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Pet Business Features Natura Petz Bionic Body in April 2015 Article

See Natura Petz product Bionic Body featured in April 2015 Pet Business magazine

dogs pets + products
The Most Trusted Name in the Pet Industry — april 2015 95
Dog remedies and supplements have become increasingly sophisticated,
enabling pet owners to better support the overall health of their dogs
or target specific problems. This category also provides pet specialty
retailers with the chance to make a meaningful contribution to pet
health and their customers’ peace of mind. After all, nothing is more important to
pet parents than keeping their fur babies feeling sprightly and looking their best.
However, there’s another reason why pet specialty retailers should make
a serious effort to get a firm grip on this category—profits. Dog remedies and
supplements offer the opportunity to make a pleasing difference to the store’s
bottom line, says Dr. Frank Reilly, president and veterinarian for Dogheiro, Inc., a
West Chester, Pa.-based company that makes supplements for dogs and
horses. According to Reilly, the margins on these items are higher
than those for other categories, like dog food. The bottom-lineboosting
powers of these products are also not limited
to those customers who come in specifically
looking for these solutions; they can
also increase the register
Answering the
photo by ©Rob Byron -
The supplements and remedies category offers pet specialty
retailers effective tools to help customers who are increasingly
searching for ways to keep their dogs happy and healthy.
B y Pamela Mi l l s -Senn
dogs pets + products
The Most Trusted N 96 april 2015 — ame in the Pet Industry
ring as add-ons sales.
Still, this category requires a bit of brain power and elbow grease from
pet specialty retailers, as these products won’t typically sell themselves.
Effective merchandising requires that retailers understand the factors
impacting consumer demand in the category, and then employ a few
well-thought out merchandising strategies.
“When people look for supplements or remedies for their dogs, they’re
trying to avoid a trip to the vet,” says Reilly. “Another reason is that they’ve
been to the vet, and they’re not getting the results they
Also, as more folks take supplements themselves, they
have started considering how these products might help
their pets. However, even though demand is rising, only a
relatively small proportion of pet owners are buying these
products, says Harald Fisker, president of Grizzly Pet
Products, LLC., a Woodinville, Wash.-based manufacturer
of salmon oil products for dogs and cats. “[Consequently],
being well aware of which supplements to proactively
recommend for which issues is a great way for pet
specialty retailers to educate customers and increase
sales,” he says.
Trends and Concerns
What are some of the concerns that might drive pet
owners to seek out these products? They run the gamut—
ear infections, skin issues, lack of energy, digestive
upsets, mobility problems, age-related issues and more.
“Pet allergies are very common,” says Wayne Whitney,
national sales manager for Pet King Brands, Inc., a
Chicago-based manufacturer of a variety of enzymatic
products for canine and feline health issues. “Allergies
can’t be cured, but the symptoms can be managed.
Pet allergies show upon the skin. It’s estimated that 85
percent of pets with allergies will battle infections of the
ears and skin—often recurring.”
Frequently, pet owners attempting to provide relief for
their dog’s ear infections or hot spots have been to a vet
and have tried many products, Whitney says. “The retailer
offering remedies becomes a ‘pharmacy’ to these pet
owners, with one-stop shopping.”
Another issue that many pet owners are seeking to
address is anxiety, says Denise Eaton, education manager
for Nelsons USA—located in North Andover, Mass., it is
the North American distributor of the RESCUE Remedy
family of products, which offer a variety of homeopathic
solutions for pets. “People want to make their pets feel
DOGS pets + products
comfortable, whether they’re staying at home alone, traveling on the road
or hiding from the dreaded vacuum cleaner,” Eaton says. “The idea is to
help them stress less.”
Although it is tempting to believe that everyone knows about remedies
and supplements, especially since human supplements seem to be so
popular, pet specialty retailers are better off setting this assumption
aside—especially if it keeps them from proactively selling the products—
says Reilly. For one thing, he says, it is important to actively market these
products to younger pet owners, since older customers are more likely to
be take supplements and be aware of their benefi ts—the younger ones,
Ark Naturals Products for Pets ( The company
manufactures wellness, remedy and lifestyle products for
dogs and cats. Products include BreathLess Brushless-Toothpaste.
The toothpaste features effective breath-freshening ingredients
and abrasive
action to help fi ght
tartar and plaque. It
also provides tartar
and plaque control,
and fi ghts the bacteria
that causes bad breath.
