhelmingly, natural pet supplements have few, if any, side effects and promote whole body health and healing for a healthier, happier pet. 

We are proud to say that our organic pet supplements contain unique ingredients that are only available from Natura Petz. 

We are THE South American plant botanical and marine extract experts and have been involved in South American herbal and traditional medical systems for 20 years. 

Our pet supplements may help to address both common and chronic diseases and conditions that plague our furry family members. With the alarming rate of disease affecting our dogs and cats, plant and marine based supplements which contain targeted naturally occurring plant actions may help them stay well. (* As recommended by holistic veterinarians for use under a traditional medical system)

Our organic pet supplements may help to satisfy the biological needs of your dog and cat as well as may address nutritional deficiencies that are common in modern pet diets, without leaving a synthetic footprint and without tapping into body reserves. (* As recommended by holistic veterinarians for use under a traditional medical system)

We are committed to sustainable harvesting and truly green manufacturing techniques that do not harm the environment nor reduce or diminish the raw, organic power of plants, created perfectly in nature. 

We promote the importance of holistic veterinarian care and traditional medical systems and how they combine to support prime animal health.

Finally, we ensure the legacy of indigenous expertise and value surrounding herbal and marine medicine continues to be shared to benefit everyone's fur babies. We're all in this together. 

Please see Heidi Nevala's - Pet World Insider Moment with an Insider interview:   Heidi Nevala's full Pet X Talk will be updated once it airs!

Certifications, Manufacturing and More

Natural Pet Medicine and Holistic Veterinarian Care


Many pet owners are choosing holistic, veterinarian services and products over conventional, Western veterinarian medicine. In part, this resurgence is due to a heightened understanding that our pets are biological beings that require natural, biological (non-synthetic) products, but also, due to the differences in how medicine is practiced. The most simplistic explanation is that holistic veterinarians approach medicine as treating the underlying conditions that cause the symptoms of disease in your pet. 

Conventional, veterinarian medicine often focuses on suppressing symptoms related to diseases or conditions. Symptoms are an indication of illness; signs that your animal’s body is fighting to return to a state of balance. Suppressing symptoms often causes more serious health conditions to emerge.

Holistic veterinarians treat the animal body as a whole and use natural products that may act both as preventative and reactive health agents, to help repair your pet’s body from within and to help bring all bodily systems into balance.  Holistic medicine also treats systemically and symptomatically to help get at the root of your pet’s actual health problem. Nature is breathtakingly clever and efficient

That’s where we come in! Natura Petz Organics manufactures nutrient-rich herbals and supplements which may help reduce or delay the onset of disease as well as may optimize your pet’s well being today. We not only want our pets to live long, healthy lives, we want them to thrive throughout their lives.

Our Manufacturing Processes (Technical, but Important Stuff!)

We are adamant about the purity and quality of our raw materials and proudly adhere to the highest level of manufacturing processes in the industry. We don't give our pets anything we wouldn't eat! Our manufacturing process ensures that the active phytochemicals in each plant are not lost in processing, guaranteeing the highest quality and best plant-to-product efficacy ratio. These are fancy words that mean our products have been measured and certified for their quality and effectiveness in supporting animal health and wellness! 

Our laboratory works with ethical, registered growers and certified suppliers to guarantee that all raw materials supplied are of the highest quality, purity and potency; have not been mislabeled or adulterated; have been grown sustainably; have been properly harvested and the environment has not been harmed from source to bottle.

Strict quality control processes are used throughout the cultivation, harvesting, processing, and manufacturing process, including:

1. Selection of plant material and pharmaceutical form.

2. Pet patient’s acceptability.

3. Stability.

4. Correct packing.

5. Contamination prevention.

6. Correct dose.

These tests are also performed on each plant batch that is processed:

1. Physical organoleptic analysis, which encompasses macroscopic and stereoscopic analysis, particle size, larva and insect contamination, color, smell, taste characteristics, drying, and storage conditions. If there is any doubt about the identity of an ingredient, we perform a micro-graphic test. The percentage of moisture is analyzed by gravimetric methods. The ash determination is also measured.

2. Using methods recommended in international pharmacopoeias, a microbiological, sanitary analysis is performed to determine the most probably number of microorganisms (NMP/g). Mould and yeast recount is performed. The finishing stage of this process also includes an aerobes recount on the plaque and an additional microbiological analysis.

3. Composition analysis is performed by the chromatography of thin layer method (TLC).

4. The final specific active principle assessment is made by high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC).

Our Focus on Research

We are a serious research company, devoted to furthering knowledge related to plant and marine expertise for the benefit of animal wellness. But we also remember to have lots of fun along the way. :)

We have participated and collaborated in research operations with industry experts worldwide to provide documented findings regarding the value of plant and marine based health for your furry family members. 

We provide comprehensive research documents that enable you as a pet owner to better understand each plant property, the primary natural, plant chemicals each plant or marine extract contains, how it affects your pet biologically and detailed research citations that you can verify. Knowledge is empowering!

We continually update our plant and marine product guides as new research is conducted, as well as promote the indigenous and medical expertise that leads the fields of natural medicine and holistic veterinarian medicine, which are both part of traditional medical systems.     

Contact Us For Anything!

Now that you know more about natural pet health options, we are honored to help join you and your pets in achieving balanced wellness and disease prevention.

Please feel free to call (877-306-1744) or email us ( with any questions or comments.  We are here to serve you.

Please use our online resources, like Pet Health A-Z, to help determine which products will best address your pet’s health needs.

And if you would like a more detailed service, you may use our Ask the Vet consultation service, which is customized and tailored specifically to your animal. Just like you, our pets are the center of our universe too.

While we cannot take credit for the power of nature, Natura Petz invites your pet to experience its best health ever!

Thank you.

The Natura Petz Organics team

pure, natural, pet health.


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