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Our Manufacturing Process

 At Natura Petz, we are adamant about the purity and quality of our raw materials and proudly adhere to the highest level of manufacturing processes in the industry. Our manufacturing process ensures that the active phytochemicals in each plant are not lost in processing, guaranteeing the highest quality and best plant-to-product efficacy ratio. Fancy words that mean our products have been measured for their quality and effectiveness in supporting animal health and wellness!

Our laboratory works with ethical, registered growers and certified suppliers to guarantee that all raw materials supplied are of the highest quality, purity and potency, have not been mislabeled or adulterated, have been grown sustainably, have been properly harvested, and the environment has not been harmed from source to bottle.

Strict quality control processes are used throughout the cultivation, harvesting, processing, and manufacturing process, including:

1. Selection of plant material and pharmaceutical form.

2. Pet patient’s acceptability.

3. Stability.

4. Correct packing.

5. Contamination prevention.

6. Correct dose.

These tests are also performed on each plant batch that is processed:

1. Physical organoleptic analysis, which encompasses macroscopic and stereoscopic analysis, particle size, larva and insect contamination, color, smell, taste characteristics, drying, and storage conditions. If there is any doubt about the identity of an ingredient, we perform a micro-graphic test. The percentage of moisture is analyzed by gravimetric methods. The ash determination is also measured.

2. Using methods recommended in international pharmacopoeias, a microbiological, sanitary analysis is performed to determine the most probably number of microorganisms (NMP/g). Mold and yeast recount is performed. The finishing stage of this process also includes an aerobes recount on the plaque and an additional microbiological analysis.

3. Composition analysis is performed by the chromatography of thin layer method (TLC).

4. Where applicable, the final specific active principle assessment is made by high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). 

Finally, we put nothing into our products that do not benefit our furry family members.  

The Natura Petz harvesting and manufacturing processes include:

  • Wild crafted from reserves
  • Sustainably and ecologically harvested
  • Non-fumigated
  • Non-irradiated
  • Uncontaminated by herbicides or pesticides
  • Unaltered and non-fractionated 
  • Pure with no unnecessary fillers, colorings or preservatives
  • The most stringent quality control processes in the world 
  • The highest certifications granted in the industry


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