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May 2016 Newsletter - Natural Flea & Tick Defense for Dogs & Cats - Part 5 of 12 Months of Solutions

Natura Petz Organics natural flea tick and pest defense for dogs and cats

As we step in summer and warmer weather, so do fleas, ticks and other pests that can make our pets miserable as well as undermine their immune health. Pets with resilient immune systems can often avoid infestations and bug bites over immuno-compromised animals, so building robust immune health is step #1 in preventing bug and parasite problems.

We now know a lot more about the damage synthetics and chemical preventatives can inflict on your pet's skin, coat, organs, cells and immune health, leaving many pet parents eager to find kinder, gentler, natural solutions to counteract pests and parasites. 

Helpful suggestions:

Most pests are naturally deterred by citrus products, (think orange, lemons, citronella) but applying these types of oils and extracts can actually be toxic for your pet. You can apply freshly squeezed liquids to your pets coat, but don't be surprised if most pets do not like the scent. It is, however, a safe, topical solution that may help prevent some pests and parasites from deeming your dog and cat a good host. 

Another great option is is our botanical based Flea Tick & Pest Defense Meal Topper. With use, it helps create a Ph level that deters fleas, ticks, flies and mosquitoes from biting and latching on, while boosting immune health. Add this delicious flavored topping to your pet's diet daily to build up their resistance and defenses against flea, tick and other pests. 

Natura Petz organics flea tick and natural pest defense for dogs and cats

Brewer's Yeast (non-activated) is another popular option to healthfully provide pest defense without hurting your pet's critical immune balance plus it helps support digestion, found in Baby Love Bits.

Natura Petz organics Baby Love Bits natural Flea and Tick Pet Defense for dogs and cats

To help accelerate wound healing for all types of pet's bites once they occur, try Seal 'Em & Heal 'Em in capsule, powder and liquid form, which helps stimulate wound healing and collagen production and stops bleeding on contact, while helping address all types of infection. 

Natura Petz Organics Seal Em & Heal Wound and Infection defense for dogs and cats

You can also help your pet by keeping the inside of your home clean, swept, vacuumed, mopped and disinfected, including all floors, surfaces and rooms, including pet's dishes and bedding. You can safely add a small amount of diatomaceous earth to your carpets, rugs and floors, as a natural repellant. Test a carpet or rug swath first. You can find pet friendly diatomaceous earth at pet retailers. 

Spring and Summer are definitely "out with the old and in with the new" seasons, so dispose of used vacuum bags and old rugs and bedding immediately, since some pests can live within their habitats even when you have done a thorough job cleaning. It's best to throw out anything suspect and start fresh.

Keep your grass cut and trim regularly around your house, trees, shrubs and buildings since pesky insects and parasites love to lurch in tall grass and thickets just waiting for a warm body to attach to.

Bathe your dog and cat with a dog or cat specific shampoo along with a tiny bit of dish soap. Do not use human shampoos as they can be very destructive and drying to your pet's gentle skin and coat. Nasty parasites like fleas cannot adhere to your pet's hair in water, so regular washing (not over-washing) can be a good defense against unwanted critters. Brush and dry your pet outdoors and get rid of the excess coat immediately to help contain fleas. If you suspect fleas, use a pet specific flea comb to remove them all. 

At the top of the list in terms of prevention is feeding your pet a premium, holistic diet, free of inferior proteins, meat meal, corn, wheat, soy, chemical preservatives and fillers. 

Additionally, making sure your pet has fresh, filtered water daily will go a long way to promote robust immunity and overall wellness so that your dog and cat can enjoy the great outdoors without unpleasant parasites and bugs.









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