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Top 10 Ways Supplements Can Help Your Dog

Herbs and supplements do a lot more than build nutritional layers into your dog's diet. They also can provide powerful tools to help fight disease and conditions that commonly undermine health in our pets.

  1. Balance the immune system. Balanced immunity is like armor for your pet’s body. An immune system that is out of balance experiences inflammation, which is a CATALYST for disease. Examples of common immune disorders include allergies, arthritis and skin disorders. Cat’s Claw is an herb which can help support balanced immunity and digestive health.
  2. Support digestion. Supplements help support balanced digestion. Immunity resides in the gut. Proper digestive health enables your pet’s body to absorb nutrients. If immunity is compromised, your pet can experience digestive upset, poor nutrition (even if you feed premium food!) and open the pathway for disease.
  3. Build resistance. Supplements can help provide a defense against common threats to your pet’s health including fleas, ticks, chronic urinary tract infections, etc.
  4. Fight infection. Many herbs naturally fight infection. For example, Camu Camu is a water soluble antioxidant, helping provide a defense again bacteria and viruses, plus it supports bone, eye, teeth, skin and coat health.
  5. Reduce wear and tear. Supplements can help maintain joint and connective tissue health. Some herbs can help rebuild collagen, directly related to joints, bones and muscles; important if your pet has arthritis, is a senior pet or working dog or cat.
  6. Support a condition. If your pet experiences anxiety, your pet’s body produces excess cortisol and sends stress signals that negatively affect every body system. An herb can reduce the stress siren, calm and soothe each body system, enable your pet to remain calm and to reduce disease susceptibility from prolonged exposure to stress.
  7. Cost and longevity. Supplementing your pet’s health throughout their lifetime can result in lower overall vet costs. Also, long term studies have been conducted which show how long term use of an herb such as Camu Camu may support longevity, resulting in more time and improved quality of life for your pet.
  8. Address the unknown. Supplements can help address the unknown and give you peace of mind because you don’t always know if your pet has a dietary deficiency or an undiagnosed disease. Herbs provide critical vitamins, minerals, oils, enzymes and more PLUS primary and secondary metabolites, which help address deficiency and support performance in the animal body. .
  9. Alternatives to synthetic, pharmaceutical drugs. Natural supplements work to address the root health problem instead of suppressing symptoms. Synthetic drugs tend to suppress symptoms, causing the symptoms to disappear, but the problem still exists!
  10. Healthier and happier pets. Numerous studies prove that supplements enable our pets to feel better, to thrive, and potentially live longer, healthier lives which benefits your entire pet family!

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