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Genevieve Says! Blog of a wise and discerning Bengal cat

Hello everyone! I'm Genevieve, author of this blog and weekly newsletter.

This blog is devoted to cats, dogs and the people who love them. I want to begin by stating that although I am fabulously feline, I have great affection for my canine companions and their parents. I am a highly evolved Bengal.  

We will have a new topic every week on issues important to those with fur and those who care for us with fur.

This week's topic: Fleas, Ticks and Mosquitoes. 

Check out this week's read:

Everybody stay safe. 

Paw love,


(you can email me at 

 P.S. Check out our new contest as well as sponsorship for rescue and shelters

Lastly, come visit us at Super Zoo. We will have new products (new yummy powders and liquids) games, prizes and in general, a rocking good time. 


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