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Our Natura PAWR™ Treat Lines

Natura Petz Organics offers our REAL TURKEY PAWR™ Line of nutritious and ridiculously tasty way to deliver Omega 3 & 6 nutrition, in a soft and chewy turkey treat, bar, or meal crumbles, that dogs love.

Our PAWR™ Line includes super food herbal adaptogen ingredients.

Adaptogens are a specialized class of plants and marine constituents that may help identify dysfunction and imbalance in your dog and then may work to nutritionally and phytochemically restore balance in all body systems. Our adaptogen herbs have also been studied for their ability to signal and mimic cannabinoid chemistry, potentially offering layered therapeutic benefits. 

Our PAWR™ TREAT LINE includes:

PawR™ Bites, perfectly balanced nutritional, antioxidant bite sized treats;

PawR™ Bar, a convenient and completely balanced meal replacement bar and 

PawR™ Crumbles, a perfectly balanced nutritious meal topper that can be added to any kind of diet.

natura petz organics pawr treats for dogs perfectly balanced treats for dogs

Created with a unique nutritional twist, our vet-formulated PawR™ Treat Line is fortified with natural and organic ingredients, including a proprietary, completely balanced formula of vitamins, minerals, Omega 3's, super foods, plus an herbal infusion and adaptogens, to best treat AND meet the daily health and wellness needs of your beloved dog.  

For a full ingredients listing, please scan the QR code on the package or click HERE