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SANGRE DE GRADO - WOUND & INFECTION SUPPORT* THE PETZ KITCHEN™ - Organic Ingredients & Shakers for Home Prepared Meals & Treats
SANGRE DE GRADO - WOUND & INFECTION SUPPORT* THE PETZ KITCHEN™ - Organic Ingredients & Shakers for Home Prepared Meals & Treats

SANGRE DE GRADO - WOUND & INFECTION SUPPORT* THE PETZ KITCHEN™ - Organic Ingredients & Shakers for Home Prepared Meals & Treats



SANGRE DE GRADO - WOUND & INFECTION SUPPORT* THE PETZ KITCHEN™ - Organic & Human Grade Ingredients & Shakers for Home Prepared Meals & Treats 

THE PETZ KITCHEN™ SANGRE DE GRADO whole food, organic extract is produced from a large canopy tree found in many regions throughout the highland and lowland jungles of the Peruvian Amazon. As a canopy tree, SANGRE DE GRADO helps sustain biodiversity of plants, shrubs, herbs, smaller trees and ground cover that flourish beneath its vegetation.

In South America, SANGRE DE GRADO is referred to as a second skin, due to its ability to promote skin and cellular regeneration via its collagen production capabilities, as early as 24 hours of use. Collagen is the lattice like protein that makes up much of our pet's skin, coat, tissue, bone and connective tissue framework. This same function is used topically for external wounds or taken internally for wounds of all types.  

SANGRE DE GRADO is comprised of potent proanthocyanidins (PAC's), antioxidants, saponins, alkaloids, lignans, polyphenolic compounds and diterpenes, used holistically for pet first aid to help seal and heal all types of wounds, hot spots, bites, rashes, cuts, abrasions, bleeding conditions, hair loss, abscess, Candida and infections, including nerve pain (neurasthenic) at site related to bacterial, fungal, viral, septic or microbial in origin; including antigens and pathogens. Can be applied topically or given internally to all areas by eyes.

SANGRE DE GRADO's natural anti-histamine and antibiotic plant actions may help address all types of topical and internal skin and coat irritations and allergies; its anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-microbial, wound healing and plant based steroid actions may help address abscess on any part of the animal body (both internal and external) and cellulitis.

SANGRE DE GRADO has potential important applications for dental health and may help address tooth decay & dental disease, including gingivitis (swollen gums), periodontitis, plaque & tartar build up. If applied over time to teeth and gum line, (liquid extract or ground up, poultice form), SANGRE DE GRADO may help remove plaque & tartar from teeth. Depending on severity of build up, most pets see improvement in a few weeks. 

SANGRE DE GRADO is used holistically for symptomatic and conditional needs related to parvovirus and influenza;  as a holistic digestive aid and haemostatic which may help soothe, address and help seal and heal all types of ulcers and gastrointestinal distress and bowel regulator to help address the conditional needs of Ulcerative Colitis; Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD); dysentery and chronic diarrhea.

The proanthocyanidin content of SANGRE DE GRADO has also been studied and proven to help increase immunity; may help improve blood cell and capillary function; may help reduce symptoms of retinal degeneration (macular degeneration, glaucoma, cataracts) and may help to reduce symptoms of asthma. 

Documented and researched natural plant actions include hemostratic, antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-fungal, antiviral, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, astringent, vulnerary (tissue healing), anti-mutagenic, cytotoxic

The primary therapeutic uses for SANGRE DE GRADO in South American traditional medical systems include use for a variety of therapeutic conditions, including:

wounds and lacerations (cuts)

collagen producer for new skin

skin infections

bug bites, hot spots and related pain, itching and swelling



bleeding conditions (haemostatic)

dental health for tooth decay and dental disease, including gingivitis and periodontal disease



ulcers (internal and external)

stomach ulcers

for inflamed or infected mucous membranes

to remove blood around wounds and fractures

as a purgative and tonic (strengthens and balances body systems)

varicose ulcers

collagen producer for new skin production

and anti-bacterial activity against E. Coli

Sangre de Grado is both water and fat soluble and can be eaten raw, baked or cooked and can be added to all types of diets. 


None reported.

Drug Interactions:

None reported.


None reported. Red in color, may temporarily stain coat.

Direction for Use

Add powder to your dog or cat's meal daily.

Best if added to canned wet food, home prepared meals and treats, raw, dehydrated or hybrid diets.

Pet's Weight    Amount 1x Daily

1-10 lbs                      1/8 tsp
11-25 lbs                    1/4 tsp
26-50 lbs                    1/2 tsp
51-75 lbs                    3/4 tsp
76+ lbs                           1 tsp

Use for at least 30 days to see initial results.

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