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Natura Petz Launches Three New Organic Pet Health Supplements

Natura Petz is excited to announce the addition of 3 new organic herbs and supplements to our dog and cat wellness line.

1. Dia-Beat-It which may help address symptoms related to diabetes, may provide pancreatic support and help address metabolic syndrome in dogs and cats. 

2. Bionic Body which may help address and balance immune health and may help stimulate collagen production to help support bone, teeth, eye, skin and coat health in dogs and cats.

See our Pet World Inisder - Pet Product TV Dog Product video hosted by pet experts Robert Semrow and Sandy Robins.

3. Let's Get This Party Started! which may help address nutritional deficiencies common in modern diets by delivering critical vitamins, minerals and digestive enzymes, may improve skin and coat, may help address wounds and may aid digestion for dogs and cats.



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