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June 2016 Newsletter -Importance of Keeping Your Pet Hydrated -Part 6 of 12 Months of Solutions

It's summer time and we are on the go, spending more time at the park, taking road trips and longer hikes, and of course, we include our pets! While summer brings sun and outdoor fun, the warmer temperatures can create water imbalances in your dog and cat that can lead to dangerous health problems.

Did you know that your pet's body is comprised of a whopping 80 percent water?

That's considerably more than we pet parents, who measure out at about 60 percent water.

What that means is the need to be more mindful about heat, your pet's access to water, to encourage your pet to drink more often, and avoiding situations that can cause your pet to become dehydrated.

Does Your Pet Have A Drinking Problem Natura petz organics keep your dog and cat hydrated this summer

Just like us, our pets can become dehydrated, get a sun burn or heat stroke if they are exposed to sun for too long, if they over exercise in high heat, if they lack sufficent encouragement to drink water often, if they walk on hot pavement or paths too long or are LEFT IN A HOT CAR (which can quickly cause death, even with the windows open!)

Be aware of signs of dehydration, which can include extreme panting, foaming at the mouth, lethargy, vomiting and loss of appetite. If you are feeling the heat, your pet is feeling the heat too. Remember, your pet is lower to the ground, does not have shoes to protect their delicate pads from hot surfaces, the thickness and condition of their coat matters in the heat too, and ultimately, relies on your for food and water to stay hydrated.

natura petz organics dog heat stroke dog sun burn cat heat stroke cat sun burn

When possible, give your pet fresh, filtered water. Our tap water commonly contains fluorides and other chemicals that are not meant to be metabolized by our pets. But most importantly, when your pet is displaying symptoms of thirst, get your pet hydrated! 

Helpful suggestions:

Carry a water bottle for you and one for your pet.

Invest in a portable, foldable water dish to make drinking on the go quick and easy.

Make frequent water stops. You know when you are thirsty-do you really know when your pet is thirsty? Watering often can help prevent dangerous dehydration in your pet.

Plan your hikes close to water sources. 

Take breaks in shady areas to cool down.

Consider investing in dog or cat booties if you take longer hikes or walks in summer months. If you can't walk comfortably in your bare feet on concrete-your pet can't either.

Cover your dog or cat with species specific sunblock and don't forget to protect their tender noses from damaging sun rays. (Virbac Pet Guard is made for dogs and cats)

You wear sun glasses in the summer. Consider protecting your pet's sensitive eyes with dog and cat specific eye wear. While you can make a fashion statement for your pet, the real value is in protecting your pet's vision. 

If you are traveling with your dog or cat by car, do not leave your pet in the car - even with the windows open. The numbers below speak for themselves. 

natura petz organics don't leave your dog or cat in a hot car dog heat stroke cat heat stroke

Hopefully pet parents do NOT leave their pets unattended in cars, but if you do, even for a quick errand, in many states, know it's illegal to leave your dog or cat in the car, even with the windows open and you can be prosecuted for endangering your pet.

On a high note, it's summer-so enjoy! Just be smart about protecting your fur kids with a little bit of planning and you will create memories that will last a lifetime.



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