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Pet Age Features Natura Petz Anxiety & Behavior Products for Dogs and Cats

Thank you Pet Age magazine for featuring Natura Petz products to help reduce anxiety and behavior problems in dogs and cats.

Natural Solutions

Natura Petz has several natural products to calm dogs and cats. Serenity Zen Dog & Cat contains natural ingredients to help not only with anxiety but also with aggressive behavior that stems from it. It comes in capsule form and is easy to administer to any dog or cat from puppy to senior.

“Our product works really well on just general forms of pet stress, anxiety and behavior problems,” said Heidi Nevala, president of Natura Petz.

Serenity Zen can be used for all types of anxiety as well as behavioral problems, which are often linked to stress, separation anxiety, undiagnosed illness, genetics, poor diet, poor training, neglect, abuse, etc. It is a blend of six rainforest botanicals and other plants including valerian root extract, chamomile, Passiflora, anise, mint and toronjil (lemon balm) all of which are well researched for their calming, toning and restorative effects on the animal body.

“We have yet to hear a single pet parent say it doesn’t work,” said Nevala. “Not only does it address the nutritional gaps that pets might be experiencing but it also goes in and relieves irregularity too.”

According to Nevala, it works well because it affects the entire body of the pet. “It doesn’t just address the central and autonomic nervous system but it also addresses the glands, heart, digestion and even breathing.
“It’s a whole body solution and all the plants support each other,” she said.

Hear Baywater Animal Rescue's Results with Serenity Zen for anxious dogs!



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