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Sustainable Products

Green, Sustainable Products & Responsible Consumption  

Please be a responsible consumer. Buy only sustainable rain forest products. You can have a global impact on preserving our most precious resources, the rain forests, mountains and oceans, from destruction. The health and wellness of our pets is inextricably tied to plant based therapies

We are a green company committed to the sustainable use of plants and the protection of our fragile environment. Our organic herbs and supplements have been thoroughly researched and certified and are part of a complete holistic and traditional, medical system. 

Our plants are grown in their organic state and processed without the use of pesticides, fumigation, genetically modified organisms, synthetic fertilizers, or ionizing radiation. Each supplement we manufacture retains the highest level of unaltered active plant chemicals possible, resulting in an absolutely natural product free of synthetic chemicals, fillers and preservatives. All products are made to the highest standards of quality, consistency and are validated and certified by independent testing.

Natura Petz provides a full spectrum of specialty supplements that compliment the normal diets and needs of dogs and cats. We stand behind our slogan: pure, natural pet health. We invite your pet to experience the best health possible. 

(* As recommended by holistic veterinarians for use under a traditional medical system)

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