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Baywater Animal Rescue: Project Serenity Zen - Starring Faith & Beauty

Natura Petz is thrilled to partner with Baywater Animal Rescue in using our calming herbal supplement, Serenity Zen, for dogs and cats who have a low risk of adoption due to anxiety or behavioral issues. The focus of the partnership was to provide struggling dogs and cats a natural calming aid to help them to overcome their anxiety and allow them to be the amazing pets we know they are.

Meet Faith, a very loving, mixed breed resident of Baywater Animal Rescue for over a year. Faith was anxious around other dogs as well as her handlers. She spent her earliest years living on a chain. The wonderful Baywater staff were hopeful that Serenity Zen could make a difference for dogs like Faith, because it will make adoption possible for great dogs and cats who just need a little help to overcome anxious behaviors.   

Watch the amazing difference in the Before and After videos. 

Faith Before Using Serenity Zen:


Faith After Using Serenity Zen for 7 days! (Sooooo proud of you Faith!)


And an UPDATE from Baywater Animal Hospital! We're cheering for you Faith!





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