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Natura Petz Organics Launches Complete & Balanced Treat Line at Global - Booth 705

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NATURA PETZ ORGANICS Announces Plans to Expand Its Product Offerings and Its Distribution Partners in North America.    

Natura Petz Organics Launches Completely Balanced Pawr Treat Line for Dogs

Minneapolis, MN – (March 14, 2016) Natura Petz Organics, creators and innovators of the most certified organic, all-natural health supplements from the richest biospheres in the world is set to debut unique products that only they could bring to the pet market, including an all-natural and organic PawR™ Treat Line, which includes PawR™ Bars, PawR™ Bites & PawR™ Crumbles.  These exciting new offerings, developed with veterinarian and pet expert guidance, will provide healthy boosts to pet’s diets.  With the variety of new product offerings, Natura Petz Organics has expanded beyond traditional supplement products.  To coincide with the product expansion, Natura Petz Organics will be engaging with new partners in distribution and retail to provide greater accessibility to the products.

Natura Petz Organics multiple product lines offer whole food, organic solutions to help pet owners in the efforts towards achieving body system balance to help optimize feline and canine health. 

“I am thrilled to introduce our new organic nutritive offerings, which provide pet-parents a convenient and affordable way to add treats, foods, toppers and an array of supplements to help make life healthier for their beloved pet companions,” states Heidi Nevala, Founder and President of Natura Petz Organics.  “We are looking forward to sharing these with our current and new business partners, as the demand for these types of products continues to expand tremendously.” 

Natura Petz Organics welcomes any company with a commitment to providing the best health that nature has to offer, to schedule a meeting with them at the upcoming Global Pet Expo to exclusively hear about these new offerings and upcoming product releases.  If you are a distributor or retailer and are in the “Natural Pet World” space, Natura Petz Organics (Booth 705) provides not only the best products nature has to offer, but also unmatched education and support for their natural products. 


Natura Petz Organics is the leading authority and provider of certified organic, all-natural health supplements from the richest biospheres in the world. Natura Petz Organics utilizes over 200 specialty plants and marine constituents and offers over 50 supplements and health support solutions for dogs and cats. Based on years of innovative research, the mission of Natura Petz Organics is to improve the health of dogs and cats naturally over their lifetime by selecting specialty herb and supplements that come straight from nature, in every product, every day.  

Whether seeking help maintaining the health and quality of life that our pets deserve or helping naturally heal the pets we love from the inside out, the quality of each proprietary master blend and specialty plant from the Amazon rainforest, Andean mountains and Pacific Ocean/Humboldt Current mirror our commitment to quality and may improve the lives of pets and the people that love them. 

For more information, please visit Natura Petz Organics online at or toll-free 877-306-1744. 

Natura Petz Organics and their founder, Heidi Nevala, will be attending Global Pet Expo, Booth 705




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