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Natura Petz Organics Story

The company founder, Heidi Nevala, one day walked into the family boarding, grooming, daycare and retail business and found 5 kittens in a crate who had been left due to the death of their mother on a local farm. It was love at first sight! At two week old neonatals, the kittens were hungry, dirty, scared, screaming and in poor health. Heidi took the kittens to her holistic vet to learn the sobering diagnosis that the were so ill and malnourished they would all likely die that night. (Bengal mix rescue Genevieve, and company mascot, is shown below.) 

Natura Petz Story(Meet baby Genevieve around 2 months old.)

Heidi took the kittens home, bathed them, began hourly feedings of goat's milk and slept next to the tiny infants. Days turned into weeks and months, and all of the kittens survived, growing up strong and adored. The kittens (Genevieve, Kielin, Isabella, Valentina and Dahlia) went everywhere Heidi went in their kitten carrier.

Still, the kittens had a lot of health challenges. Kielin suffered from ongoing eye infections, upset stomach and seizures. Isabella would be eating or sitting on Heidi's lap and would suddenly become listless and fall into a coma. Genevieve, Valentina and Dahlia experienced consistent loose stools and stomach pain. Although the kittens remained playful and loving, Heidi anguished over their discomfort as well as the difficulty of learning how to treat what appeared to be systemic health problems. 

Natura Petz Organics Kielin baby Kielin with eye problems and neurological problems (Meet baby Kielin around 6 month's old)

Natura Petz Organics was formed in an uncommon way. One day Heidi, accidentally spilled a variety of organic herbs onto the floor, and the kittens pounced. (The herbs were safe for kittens.) The kittens gobbled up the herbs and demanded more. And it wasn’t a subtle plea for more herbs; their hackles went up and they tried to chew through the bottles. 

Knowing that she was feeding her darling kittens a premium, holistic, grain-free diet, she immediately realized that good nutrition just wasn’t enough and that her beloved pets required natural supplementation to achieve optimal health and wellness just as we do.  And in that purrfect moment, the Natura Petz Organics company was formed. 

Heidi had spent years studying herbal medicine within a traditional medical system, where plant and marine based wellness products have been used for millennia to help address health needs of people and animals. As an herbalist, she began combining nutrition, herbs and marine constituents and holistic veterinarian care to begin addressing not only the symptoms her kittens were experiencing, but the likely root cause of their conditions. A careful plan of natural remedies were slowly introduced into each kitten's diets, according to their individual needs, and she held her breath. 

Kielin's seizures and Dahlia's comas were addressed first by possible nutritional deficiencies in the neurological system, using Valerian Root extract found in Soothed & Serene and Maca, found in I AM A Rock Star, the combination effectively helped manage and reduce the occurrences. After eliminating an allergic trigger in diet, she approached all of the kitten's digestive issues (and Kieline's eye issues) nutritionally with Yummy Tummy which contains a natural plant based steroid, which in traditional medical systems, is used to help limit eye inflammation and infection, plus is used to help provide nutritional support for native gut health and to help support immunity. All kittens were given a variety of seaweeds, found in Yelp for Kelp and Body Bliss, to help deliver Omega 3 and 6's (marine and plant based Omega's) plus critical vitamins and trace minerals the kittens were deficient in, given their rough start in life.

Natura Petz Organics cat supplements cat wellness remedies Kielin company mascot(Meet adult Kielin)

The plan worked! Heidi had to finesse the herbal regimens as the kittens grew and their health needs changed, but over eight years later, the darling kitten's are healthy, balanced and thriving. Here is a picture of Genevieve today at 8 years, who drools when she is blissfully happy. :)

Natura Petz Organics company mascot Genevieve who loves our cat products to keep her healthy(Meet adult Genevieve)

Since then, we’ve worked with holistic veterinarians and hounded our way through countless research events to develop a distinct nutraceutical product line that includes both maintenance pet supplements as well as wellness products that may help delay or potentially help offset disease.  

Our natural, organic pet supplements may help address symptoms of chronic diseases and conditions that plague your furry family members. Just as plant and marine based products have been used to support human health for thousands of years, so too, our vet-formulated pet remedies may help keep your four legged family members healthy and balanced, and potentially avoid serious illnesses. (* As recommended by holistic veterinarians for use under a traditional medical system)

That's what we do...pure, natural, pet health. 

Welcome to Natura Petz Organics!

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