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Natura Petz Sponsors Adopt a Rescue/Shelter Program

Hello to all those who selflessly and unselfishly serve pets in need. Natura Petz appreciates ALL of your efforts. 

We would like to act on our appreciation by supporting needy rescues and shelter through product donations. 

We want to hear your stories! Please share them on our Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr & Pinterest sites (or any other site you love) or email us your stories and contact details to

We will select five recipient rescues or shelters. As our company grows, so will our support list because our hearts are for pets and the people who love them.  =)

You can find our story here; now please tell us yours. 

We look forward to your responses and thank you all for being such awesome ambassadors for pets in need. 

P.S. And if you're attending Super Zoo in Vegas July 22-24th, visit us at booth 4012 to say "Hello!" for free samples and awesome giveaways!


Our story behind the story:

Our company story really began with 5 rescue kittens whose mother had been killed in an accident when they were less than 2 weeks old. The kittens were dropped off at a local grooming shop and had likely been without food or water for four or five days. The busy grooming shop had been unable to locate anyone to care for the malnourished kittens when company president, Heidi, walked through the door. Once she saw the underweight and listless kittens, her heart broke. She left with all 5 kittens in a cardboard box. 

While being examined by the vet, Heidi was told the kittens would not survive the night. Determined that the kittens were fighters, she bought every can of goat's milk she could find and began hand feeding the kittens. Resistant to bottles, they were all fed with toy doll spoons. The hungry babies were fed (and pottied) every hour, on the hour, for 3 months. Because they were so critical, the kittens accompanied Heidi to work and everywhere in between via their kitten carrier. 

Against the vet's projections, all 5 kittens thrived and survived to find wonderful forever homes. Three kittens were adopted by other families and the two remaining kittens, Genevieve and Kielin, were adopted by Heidi. She says they rescued her, and from these two beautiful, furry children, Natura Petz was formed. 

Thank you!

The team at Natura Petz




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