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I often speak about the mutual separation anxiety we feel in leaving our pets for the day or for vacation, and commensurately, what they feel as we shut the door, leaving them alone.

 Dog separation anxiety dog stress how to reduce stress and anxiety in your dog

Many pet parents are not aware that their pets commonly experience stress and anxiety daily, just like we do. Some stress and anxiety triggers are normal and helpful in allowing your pet to navigate their home environment and daily events, while others can create fear induced phobias that can become directly linked to negative and destructive behaviors. As pet parents, it's critical that we learn when to comfort and soothe an anxious pet and when we should ignore behaviors that are related to stress. Sometimes our interaction may only lead to reinforcing or cementing future negative behaviors. 

Despite a common myth, cats and dogs alike crave affection and social interaction. Dogs are more commonly referred to as pack animals and are regarded as highly social creatures, however, our cats are a long ways away from life in the wild and often do not represent the aloof, independent stereotype they are portrayed to be. Dog and cat stress and anxiety are mutually occurring.  

cat separation anxiety cat stress how to reduce stress and anxiety in your cat

Regardless of our pet's temperament and personality, let's address how we can avoid compounding our pet's stress with simple solutions that can have positive effects. After all, the goal is happier, healthier, well-adjusted dogs and cats.

Anxiety is not only fueled by stress or fear, but also boredom, being alone, and feeling uneasy or lacking confidence in a day to day situation. For example, every time the doorbell rings or a new person visits your home, it can produce a fear response in your pet, much like the way a child hides behind mom or dad when meeting someone new. Many dogs and cats are social greeters-but for those who are not, how we react to our pet's anxiety can help lessen the stress OR it can help imprint the stress, fear and anxiety our pets feel, possibly worsening the problem.

Here's what you can do:

Our dogs and cats are highly sensitive companions. Who hasn't witnessed their pet detect an impending thunder and lightning storm, or rain before it falls? When major or minor storms or stressful events occur, it's important to first STAY CALM for your pet. If your pet detects stress in you, it can translate into a heightened fearful event for them. 

If you soothe your pet, do so calmly and reliably, like you would on any given day. Undue attention during a stressful event can disproportionately heighten the stress your pet feels and can even condition them to become more fearful during a similar future event, setting up a fear/phobia cycle. If you regard your dog or cat as a pack animal, you lead the pack, but do so calmly and consistently.

Make sure your pet has a safe retreat during stressful times. If your pet has a safe haven in which to deal with fear and stress, it may lessen or stop their anxious response from occurring in the first place. Also, it gives your pet the opportunity to observe the new event, navigate its fear on its own terms and from a safe distance, and allows them to discern between perceived and real threats.

Keep your pet's favorite interactive toys and treats accessible at all times to help reduce stress driven boredom, for when you are away from home or times you can't be engaged with your pet. It will provide them options to be engaged as well as give you peace of mind that you provided them with plenty of positive coping tools to help them navigate stress and boredom. 

Remember that you are your pet's greatest advocate and health steward in reducing or removing stress and fear triggers in any environment. Realizing this may help you maintain an upbeat perspective while navigating a difficult situation, and thereby helping your pet do the same.   

VOILA! In these simple acts, you may prevent a stress trigger from becoming permanently engaged. This is no small matter. Anxiety is one of the top 5 reasons for vet visits.  

For those of you who have anxious dogs and cats, we offer a variety of calming, soothing, and anxiety and fear reducing wellness remedies.

In each case, and in varying applications, our calming products may help:

Nutritionally soothe the Central Nervous, autonomic, sympathetic, and somatic & parasympathetic nervous systems

Relax stress triggers related to the adrenal, cardiovascular, digestive, excretory, and muscular & respiratory systems, for whole body balance.

Function as a mild but effective nervine & sedative; it does not drug your pet but helps relax muscles, lowers blood pressure & promotes feelings of security and ultimately, may help reduce separation anxiety and disable stress triggers.

A natural tonic, helps to strengthen all body systems & to help restore emotional and immune balance.

Provide a layer of support to digestive function to help offset upset stomachs caused by stress.

Suggested Products:

Our products function as training tools to ultimately help your pet tell the difference between a perceived fear and a real fear, which means, a healthy, happy, resilient pet, and likewise, a happy pet parent who has more time for pet snuggles.

 Anxiety Starter Pack for dogs and cats 

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