It is highly digestible,
contains all-natural, quality
ingredients and is available
in four sizes.
Dogheiro, Inc. ( Offers a supplement designed
to help dogs with skin/ear issues, joint or mobility problems,
or lack of energy in older dogs. Dogheiro is a powder blend
of USDA-certifi ed organic herbs,
high-dose vitamin E, and balanced
vitamins and minerals, including
It is non-GMO,
EverydayVet—a division of Everyday
Wellness Co. ( The
company provides alternative health
options for pets and people by fusing
ancient Eastern medicinal practices
with modern innovation. Among the
company’s 13 products is Vision
Plus. Suitable for dogs and cats, it
is formulated to protect pets’ eyes
from fatigue, irritation, impaired vision
and age-related vision changes.
Ingredients include lutein, bilberry,
goji berries, spica prunellae and
several other herbs.
The Most Trusted Name in the Pet Industry — april 2015 99
not so much. He advises that pet specialty retailers be sure to initiate a
conversation with younger customers about these products, rather than
assuming they already informed.
However, customer education is really important for all age groups,
points out Erin Jones, marketing manager for Response Products.
Headquartered in Broken Bow, Neb., the company develops joint health
and nutrition products for companion animals, horses and people. For
one thing, Jones says, not every supplement/remedy is going to be
right for every pet, especially since not every product is created equally.
“Most pet owners can recognize the need for a joint supplement, but
Grizzly Pet Products LLC (
Grizzly Krill Oil for dogs is produced
at sea in the Antarctic.
It’s rich in the natural
antioxidant, ataxanthin,
which helps fight and
eliminate free radicals in
the dog’s digestive tract
and body. The company
also offers Grizzly Joint
Aid in a liquid and pellet
version. Both contain glucosamine,
MSM and hyaluronic acid.
The liquid version also contains krill oil. The pellets
include wild salmon meal as the base matrix, some
pollock oil, along with rice bran for good palatability.
HealthyCoat ( The company
provides essential fatty-acid supplements for dogs,
equines, poultry, show animals and goats. The
HealthyCoat Canine Food Supplement is a highly
digestible source of omega-3 and -6 essential fatty
acids. It also contains vitamin E and lecithin and,
it is fortified with niacin, biotin and
vitamin B-12. The supplement is
designed to address a variety
of symptoms related to
fatty-acid deficiency, such
as excessive shedding,
poor hair or coat, sore
joints, inflammation, dry
flaky skin, flea dermatitis,
itching, hot spots,
lack of energy and more.
Natural Solutions for Life ( The
company manufactures premium-quality supplements
for dogs, horses, livestock and people. Natural
Stride Veterinary Strength powder is scientifically
formulated to help dogs’ joints get back to normal.
The product contains cetyl myristoleate, which fights
joint inflammation and enables the other ingredients
to work more effectively. Other ingredients include
glucosamine, omega-3, yucca and hyaluronic acid.
All ingredients are natural. The formula is also available
in chews. Both
products include
over 1,900
mg. of active
per serving.
APPROPRIATE FOR visits to the
veterinarian or groomer, stress
caused by loud noises (including
thunder), excess barking or hissing
caused by stress, travel, adapting
to new surroundings, separation
anxiety, and more.
* Based on natural channel value from
All natural
stress relief
for pets.
The #1 and #2
SPINS scan data ending 5/11/2013.
DOGS pets + products
they generally need help in distinguishing the best options available for
them,” she explains. “This is where pet retailers can play a huge part in
helping the pet owner make the best decision, by providing information
and guidance.”
It starts with asking the necessary questions. The pet’s age is important,
as is breed, says Whitney. “There are breeds and physical characteristics
of dogs which tend to predispose them to ear and skin issues, such as
those with body folds or fl oppy ears,” he explains, pointing to German
Shepherds, Labs and Cocker Spaniels as examples.
A question Reilly suggests leading with is, “Is your dog having any
Nelsons (rescue
Pet is a natural way
to treat pet anxiety
caused by travel,
separation, new
surroundings, loud
noises such as
thunder or fi reworks,
and other behavioral issues arising from stress. The alcohol-free
product is a blend of the same fi ve Bach Original Flower Remedies
found in the original RESCUE Remedy stress-relief formula
for people, such as star of Bethlehem, rock rose, cherry plum,
impatiens and clematis. It is safe for all kinds of pets, including
dogs, cats, birds, horses, fi sh and iguanas. It is non-addictive
and doesn’t interact with other medications.
