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Natura Petz Organics is proud to offer our Top 10 Best Sellers collection for dogs and cats. 

Our Best Seller category represents an equal mix of general wellness and maintenance needs for dogs and cats as well as a need for specialty items that address conditions that commonly plaque our pets. 

Our Best Sellers include plant botanicals and marine extracts, which are human grade and ORGANIC. We don't put anything into our products we wouldn't use ourselves. Our pets give our Best Sellers four paws up!

And please note that while our product names contain humor, but we are serious about the science behind our supplements.

Anxiety Starter Pack

Natura Petz Organics Anxiety Starter Pack for dogs anxiety for cats anxiety for cats

Break It Up - Tied (CapsulesTopper)

Natura Petz Organics Break It Up for Dogs Break It Up for Cats stone breaker for dogs cats Break It Up Meal Topper to break up stones in dogs Break It Up Meal Topper for cats 

Dog & Cat Kryptonite

Dog and Cat Kryptonite Adrenal Support for Dogs Kryptonite Adrenal Support for cats

Get Well Soon

Natura Petz Organics Get Well Soon for dogs Natura Petz Organics Get Well Soon for cats

Joint Support Meal Topper



Natura Petz Organics Joint Meal Topper for dogs Meal Topper for cats

Life's An Itch - Tied (Liquid Extract, Topper)

Natura Petz Organics Lifes An Itch for dog allergies Life's An Itch for cat allergiesNatura Petz Organics Lifes An Itch meal topper for dog allergies meal topper for cat allergies

I Cell-Ebrate Life

Natura Petz Organics I Cell Ebrate Life for dogs and cats I CellEbrate Life for dogs and cats


Natura Petz Organics Petabolics Complete Meal Balancer for dogs

Serenity Zen - Tied  (CapsulesTopper)

Serenity Zen Dog and Cat anxiety remedy for dogs anxiety remedy for catsNatura Petz Organics Serenity Zen for dogs Serenity Zen for cats anti anxiety for pets

Turmeric the Magnificent

Turmeric the Magnificent for dogs Turmeric the Magnificent for cats pet antioxidant

Urinary Tract Infection Meal Topper

Natura Petz Organics Urinary Tract Meal Topper for dogs Urinary Tract Meal Topper for cats