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DON'T LYME TO ME MAX MEAL TOPPER* Antioxidant Cellular & Bacterial Support* Dogs & Cats*
DON'T LYME TO ME MAX MEAL TOPPER* Antioxidant Cellular & Bacterial Support* Dogs & Cats*

DON'T LYME TO ME MAX MEAL TOPPER* Antioxidant Cellular & Bacterial Support* Dogs & Cats*



DON'T LYME TO ME MAX MEAL TOPPER* Antioxidant Cellular & Bacterial Support for Dogs & Cats*

DON'T LYME TO ME* Antioxidant Cellular & Bacterial Support for Dogs & Cats* is used in South American traditional medical systems to help support cellular life and cellular health throughout the body but also to help protect cell membranes (the body’s “cellular guards”) charged with protecting every cell in a mammal’s body from being compromised or destroyed by unhealthy cells.

You have probably heard about free radicals, which attack healthy cells in the body, causing cellular death. Free radicals can also damage DNA and create a niche for disease to present, so maintaining cell membrane health is critical to disease prevention. If your pet has been diagnosed with a disease or is a senior or immuno-compromised, then cell membranes become even more vulnerable to the damaging effects of free radicals, sapping energy and preventing cellular renewal and regeneration that your pet's body needs. 

DON'T LYME TO ME* is used holistically as an adjunctive support for growth abnormalities and cellular mutations such as Lyme disease, due to its noni-ppt, scopoletin, carotenoids, bioflavonoid, and anthraquinone content plus much more.  

DON'T LYME TO ME* contains a master blend of plant ingredients with documented plant actions including primary antioxidant, immune modulating, anti-viral, anti-Babesial, anti-protozoal, anti-bacterial, larvacidal, anti-parasitic, cytotoxic, anti-inflammatory, hepatoprotective, and plant actions which may affect pathogenic bacteria and anti-plasmodial compounds related to its flavones, macronutrients, trace metals and novel lignan content, including niranthin and anti-protozoal actions related to nerolidol.

The specific anti-viral mechanisms of the plant constituents in DON'T LYME TO ME*  are related to the ability to inhibit enzymes and other substances that viruses require to divide and multiply, including transcriptase and protease actions.

While also being directly toxic to viruses and most bacteria DON'T LYME TO ME* may also help speed clearance of viral and bacteria presence in the body. In fact, just one plant ingredient alone it contains over 70 novel polyphenolic compounds that are anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-parasitic and anti-microbial!

DON'T LYME TO ME* is used prominently in traditional medical systems for conditional needs related to Lyme disease infection (all types of Lyme). In one study, Lyme infected patients experienced a 60% improvement. The plant ingredients may help limit spirochete cellular mutations in Lyme infected pets. Viruses reside in cell walls and your pet needs a product that can help safely and effectively penetrate cell walls to access a virus to destroy it. (* This is not an overnight process. Lyme disease is an opportunistic disease that interrupts healthy cellular and metabolic responses and requires use over a period of time for best results related to conditional needs.)

DON'T LYME TO ME* may help play an important role in the complimentary support of conditional needs of Lyme disease as plant chemistry may work to help limit irregular cell activity (spirochete mutation) as well as may help prevent the spread of the bacteria in the blood. Lyme bacteria are masters of disguise and hide out in healthy cells and tissue and can also create biofilm against antibiotics. Lyme spirochetes can also trigger self-remission, evading detection.

DON'T LYME TO ME* may help to identify, isolate and disable spirochete  masking, despite its attempts to disguise, and may provide potent anti-inflammatory and immune modulating plant benefits. (* As recommended by holistic veterinarians for use under a traditional medical system) 

Lyme is a chronic disease that requires time for treatment. An average Lyme infected dog or cat should expect to follow this regimen for 3-6 months for best results. DON'T LYME TO ME* is not a cure for Lyme, but may help an animal body respond to Lyme infection as well as may help limit the symptoms and degenerative progression of the disease.  

More technical information on how DON'T LYME TO ME* works: 

DON'T LYME TO ME* contains monoterpenes such as nitrofurantoin which have naturally occurring resistance to opportunistic modulating agents found in all types of Lyme strains. It also contains natural plant compounds known as chromene and chromene derivatives which have demonstrated potential anti-trypanosomal actions which may help limit replication and self protecting biofilm capabilities commonly demonstrated with Lyme strains. Additionally, triterpenes, lichexanthone and an acetylenic acid may help provide anti-microbial actions against pathogenic bacteria, virus, microbes and fungi.

Another important plant mechanism is related to the activation and enhancement of specific immune cells that may help target and eliminate foreign invading viruses and bacteria, WHILE limiting excessive pro-inflammatory cytokine response that can cause further decline with Lyme presentation. 

Benzoic acid, sesquiterpenoids and monoterpenes such as nitrofurantoin may help create resistance to pathogenic bacterial and viral proliferation, and natural plant chemicals and actions may help inhibit cellular modulating opportunistic agents related to viral and bacterial strains, including spirochete activity.

DON'T LYME TO ME* has demonstrated selective inhibition of Leishmanicidal activity, plasmodium specific lactate dehydrogenase and Plasmodium berghei and against dermatophytic fungi, which are also commonly associated with Lyme infections.

DON'T LYME TO ME* also has demonstrated anti-bacterial activity against multiple antibiotic resistant neuro pathogens commonly associated with Lyme strains. 

Demonstrated and documented natural plant actions include antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-mycobacterial, anti-mycosal, anti-microbial, antidermatophytic and anti-proliferative activity related to plant alkaloids, flavonoids, triterpenic esters, iridoid and triterpenoids and compounds of plumericin, isoplumericin and liquiritigenin.  

INGREDIENTS: A proprietary master blend which includes plants such as Tamamuri and Stevia.  

CONTRAINDICATIONS: None reported. Cautioned for use with pregnant or nursing pets.


CAUTIONS: Possible anti-microbial activity. Suggest supplementing with a probiotic to help balance native gut flora.


For dogs and cats up to 12 pounds: 1 heaping scoop daily.

For dogs and cats 13-24 pounds: 2 heaping scoops daily.

For dogs 25-49 pounds: 2 heaping scoops, twice daily.

For dogs 50+ pounds: 3 heaping scoops, twice daily.

Scoop included to dispense powder.

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