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The Power of the Amazon & the Andes and Why They May Be Important for Your Pet's Health

At Natura Petz, our focus is on holistic veterinarian care and traditional medical systems, practiced with a heavy reliance on plant and marine extracts to help maintain animal wellness. Natural, holistic medicine is part of a medical system because all elements of health, illness and the relationship between humans, animals and nature rests on combined indigenous empirical knowledge and modern medicine.

Plants from the Amazon and marine extracts from the Pacific Ocean supply important nutrients and plant based chemistry, including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, carbohydrates, proteins, primary and secondary metabolites, including flavonoids; phenolic and polyphenolic compounds; terpenoids; phytoestrogens; carotenoids and alkaloids and many other beneficial substances which nourish and sustain our pet’s bodies.

The Amazon jungle is one of the most biologically diverse areas on Earth and the significance of the Amazon cannot be overemphasized. The Amazonian and Andean territories represent virgin tropical environments and cloud forests which are located hundreds of miles from the nearest road or source of pollution. Within these environments, the rain forest soil, and Andean mountainside, operates in a continual and virtually enclosed nutrient rich ecosystem, and hosts the specialized plant life harvested by Natura Petz. Imagine 200,000+ species of plants thriving in a tropical paradise and cloud forest, containing the highest concentration of nutrients and life energy on our planet! This is where our pet products are derived.

The Amazon represents over half of the planet's rainforests and is the most species-rich tract of land on Earth. The Amazon is estimated to have been in existence for at least 55 million years. Amazonian rainforests have unparalleled plant biodiversity, with one in 10 known plant species growing there. This constitutes the largest collection of living plants and animal species in the world. The Andean mountain range and the Amazon jungle are home to more than half of the world's species of flora and fauna. In fact, one in five of all the birds in the world live in the rainforests of the Amazon.

The number of potential plant cures for modern maladies may be unfathomable. One square kilometer may contain over 150,000 species of higher plants. One square kilometer of Amazon rainforest can contain about 90,790 tons of living plants. To date, 438,000 species of plants have been registered with an unspecified amount waiting yet to be discovered.

Our Amazonian and Andean plants are grown in their organic state and processed without the use of pesticides, fumigation, genetically modified organisms, synthetic fertilizers, or ionizing radiation. Each supplement we manufacture retains the highest level of unaltered active plant chemicals possible, resulting in an absolutely natural product free of synthetic chemicals, fillers and preservatives. Introduce your pet to the power of plants to experience the best health possible(* As recommended by holistic veterinarians for use under a traditional medical system)

Welcome to Natura Petz. Pure, natural, pet health.

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