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Natura Petz Reviews & Testimonials

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Joint Ease is working

I give Joint Ease to both my dog and cat and they both seem to be doing well. My dog which is 15 years old is still running around after his ball. My cat is 12 years old jumps and runs around like a kitten. I believe it has do to with Joint Ease. Thank so much, I will be ordering more soon.  -Evelyn 

Thank you for helping my Pup!

Our dog is doing great on Life's An Itch! Within 10 days her ruddy brown tears are now clear and much less tearing. Also she was bloated and now she is back to her svelte figure and much happier! You and your products are great! Thank you for helping my Pup!

-Mike B.

Great Product!

This product (Serenity Zen Dog & Cat) works great! Thank you so much and please send more bottles!

-The Meehans

Dog & Cat Anxiety

Finally a product for anxious dogs and cats (grooming, boarding, daycare, travel)

We have a grooming, boarding, daycare and retail facility and see a lot of dogs and cats with general anxiety or separation anxiety. We were really happy to find Serenity Zen Dog & Cat because it ACTUALLY WORKS. We have quite a few pet owners tell us that their pets are difficult to groom or have been called " ungroomable we have found serenity zen is the right calming tool that allows dogs and cats to be groomed without sedation.

I have personally been shocked and relieved to be able to work with a dog or cat that would have previously needed to be sedated and muzzled. There are lots of calming products on the market and we have tried them all. Serenity Zen makes the grooming experience safer and removes the stress mechanism an animal attaches to an uncertain situation. WE LOVE IT.

We also recommend it to pet owners who are boarding an anxious animal and use it for some daycare dogs that have trouble integrating or who are aggressive to other daycare dogs. It takes about 20-30 minutes to relax a dog or cat (depends on weight, breed, etc.). It doesn't drug them and allows a dog or cat to interact with other animals without fear. Because this product works so well, some of our customers no longer have to get shots for their dogs and cats (one less anxious vet visit) and the product has turned a negative experience for the animal into a positive experience for everyone involved. Thank you!

-Blue Ribbon

Trachael Collapse

We have a senior dog that suffers from trachael collapse. She is too old for surgery and we have been hoping to find a way to help her breathe better and improve her quality of life.

We weren't expecting a miracle but we did find your products called Life’s An Itch No More Sneezing or Wheezing and I Want Liquid Immunity. These products have seriously improved our Ruby's ability to breathe and lessen her discomfort.

It took about 2 weeks before we really noticed less coughing and definite improvement to Ruby's breathing. While it was a little messy to administer the liquid, it was worth it! She can swallow much better and her cough is pretty much gone. She has way more energy and is moving around the house like we haven't seen in years.

This is a tough condition to treat and we appreciate the difference your products have made for Ruby. Thank you for all the information and knowledge you passed along to us. And Ruby sends a big THANK YOU too!

-Melissa M.

Liver Failure

My senior Dachsund was diagnosed with liver failure. Within a few weeks of the diagnosis, her kidneys also stopped working properly. I was in a panic and not ready to give up on my dog.

My vet reluctantly told me there was very little we could do and recommended we enjoy the time left. Refusing to believe there were no other options, I talked with friends and one had a similar problem with their dog. She recommended a Natura Petz product called Hepa Protect, which she used for her dog who had been in liver failure. It seemed to cover all of my dog’s problems.

The people at Natura Petz were very patient and knowledgeable and suggested we try Hepa Protect first. It was also suggested that if my dog improved after 30 days, we might want to add another product called Love Your Liver to provide an additional layer of support to the liver and kidneys. They explained that herbs usually work best when used together.  

We started with Hepa Protect and noticed a difference in less than a week. My dog’s incontinence stopped within 4 days. She started gaining strength in her legs, began moving around the house more and her pain seemed to drop off. Around two weeks, she began eating, drinking and using the bathroom normally. We all held our breath.

Three months after using Hepa Protect (we also added Love Your Liver after 30 days), and against all odds, my dog’s BUN, creatinine, and electrolyte levels were all within normal range. My vet was stunned and told me to continue giving my dog herbs.

This all happened over a year and a half ago. And guess what? Our dog is still with us! I can absolutely say using Hepa Protect and Love Your Liver not only kept my dog healthy and ALIVE but CORRECTED what appeared to be a hopeless situation. It has given us extra time with our old girl.

Her liver and kidneys are doing fine and she hasn't had any new issues. We were so happy with her outcome, she is now using the products Joint Ease and I Feel Good to help her deal with arthritis and Lyme disease. She has no problem eating the herbs and gobbles them up.  She’s doing great and we couldn’t be happier. Thank you Natura Petz!


Painful Tumors

“I inherited my daughter’s 13 year old Golden Retreiver, Maggie, She came to us full of large tumors and she seemed to be in pain, because she would moan a lot and barely was able to walk.

My daughter gave us Maggie with a newly purchased bottle of Get Well Goon Graviola just before she moved to another state. She said Graviola was supposed to help with pain, as it restricted the blood flow to tumors.

After giving Maggie Graviola for 1 month, my daughter and her children came to visit. They were all surprised to see Maggie still alive and moving around so good. She was even bouncing around like a puppy at times.

Now, 5 months later, Maggie is still doing great. She is now walking all around our farmland.

I never dreamed that Maggie would live long enough to finish her first bottle of Get Well Soon, but we continue to buy this inexpensive product that not only gives her a quality of life, but I believe it has even given her a longer life.


Enlarged Liver

After my dog was diagnosed with an enlarged liver, a friend of mine introduced me to Natura Petz (product) Love Your Liver. I noticed the difference right away and found it very effective, since the vet had no medicine to prescribe for my dog. My dog started to snap back immediately, was no longer crying in pain and was walking better again. She has been using Love Your Liver for over a month by Natura Petz and things are back on track for my dog's health. I would definitely recommend this product because it is natural with no side effects.

-Jessica M.

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