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Top 20 Conditions for Dogs and Cats for Natura Petz Organics*


Natura Petz Organics Top 20 Conditions*

  1. Allergies, All Types   Life’s An Itch Meal Topper, Life’s An Itch liquid, Anti-Allergy Starter Pack, I Feel Good, Bionic Body
  2. Bladder Infections, Urinary Tract Infections Urinary Tract Infection Meal Topper, Urinary Tract Infection Starter Pack, Stix & Stones, Break It Up, Yummy Tummy
  3. Stress & Separation Anxiety Serenity Zen Dog & Cat, Serenity Zen Meal Topper, Soothed & Serene, All Shins & Grins
  4. Stone Support, All Types  Break It Up, Break It Up Meal Topper, Stix & Stones, Stone Breaker Starter Pack
  5. Bone, Joint & Hip Support  Joint Support Meal Topper, Joint Ease, All Shins & Grins, Bionic Body, Yelp for Kelp
  6. Cartilage Disorders  Joint Support Meal Topper, Joint Ease, Bionic Body, I Feel Good
  7. Metabolic Disorders (Cushing’s Addison’s, pancreatic) Dog & Cat Kryptonite, I AM A Rock Star, Gland Candy, Dogs Love Maca, Cats Love Suma
  8. Metabolic Disorders (Diabetes, Hypoglycemia, pancreatic) Dia-Beat-It, Eco Sulin Meal Topper, I’m Allergic to Needles, Baby Love Bits
  9. Skin & Coat Support  Yelp for Kelp, Skin & Coat Starter Pack, Body Bliss, All Shins & Grins
  10. Dental Support, All Types   All Shins & Grins, Yelp for Kelp, Seal ‘Em & Heal ‘Em, Turmeric the Magnificent, Pets Love Turmeric
  11. Omega 3 General Daily Health Support, Omega 3 Meal Topper, Body Bliss, Vitamin Ninja, Yelp for Kelp, Gland Candy
  12. Flea, Tick & Pest Defense, Flea, Tick & Pest Meal Topper, I Cell-Ebrate Life, Baby Love Bits, I Feel Good, Seal Em & Heal ‘Em, Joint Ease
  13. Digestive Support  (Diarrhea, IBD, IBS, UC, Ulcers ) Yummy Tummy, Tummy Gladiator, Digestion Meal Topper, Digestion Starter Pack, Seal ‘Em & Heal ‘Em
  14. Senior Geriatric Complex  Body Bliss, I AM A Rock Star, Joint Ease, Pets Love Turmeric Meal Topper, Turmeric the Magnificent
  15. Kidney Disease & Disorders,  Stix & Stones, Hepa Protect Liquid Extract, Hepa Protect Capsules, Love Your Liver
  16. Deep Immune Support, Blood Cleanser, Adjunctive Chronic Disease Preventative  I Feel Good,  Immunity Starter Pack, Bionic Body, Hepa Protect
  17. Liver Disease & Disorders,  Hepa Protect Liquid Extract, Hepa Protect Capsules, Love Your Liver, Stix & Stones
  18. Obesity & Weight Management, Super Model in A Bottle, Yelp for Kelp, Gland Candy, Kick Start My Heart
  19. Multi-Vitamin and Minerals  Vitamin Ninja, One & Done Meal Topper, PawR Bites, PawR Bar, PawR Crumbles, I Am A Rock Star
  20. Wound Healing (Cuts, Hot Spots & More)  Seal ‘Em & Heal ‘Em, Skin & Coat Starter Pack, Skin Nirvana, Let’s Get This Party Started


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