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Growing & Harvesting Techniques *

For thousands of years, indigenous peoples have traditionally relied upon flowers, leaves, stems, barks and roots of various plant species to stimulate the body to heal itself and are part of a traditional medical system. These plants supply vital nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, proteins, carbohydrates and other beneficial substances that form the basis for all Natura Petz products. (* As recommended by holistic veterinarians for use under a traditional medical system)

Natura Petz works with registered growers and certified suppliers to guarantee that all raw materials are of the highest quality, purity and potency, have not been mislabeled or adulterated, have been grown sustainably, have been properly harvested, and the environment has not been harmed. And registered, certified growers and suppliers must meet exacting growing techniques on an annual basis as outlined by the International Pharmacopeia in order to maintain their credentials.

The Natura Petz growing processes include:

  • Wild crafted from reserves
  • Sustainably and ecologically harvested
  • Non-fumigated
  • Non-irradiated
  • Uncontaminated by herbicides and pesticides
  • Unaltered and non-fractionated
  • Pure with no unnecessary fillers, colorings or preservatives
  • The most stringent quality control processes in the world
  • The highest certifications granted in the industry

Natura Petz supplements are sustainably and wild harvested and product batches are created as orders are placed to maximize freshness and efficacy. We are adamant in limiting the manufacturing process to ensure the potency of our medicinal products and we respect the changing life cycles of each plant harvested.

Our growing and harvesting techniques are reliant on historical and empirical data that multi-generational indigenous cultures have expertly developed. Their medicines, foods and other unknown treasures are harvested without jeopardizing their futures or the environment. Preserving indigenous culture instead of exploiting it is intrinsic to saving the rain forests and achieving sustainability. We’re all in this together. 

(* As recommended by holistic veterinarians for use under a traditional medical system)


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