Pet King Brands, Inc. ( The company
manufactures ZYMOX Enzymatic products for chronic conditions
of the ears, skin and mouth in dogs and cats. ZYMOX
Enzymatic Ear Solution with Hydrocortisone
0.5% provides an alternative to antibiotics.
The nontoxic product is antibacterial,
antifungal and anti-yeast, and utilizes
a patented enzyme formula called
the LP3 Enzyme System. It provides
anti-itch and infl ammation relief as
well. The company also manufacturers
ZYMOX Topical Spray & Cream
with Hydrocortisone 0.5% for use on
wounds, hot spots and ringworm.
PureLife 4Pets by Vetimed Inc. (purelife4pets.
com): PureLife 4Pets is a line of premium pet
supplements providing health solutions for dogs
and cats. PureLife 4Pets Joint Mobility for Dogs
& Cats offers a comprehensive alternative to
chondroitin- and glucosamine-based products,
to which some dogs/cats can be sensitive. It
contains eggshell membrane—a supplement
comprising collagen and glycosaminoglycans
designed to support joint stability and
fl exibility. The formula also uses astaxanthin,
boswelia extract and hyaluronic acid.
problems or is your dog totally healthy?” Also, retailers can take a
cue from what type of food a customer is purchasing, he advises. For
example, if they are buying weight-management or senior dog food,
you can discuss supplements designed to address these issues. Or,
if they’re purchasing certain kinds of shampoo, such as those for dry,
itchy skin, this opens up the door for a conversation about remedies and
supplements that address this issue.
Inquire about lifestyle and situations that could result in stress or
anxiety, says Eaton. Other questions to ask include: Does the dog travel
a lot? Does the pet accompany the owner to work? Has the environment
Response Products ( The company’s latest introduction
is Cetyl M Regular Strength for Dogs, developed to keep dogs in peak condition
and help maintain healthy joints and fl exibility in adult
dogs of all stages. The product is a proprietary blend of
cetyl myristoleate complex, resveratrol and blue green
algae. The natural ingredients are balanced and
formulated into a highly palatable, greattasting
Solid Gold Pet, LLC ( The company
manufactures holistic pet foods and supplements for dogs
and cats that are free of chemical preservatives and made
from high-quality natural ingredients. Solid Gold SeaMeal is
a kelp-based, overall wellness vitamin and mineral supplement
for dogs and cats in powder form. It is particularly
benefi cial for dogs and cats with skin and coat, or digestive issues. It combines
natural red, green and brown seaweed species to provide important essential
vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants. Digestive enzymes are added to
support digestive health. It also contains omega-3 fatty acids and fl axseed meal.
Tomlyn—a division of Vétoquinol USA (tomlyn.
com): Tomlyn carries a complete line of scientifi
cally developed, veterinarian-approved pet
healthcare products that follow National Animal
Supplement Council guidelines. Tomlyn Joint &
Hip offers high levels of glucosamine and MSM, as
well as chondroitin, vitamins, fatty acids, proteins,
EPA and DHA, antioxidants, creatine, omega-3
and other ingredients. The comprehensive joint
supplement is available in chews for cats, small
dogs, medium and large dogs, and senior dogs.
All Natural Health Treats for Dogs
from the Land of Longevity
Functional Soft chew Treats made with unique
organic herbal blend of Astragalus, Kelp,
Turmeric and Milk Thistle
Okinawan Happy Dogs – A Division of Everyday Wellness Corporation, an ISHIN Group Company – Pleasanton, CA OkinawanHappyDogs
for new Retailers
Buy any 12 products
get Free Shipping in U.S.
Please contact us for details and pricing
Phone: 9252259800
email: info
Herbal/ holistic treats for profits
with great margin
•Custom/Small minimum orders available
•Offer free shipping with minimum order
Natural Turkey Recipe & Zesty Salmon Taste
Looking for distributors nationwide.
DOGS pets + products
changed—for example, a move or a new baby? Is the dog exhibiting
any behaviors indicating anxiety, such as howling, chewing, excessive
barking, hiding and so on?
