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What Are Adaptogens? Are Adaptogens Good for My Pet? Pet Adaptogens

More and more, we are hearing the world adaptogen being used in the natural world, for both humans and animals.

What is an adaptogen? Why is an adaptogen important for my dog and cat?

Dog Adaptogens Cat Adaptogens Pet Adaptogens Does My Pet Need An AdaptogenDog Adaptogens Cat Adaptogens Pet Adaptogens Does My Pet Need An Adaptogen

Adaptogens are a rare class of highly specialized plants and marine extracts that are alterative, in that they exert a desired action on the animal body but they are also tonic in function, in that they tone and strengthen all body systems. Adaptogens are naturally coded plants and marine compounds which help identify all types of distress, stress and imbalance in the animal body systems and then work to help nutritionally and phytochemically correct imbalance and restore health.

In the simplest of terms, adaptogens carry out the 3 R's = Read (identify dysfunction), Repair (nutritionally corrective action) and Restore (encourage balanced immunity and proper cellular function). There are two classes of adaptogens, primary first class and secondary class. Primary first class adaptogens are the most dynamic in terms of delivering nutritional and positive, alterative actions on the body and are recognized globally as some of the most important natural health and healing tools. 

Not only are adaptogens good at helping to correcting known conditions, but it may be especially beneficial for your pet when an unknown condition is undermining. Conditions that plague your pet but are not specifically diagnosed as idiopathic, or unknown, and is commonly associated with allergies that oocur but the exact cause of the allergy may be unknown. Natura Petz Organics is proud to represent the great concentration of primary, first class adaptogens on the plant. 

Adaptogens also heavily represent another important nutritional category, in that they are often both super foods and whole foods. Plant based vitamins, minerals, fruits and other whole foods are known as super foods. Super foods contain all necessary nutrients to support health in your dog and cat, containing amino acids, proteins, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, digestive enzymes, prebiotics, probiotics and much more. 

camu camu first class adaptogen collagen building adaptogen for dogs and catsmaca adaptogen for dogs and cats glandular balancer for dogs and cats dog macasacha inchi first class adaptogen plant based omega 3 and 6 for dogs and cats plant omega 

Organic plant and marine based, premium super foods and whole foods are all natural and represent the highest quality foods and supplements that you can add to your pet's diet because they are bio-available, highly digestible, promote nutrient assimilation, contain critical macro and micro trace nutrients in the form of primary metabolites and secondary metabolites, which are essential for body growth and maintenance, help build your pet's natural defense mechanism  and may help nourish and optimize wellness for your dog and cat. 

Together, super foods, whole foods and adaptogens combine to help nourish all organs, tissues, muscles and body systems toward balance, help fight infection, may help fight disease, may help promote longevity, as well as help provide a solid nutritional foundation to ensure your pet can experience optimal wellness.

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