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Flea and Tick Remedies

Natural Flea and Tick Remedies

Natural, herbal treatments for cats and dogs to help prevent fleas and ticks and relieve itching due to flea and tick bites.

The immune system is a complex array of cells that are found throughout the body. Immune cells are designed to function in conjunction with other cells to provide a defense against unwanted invaders. The complexity of the immune system requires a multi-dimensional approach of nutritional factors.

More and more dog parents are concerned about the potential harmful effects of conventional flea control products (e.g. flea collar, topical flea medications, flea bombs, etc.), not only on their dogs, but how the chemicals affect humans and their environment. Increasingly, pet owners are seeking natural flea and tick remedies that are milder and safer for all.

Herbals are powerful alternatives to conventional flea and tick medications, with the added benefit of the complexity of plant chemicals making it unlikely that a flea or tick will become resistant to natural products, In comparison, fleas and ticks have developed resistance to many synthetic products. 

The most common allergy seen in dogs and cats is caused by fleas. Flea-bite dermatitis is a skin condition caused by an allergic reaction to the flea’s saliva, which contains up to 15 allergens.  It  only takes one bite from one flea to set off an allergic reaction that will leave your pet feeling itchy and uncomfortable for anywhere between a couple of hours to many days.

In many cases, pet owners are not even aware that their pet has fleas because they are such difficult parasites to control. Allergic reactions can take between 3 and 7 days to appear after exposure to a flea allergen. Studies have shown that up to 40% of dogs and cats have flea bite allergies, and it can develop at any age.

Not only do fleas bite and cause hours of frustrating itching and scratching, they can cause other serious problems such as tapeworm infestations, flea-bite dermatitis and in severe cases, anemia.

What makes fleas so incredibly difficult to control is their amazing resilience. One female flea can lay over 2000 eggs in her life span which means infestation can occur rapidly, and the eggs that are laid can survive for months in the environment simply awaiting an appropriate host. For this reason, it is essential to control both the fleas on your pet as well as the fleas in the environment. The perfect areas for fleas include sand, bedding, flooring and carpets.And due to the overuse of antibiotics, fleas in many areas are now antibiotic resistant. 

Common symptoms may include an allergic reaction to flea saliva that causes flea bite dermatitis, excessive biting scratching, itching and licking skin or fur, as well as wounds, redness, swelling, rashes, hair loss (alopecia) which may appear in single or multiple areas of the body.

Your pet’s coat may also thin, especially in the area above the tail, and they may even experience a generalized hair loss all over their body. Other symptoms include red, inflamed skin, rashes, thickening of the skin and / or small bumps on the skin.

Just like mosquitoes, fleas bite their hosts and suck the blood for nutrition and when they do, they leave small traces of saliva under the skin.

Organic Remedies - (listed in order of relevance and recommendation by holistic vets)

Herbal Nutrition - (listed in order of relevance and recommendation by holistic vets - human grade meets/exceeds highest safety criteria for pets)

Herbal remedies can be used to help address flea bite dermatitis and flea bites; to help soothe skin irritations and support overall skin health; for its natural plant phytochemistry as a natural plant based insecticide, anti-inflammatory, pain reliever, antibiotic, antiviral, anti-bacterial, wound healer and anti-septic for bites and skin irritations; to help boost immunity; to help cleanse and purify the blood; to help limit histamine triggers that are often associated with allergies.

BUG OFF NATURAL DEFENSE – (learn more)  BUG OFF NATURAL DEFENSE* Flea, Tick & Pest Defense* for Dogs, Cats & Horses* may help act as a natural insect repellent and plant based insecticide for fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, flies and bugs; may help function as a natural insecticide and natural anti-parasitic by creating a pH balance in the blood and scent that may help repel fleas, ticks, flies and other parasites, while its adaptogen content may help modulate (up regulate or down regulate) your pet's immune system, as needed; may contains a variety of natural plant actions, including natural insecticide, larvacidal, anti-parasitic and vermifuge (removes worms from organs); natural antibiotic, strongly anti-hemmorrhagic, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-microbial, anti-septic, anti-inflammatory, anti-histamine, hepatatprotector (liver protector), neurasthenic, natural plant based steroid and pain reliever. Other therapeutic holistic indications may include use to help address ringworm and nail and hood fungal infections, as well as parasitic infections both external and internal.

Flea, Tick & Pest Defense Meal Topper for Dogs and Cats* - (learn more) is used as a natural insect repellent, insecticide and anti-parasitic, without harsh chemicals; natural plants creates a pH balance in the blood that naturally repels fleas, mosquitoes and ticks; may help address all types of bug, flea and tick bites and irritations; as a natural plant liquid “band aid, use may help heal and seal  and heals all types of wounds, abrasions, rashes, cuts, hot spots and infections, including bacterial, fungal, viral or microbial in origin; may help lessen and/or limit itching, inflammation and infection due it’s strongly anti-hemorrhagic, insecticide, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-microbial, anti-septic, antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, anti-histamine, larvacidal, anti-parasitic, vermifuge (removes worms from organs) and pain relieving plant actions; nutritional content may help boost immune health and may stimulate collagen production and cellular repair matrix of skin and coat; safe for all life stages dogs and cats.

