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Natura Petz Goes Global in Partnership with Global Distribution Group

Global Distribution Group to Represent Natura Petz Portfolio in Europe, South America and Asia & Pacific

Global Distribution Group is delighted to announce that starting on January 1st 2015, will begin the collaboration with Natura Petz, manufacturer of organic pet health supplements. Global Distribution Group will represent Natura Petz portfolio in 52 countries in Europe, South America and Asia & Pacific. Natura Petz offers unique organic pet health products which originate in the Amazon rain forests and Andean mountains. All pet health supplements are green, sustainably harvested and contain some of the most nutritionally rich plants on earth.

There is a growing trend toward humanization of pets in many major markets in Europe and Asia & Pacific. Pets are treated more and more as family members in a world increasingly driven by health and wellbeing. Pet owners spend more on their pets every year and tend to buy more health oriented pet products.

Natura Petz portfolio meets this growing market demand for all natural, organic pet health and wellness products, catering to the “pet-parents” that are looking to keep their cats and dogs healthy for a long time. Natura Petz nutraceutical grade pet products are specifically formulated to deal with defined pet ailments and wellness issues such as allergies, urinary tract and digestive health, stones, anxiety, environmental toxicity and other issues unique to cats and dogs.

Global Distribution Group will leverage the growing trend towards natural ways to promote pet health and wellness and their established distribution partnerships to scale up Natura Petz distribution across all relevant channels in all major markets in Europe, Asia & Pacific and South America.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Global Distribution Group,” said Heidi Nevala, president and founder of Natura Petz. “Their expertise in global market development, operating in over 50 countries, with key relationships and distribution channels, will effectively promote and expand the Natura Petz brand for the benefit of animal health worldwide."

Independent retailers outside United States and Canada interested in selling Natura Petz products should contact Global Distribution Group regional offices to be referred to the nearest regional/local distributor.

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