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Natura Petz Organics Announces 8 Convenient & Health Promoting Starter Packs for Dogs & Cats



Minneapolis, MN – (June 16, 2015) Natura Petz Organics (formerly Natura Petz) is proud to launch a new premium, organic supplement collection of eight easy and convenient 14-Day Starter Packs, each containing proprietary Master Rain Forest and Andean herbal blends from the world’s richest biospheres. Developed for dogs and cats, each Starter Pack is uniquely formulated to optimize pet health on conditional needs and achieve a balanced approach to nutrition, vitality and wellness.

Each of the 8 formulations in the new collection of Natura Petz Organics 14-Day Starter Packs are priced at $17.99 MSRP and may help improve common conditions related to:

  • Anxiety
  • Cleanse & Detox
  • Digestion
  • Immunity
  • Skin & Coat
  • Stone Breaker
  • Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)
  • Wounds & Hot Spots

With easy to follow dosing instructions and a convenient 14-day supply, each Starter Pack contains palatable pet capsules that can be administered via capsule or by easily sprinkling the capsule’s contents onto the pet’s food.

“Based on years of intensive research, I am thrilled to introduce our new 14-day Starter Packs.  Each Starter Pack contains proprietary blends that may help improve common pet health challenges that haven’t been previously available in this format. The pet-parent community and pet industry will find that their pets benefit from this convenient and affordable way to make life healthier for their beloved companions,” states Heidi Nevala, Founder and President of Natura Petz Organics.  “Available in convenient and affordable packaging, my hope is that the blends within each of these 8 Starter Packs will encourage more pet-parents to address known conditions in their dogs and cats, but also that it offers retailers and consumers alike an option for greater nutritional and therapeutic benefits for dogs and cats. This mission has been my inspiration since day one, and I am very excited that they are now available.”

These 8 Starter Packs are also a great solution for Retailers and Distributors alike, due to their convenient size, packaging, display options, price point, and the ability to address their customers’ most common pet health conditions/challenges.

Results may vary by pet and by product.  With the goal of being an educational resource as well as a resource to make improvements in health and quality of life, each Starter Pack features a QR code that is linked to educational product videos, FAQs, making it easy for pet-parents, retailers and distributors to understand their use.

Date Available: August 1, 2015

For more information, please visit Natura Petz Organics online at or toll-free 877-306-1744.


Creators and innovators of certified organic, all-natural health supplements from the richest biospheres in the world, Natura Petz Organics utilizes over 200 specialty plants and marine constituents, and offers over 50 supplements and health support solutions for dogs and cats. Based on years of innovative research, the mission of Natura Petz Organics is to improve the health of dogs and cats naturally over their lifetime by selecting specialty herb and supplements that come straight from nature, in every product, every day. 

Whether seeking help maintaining the health and quality of life that our pets deserve or helping naturally heal the pets we love from the inside out, the quality of each proprietary master blend and specialty plant from the Amazon rain forests, Andean mountains and Pacific Ocean/Humboldt Current mirror our commitment to quality and may improve the lives of pets and the people that love them.

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