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Pet Age Features Natura Petz Organics PawR Bars PawR Bites PawR Crumbles

Natura Petz Organics Launches New PawR Treat Line

Mar 28,2016by: Pet Age Magazine Staff

Pet Age Features Natura Petz Organics Pawr Bar PawR Bites PawR Crumbles

Natura Petz Organics has launched a new all-natural and organic PawR treat line, which made its debut at this year’s Global Pet Expo.

The line includes PawR Bars, PawR Bites and PawR Crumbles.  Developed with veterinarian and pet expert guidance, these treats provide healthy boosts to pet’s diets.

“I am thrilled to introduce our new organic nutritive offerings, which provide pet-parents a convenient and affordable way to add treats, foods, toppers and an array of supplements to help make life healthier for their beloved pet companions,” said Heidi Nevala, founder and president of Natura Petz Organics.  “We are looking forward to sharing these with our current and new business partners, as the demand for these types of products continues to expand tremendously.”


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