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Did You Know That Your Pet's Body Systems Are Interconnected?

How Your Pet's Body Systems Are Interconnected, How That Relates to Disease & How Herbs and Supplements May Help 

Natura Petz Organics How Dog and Cat Body Systems Are Interconnected

Your pet's body systems are related and interdependent. As a result, when your dog or cat experiences, a health issue, you begin to understand why so many symptoms present, as well as what types of products might help address a disease or condition.

You will also understand why it's beneficial that plant and marine supplements contain a variety of natural plant chemicals which exert many actions to potentially improve your pet's wellness. Ultimately, plant and marine based products are naturally coded to help nutritionally bring the body into balance, by delivering critical nutrients where deficiencies occur, but also exert a tonic, or strengthening effect to each body system to work as a complete system in balance.

Natura Petz Organics supplements contain primary and secondary natural plant and marine based chemicals which instinctively deliver layer of potential health benefits which may help support your dog and cat from top to bottom. Now that's plant intelligence!

Our specialty herbs and supplements contain natural adaptogens, which function like "body readers" that help fight stress, help prevent oxidative damage, and help identify metabolic, environmental, physical, oxidative and emotional dysfunction in the body and then nutritionally work to balance your pet's body. Our products also contain super foods, super berries, bio-available whole foods, vitamins, minerals, Omega 3, fatty and essential oils, healthy acids and so much more which may nutritionally help disengage the "distress sirens" your pet's body sends out when dysfunction or deficiency is experienced.

When your pet's body systems are balanced, it means your pet's immune system is robust and your dog and cat feels good from the inside out. In helping to keep your pet's body systems balanced, you may also be helping your pet to not only thrive but to live longer, for a happier, healthier pet family! :) 

Some basics:

The liver and kidneys are responsible for filtering toxins and waste from the blood. 

The skin is the first line of defense against external threats including bacteria, pathogens and environmental exposures. 

The blood carries antibodies, oxygen and nutrients to where they are needed throughout the body to fight against infections and other invasions. 

The spleen filters the blood and traps those remaining foreign invaders that were not stopped at previous check points. 

The lymphatic system cleanses and nourishes cells and tissues and transports the appropriate immune response to the parts of the body that cannot be reached effectively by blood.  

Now let's learn how the animal body systems are interconnected:

Allergy is related to enteric (digestive) support, immune support, hepatic support, lymphatic support, dermal support, and whole body endocrine function. 

Allergic dermatitis is related to enteric (digestive) support, immune system, dermal support and hepatic support.

Anxiety is related to central nervous system support, immune support, endocrine support and digestive support. 

Antibiotic therapy (post antibiotic use) is related to enteric (digestive) support and function, immune support, and prebiotic and probiotic supplementation.

Arthritis is related to muscoskeletal support, immune support and hepatic support.

Autoimmune disease is related to immune support, and lymphatic and whole body endocrine support.

Cardiac disease is related to cardiac support, to antioxidant cellular support and whole body endocrine support.

Coat and skin support are related to whole body immune support, enteric (digestive) support and endocrine support.

Cognitive support (brain health) is tied to endocrine support, immune support and nutritional support. 

Constipation is related to enteric (digestive function), endocrine (adrenal) support and hepatic support to detoxify the liver and kidneys.

Cystitis is related to renal support, immune support, and probiotic digestive support.

Cysts and tumors are related to immune support, hepatic support, possible deficiency in vitamin B and C supplementation (created in the liver) and digestive support.  

Diabetes is related to pancreatic support, enteric (digestion), enzyme support and immune support. 

Diarrhea is related to enteric (digestive) support, immune support and whole body endocrine support.

Gas and flatulence are related to enteric (digestive) support, pre and probiotic intestinal support and nutritional support. 

Gingivitis and stomatitis are related to immune support, probiotic enteric (digestive) support and whole body endocrine support. 

Hyperthyroidism is related to hepatic support, whole body endocrine support and thyroid support.

Hypothyroidism is related to endocrine support, thyroid cell support and hepatic support.

Immunity is related to the immune, endocrine, lymphatic, cardiovascular and digestive systems. 

Joint pain, anxiety and seizures may be relieved via support of the endocannabinoid system, which is linked to Central Nervous, Endocrine and Immune systems.

Kidney disease is related to digestive, hepatic, renal cell support and circulatory support.

Liver disease is related to hepatic support, liver cell support, renal support and whole body endocrine support.

Lymphatic support is related to cardiovascular support, digestive support and immune support. 

Respiratory support is related to nervous system support, immune support and whole body endocrine support. 

Skin and coat support are related to whole body immune support, enteric (digestive) support and endocrine support.

Strains and sprains are related to muscoskeletal support, ligament/connective tissue support, and immune and inflammation support.

Urinary support (and disorders) are related to digestive, hepatic, renal cell support and whole body endocrine support.

Urinary incontinence for females and males is related to whole body endocrine support, muscoskeletal support and muscle tone support.


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