“Another great question to ask is what supplements [or remedies] the
owner has purchased for their pet in the past,” says Jones. “What has
worked? What hasn’t?”
Whitney points out that encouraging customers to share details about
their pets’ health and history can be helpful on various levels. “Having a
Dog Rocks (
The company offers a safe,
non-medicinal and chemicalfree
solution to prevent burn
marks on a lawn caused by
dog urine. Pet owners simply
drop a few rocks in a dog’s
drinking bowl, and Dog Rocks
fi lter out the impurities that
are responsible for excess
nitrate in canine urine. The product comes with a 100-percent
money-back guarantee. In addition, the company says it has
recently discovered that product may help alleviate tear stains.
Dog Rocks is looking for pet retailers and pet owners with dogs
suffering from tear stains to take part in a trail to test Dog Rocks
to see if it improves tear stains.
Natura Petz ( Natura Petz offers a variety of
all-natural pet supplements. Bionic Body is for immune boosting
and anti-infl ammatory support. A free radical scavenging,
disease preventative, it can be used as a
nutritive to help nourish and strengthen
bones, eye, teeth, skin and coat. Let’s Get
This Party Started! is used holistically as a
vitamin and mineral nutritive. It may help
promote luxurious skin, coat, hair shaft,
and follicle strength by helping improve
blood circulation and oxygen fl ow. It may
also help improve nutrient assimilation
and digestion, and act as a topical healing
agent to help promote rapid relief of skin
21st Century Animal HealthCare
( Petnology Essentials,
by 21st Century Animal HealthCare,
offers its Hip & Joint Health functional
chewables. The Hip & Joint Level 4 Veterinarian
Strength formula supports mobility
for dogs by using these advanced key
components: MSM and hyaluronic acid
with green lipped muscle, and omegas 3
and 6. The chewables come in a palatable
liver fl avor.
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed • Over 17 years In Business
1.866.214.6773 • •
All NAturAl liquid Food SupplemeNt For dogS
Recommended by Veterinarians!
Your dog itCHiNg?
Your dog SHeddiNg?
Helps Prevent & Eliminate…
Excessive Shedding, Poor Hair Coat,
Flea Dermatitis, Hot Spots & Allergies.
RicH in omEga 3 & 6 ESSEnTiaL
faTTy acidS and ViTaminS
THaT bEnEfiT Skin, coaT,
foR youR dog!
The Most Trusted Name in the Pet Industry — april 2015 103
dialogue with pet owners not only builds rapport,
but can be beneficial for both the pet owner and
the retailer,” says Whitney. “In sharing feedback
on products used and what kinds of health
issues or concerns pet owners have, retailers are
able to provide a selection of valuable products.”
Effective merchandising is also key in
making the most of the category. “Don’t let the
supplements and remedies look neglected,” says
Reilly. “In some large stores, these products are
really orphans.” Other strategies include:
• Move the assortment up from the lower shelves to eye-level or
placing them in a more visible area of the store, says Fisker. “Rotating
different supplements to the register for shorter periods of time is also
an excellent way to engage customers and create more awareness,” he
says. “Supplements that move make good money for retailers.”
• Create a “pharmacy” in the store containing a good selection of
health products for some of the more common ailments, says Whitney.
Also, consider developing a dermatology section, so these products don’t
get overlooked.
• Pay attention to customers who want to
switch food, says Fisker. “Ask what they’re
looking for in a different food, and then
introduce them to the relevant supplements
to better address the condition.”
• Cross-merchandise these products with
other categories. “Think, ‘Where would my
customer look for this?’” says Eaton. Anxietyrelated
remedies might do well in the travel
section, or by the crates and carriers, and
so on. Other remedies might do well crossmerchandised
with the shampoos and grooming aids., as might certain
supplements. And don’t forget the food aisles or register.
Additionally, take a page from online retailers, says Reilly. “Hang up
a sign in the food aisle or by the register that says, ‘if you’re thinking of
buying these specialty foods, consider these supplements.’
“But this is also where they have the advantage over online. They can
talk with their customers and share their personal experiences. And by
paring the supplements with food the dogs will do better, the customers
will be happier, and the sales will be higher.” PB
Anxiety-related remedies
might do well in the travel
section, or by the crates and
carriers, and so on. Other
remedies might do well
cross-merchandised with the
shampoos and grooming aids.


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