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Plant Based Therapeutics

The micro climates and soils found in the Amazon Rain Forests and Peruvian Highlands and Lowlands cause plant species to flourish that are found nowhere else on Earth. And the Humboldt Current found off the coast of Peru’s Pacific Ocean is one of the largest marine and is the most nutrient dense ecosystems in the world, supporting an extraordinary abundance of marine life used in South American traditional medical systems. Natura Petz is on the forefront of the plant-based therapeutics of the future. (* As recommended by holistic veterinarians for use under a traditional medical system)

Peru was the cradle of the most advanced indigenous civilizations and most powerful empire in pre-Columbian South America, that of the Incas. A country rich and diverse in natural resources, Peru has developed the National System of Protected Areas, which covers 10 percent of the country and is an essential component of Peru’s policy for sustainable development. Peru holds 84 of the worlds 103 natural life zones.

Natura Petz Organics products are harvested from these sustainable development sectors that shelter and protect the great biological diversity of Peru. The Peruvian government, non governmental organizations, private enterprise and the general population, proudly manage and protect these precious natural resources. The objective is to contribute to the sustainable development of the country through an efficient management of its resources and vendor relationships that operate under green, sustainable, fair trade manufacturing practices, thereby guaranteeing an environmental, social and potential health benefit for the world.

When these nutrient rich and bio-diverse elements are combined into potential medicinal and nutritional herbals, vitamins, extracts, tinctures, oils, serum and supplements, we can imagine the power of plants.

Natura Petz Organics proudly conducts green, sustainable farming and wild harvesting processes designed to preserve the world’s most vital plant resources while protecting the fragile ecological system.

Natura Petz Organics products are grown naturally in the richness of the Amazon and Andean provinces without the use of pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers and are not irradiated, fumigated or adulterated, containing no synthetic additives, fillers, binders, colorings or preservatives. 

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