First Aid & Wound Meal Topper for Dogs and Cats* - (learn more) is used holistically to help provide relief against external and internal wounds, cuts, bites, hot spots, bites, infections, bruises, scrapes, abscess, cellulitis, allergic responses and more; as a hemostatic which may help stop bleeding on contact; may help promote collagen production, cellular repair and wound healing up to 30 times faster than without use; may help accelerate wound healing and combat infection; may be used internally or externally for bacterial, fungal and microbial infections as well as for its anti-inflammatory and pain-reducing properties; used holistically for its action on intestinal parasites, which are known to compromise immune health; may help as an adjunctive to help address acute and chronic diseases related to bacteria, germs, fungus and viruses, including retrovirus; cytomegalovirus; E. Coli; Staph; Bacillus subtilis and DNA and RNA viruses and as a holistic adjunctive for cases of rabies.

Seal ‘Em & Heal ‘Em – (learn more) promotes healing for all types of wounds, including hot spots, abscess, abrasions, bites, cuts, scrapes, skin irritations, infections, viruses, bacteria, fungi and germs; for bleeding & hemorrhaging conditions, ulcers, GERD, esophaghitis & other degenerative conditions of the larynx & throat; for DNA and RNA viruses; used holistically to address respiratory viruses A and B (RSV) and influenza virus A (FLU-A) and para-influenza (PIV); inhibits bacterial and microbial skin fungus infections related to Staphylococcus aurous, S. epidermis and other gram negative bacteria such as enterobacteria, citrobacteria, salmonella; helps provide cellular support of tissue, skin & coat; for gastrointestinal distress; as a neurasthenic that blocks the activation of nerve fibers & tissue response to inflammation, supporting the body's tissue repair mechanism to stop mutations (important in the treatment of all types of Lyme disease, including Lyme borealis, burgdorferi, borreliosis & Chronic Lyme disease (CLD); and may help remove plague and tartar upon application to help support healthy teeth and gums.; Strongly anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-microbial, anti-spasmodic, antibiotic, anti-septic, anti-inflammatory, anti-ulcerous, anti-Candidal and reduces nerve pain associated with wounds and injury.

Baby Love Bits – (learn more) helps to build, promote and support muscle, joint, bone, cartilage and tendon health, mobility and flexibility; as a powerhouse Probiotic Vitamin B complex; helps prevent against flea and tick infestations; supports the Central Nervous System; stimulates immunity and healthy metabolism; aids digestion and promotes whole body microbial balance; improves liver function and liver health; purifies whole bodily systems; keeps the skin, hair, eyes and mouth healthy; used holistically for gum disease; helps promote strong healthy bones and connective tissues; to help support native gut flora related to Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD); for infectious diarrhea, including rotavirus diarrhea, for nervousness and fatigue.

Helpful suggestions:

You can help reduce the discomfort your pet may be experiencing by bathing with an all-natural, oatmeal bath or Epsom salts. (Please buy your pet’s shampoos from an independent retailer that will carry truly all-natural shampoos, conditioners, detanglers, etc.)

A recommended alternative to flea, tick and mosquito medications is the Shoo! Tag, which is non-chemical, water resistant and most important, not toxic.

Cool water baths may help dogs suffering with flea bite dermatitis. Make sure that the water is cool, and not cold.

You can help reduce the discomfort your pet may be experiencing by bathing with an all-natural, oatmeal bath or Epsom salts. (Please buy your pet’s shampoos from an independent retailer that will carry truly all-natural shampoos, conditioners, detanglers, etc.)

If your pet has flea-bit dermatitis then monitor them closely for any signs of infection as excessive scratching and grooming can result in lesions which can quickly become infected.

Use a pet-friendly flea control product on your pet regularly to avoid infestation. Your veterinarian or independent pet shop will be able to advise you on an appropriate product.

Treat your house regularly with a safe anti-flea product, and wash any pet bedding regularly. Frequent vacuuming can also help reduce the chances of flea infestation.

Conventional Remedies:

Diagnosing flea-bite dermatitis will entail a thorough examination by your pet’s veterinarian and a detailed description of the symptoms and when they occur. An allergy test may also help to determine if your pet is allergic to any other allergens. The veterinarian may also perform some standard blood tests and skin scrapings to rule out other conditions such as fungal, yeast or bacterial infections.

Obviously the first course of treatment is to get rid of the fleas, but this is easier said than done. One female flea can lay over 2000 eggs in her life span which means infestation can occur rapidly. It is therefore essential to regularly treat your pets for fleas, as well as treating their immediate environments. Once your pet is on a good flea control program, it is not uncommon for them to still get the occasional flea bite which can then be treated.

The conventional methods of treating flea-bite dermatitis usually include using antihistamines, or in severe cases oral steroids which can be used to help manage the itching. If a hot spot develops as a result of the dermatitis, then oral antibiotics may be prescribed. Some of these pharmaceutical medications may have unwanted side-effects so be sure to ask your veterinarian of any known risks and explore alternatives.


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