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Top 10 Health Conditions Affecting Cats

Can you imagine your life without your cat? No cat snuggles or 5am face licks because it's time for breakfast....:) You love your cat and your cat loves you right back.

Cats are masters at disguising illness so when they are sick, we know it's serious and worry about how we can help them feel better. 

Below you will find the most common health conditions that affect our feline wonders as well as cat supplements to help your cat get happy and healthy again. 

Top 10 Health Conditions of Cats & Cat Supplement Solutions: 

1.     lower urinary tract problems/bladder infection

2.     vomiting

3.     chronic renal failure

4.     hyperthyroidism

5.     diabetes mellitus

6.     diarrhea

7.     skin allergy

8.     dental disease/periodontitis

9.     ear infection

10.   eye infection 

The number one health condition in cats is urinary tract infections, which can occur in the upper urinary or lower urinary tracts. For all types of urinary tract problems and infections, we suggest UTI Warrior Capsules or UTI Meal Topper to help address conditional needs related to urinary infection and inflammation. They may help bring symptomatic relief to common reactions and are formulated to help address pets who are urinating outside their litter boxes, straining, crying, in visible pain or hiding when in pain, when a UTI has been diagnosed, when crystals or small stones are present and can be used for both acute (sudden) or chronic (ongoing) UTI issues occur. 

Strongly antibacterial, antiviral, antimicrobial, anti-spasmodic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory, it may help reduce and diffuse urinary inflammation and infection but are also formulated for reactive (present) and potentially preventative (future) urinary tract problems as they may help interfere with the enzyme process that drive UTI's but may also help rebuild deficient structural tissue instrumental in urinary tract infection and inflammation.  

The most expensive health conditions to treat for cats are periodontitis and dental disease, with an average veterinarian bill of $400.00. Our Teeth, Gum & Oral Support Meal Topper and Seal 'Em & Heal 'Em (available in capsules and flavored toppers) may help support healthy teeth and gums, and may help removes plaque and tartar on contact (use 14-30 days minimum), may help address inflammation and infection (strongly anti-bacterial, antiviral, antifungal, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, natural steroid and pain reliever) while they both help protect digestive and bowel health in your lovely feline family member due to natural probiotics and digestive enzymes. 

Many of the top 10 pet health conditions affecting cats are associated with the natural aging process. As a pet owner, you can do a lot to help your cat in preventing disease and regulating disease once it presents by adding supplements. Begin with good nutrition. Cats should not eat grain, so feed a holistic, grain free diet and add supplements for a happy, healthy cat!

If you would like more information about a disease or condition that is affecting your cat, please use our Search button, or visit the Pet Health A-Z or Resources sections. 

If you would like to email us, please send your questions or comments to; call us at 877-306-1744 or visit our Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube or LinkedIn pages.

Thank you from the Team at Natura Petz! 

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