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Top Five Ways to Support Immune Health in Your Dog and Cat

Top Five Ways to Support Immune Health in Your Dog and Cat

Top five ways to support immune health in your dog and cat Natura Petz Organics immune supplements for dogs and cats

More and more pet parents are talking about the importance of supporting immune health in their dogs and cats. We now understand that immune health plays a vital role in maintaining wellness as well as potential longevity and disease prevention benefits for our pets. We also know that in the absence of balanced immunity, our pets suffer a greater susceptibility to disease and degenerative conditions.

This article will explore the best daily practices and supplements that can be added to both dogs and cat's diets to ultimately help support balanced immune health, but when balance is interrupted, how to boost immunity when it's compromised as well as how to relax an over-stimulated immune system. 

First - What's immunity? 

Immunity is your pet's ability to resist bacteria, fungi, viruses, infections, parasites, microorganisms, or any type of foreign invader that might disrupt balanced immune health. When immune health is threatened, your pet's immune system goes on the "attack" to neutralize the threat to help restore whole body balance. 

In our modern world, just like people, it has become increasingly difficult for our pet's to sustain balanced immunity, and as a result, supplementation has become a necessity to bridge the deficiencies between diet, breed, genetics, environment, chemical exposure and more. 

Helpful suggestions for supporting balanced immunity:

1. Diet: Feed your pet either premium, holistic kibble, dehydrated, freeze dried, home cooked or a raw diet, without preservatives, additives or colorants. It is recommended to avoid corn, wheat and soy, especially if your dog or cat has allergies.And remember immunity primarily resides in the gut so what you feed your pet is vitally linked to the state of their immune health. 

2. Water: Provide fresh, clean, filtered water daily and encourage your pet to drink. Your pet's body is not designed to manage fluorides and other chemicals often found in tap water and water keeps your pet hydrated as well as supports toxin elimination.

3. Supplements: Strengthen your pet’s immune system with immune-building supplements. The reality is that our pets are over-burdened with toxicity from inside and out of our homes (think dryer sheets, scented candles, room deodorizers, fertilizers, weed killers, cigarette smoke, inferior foods, etc); plus medications and preventatives like heart worm and flea and tick products, annual vaccinations and more. Even if your pet enjoys a high quality diet, with everything your pet is contending with on a daily basis, holistic vets agree it's still necessary to add in a natural, immune supplement to help promote balance immunity. 

Best supplements to support immune health:

A. Cat’s Claw extract - 

Natura Petz Organics cats claw extract to promote immune balance in dogs and cats

    Helps support of deep immune health (all body systems)

    Helps reduce systemic inflammation

    Antioxidant, potential disease preventative (limits inflammation which causes disease pathway)

    Adaptogen (looks for irregularity in body; read, repair and restore)

    Important in an overall healthy defense system (fleas, ticks, auto immune failure disease such as Arthritis, Lyme

    Helps relax smooth muscles (important for digestion (Probiotic) and allergies)

    Helps support bowel health (useful in healthy elimination, toxin elimination)

    Tonic- Helps strengthen and tone overall body systems to balance

    Cat's Claw extract can be found in I Feel GoodJoint EaseBionic Body and Tinkle Tonic.

    B. Maca -

    Natura Petz Organics Maca for endocrine balance and cushing's and addison's disease in dogs and cats

    Nutritive (super Food; vitamin and mineral panel; protein, amino acids, enzymes and alkaloids)

    Adaptogen (looks for irregularity in body; read, repair and restore)

    Nourishes glands for proper gland and hormonal response

    Helps address adrenal fatigue (improper stress impacts immune and nervous systems as well as inflammation pathways)

    Helps regulate stress response

    Helps support proper metabolic rate (obesity, diabetes, Cushing’s)

    Cognitive, cardiovascular and reproductive support

    Tonic- strengthens and tones overall body systems to balance

    May affect energy and endurance

    Maca can be found in Dogs Love MacaI AM A Rock Star and Dog & Cat Kryptonite

    C. Camu Camu -

    Natura Petz Organics Camu Camu for dogs and cats to build collagen bone teeth eye and skin support

      Nutritive (Super food, multi-vitamin and multi-mineral panel; protein, amino acids, mixed carotenoids; bioflavonoids; high ORAC value “oxygen radical absorbance capacity”

      Adaptogen (looks for irregularity in body; read, repair and restore)

      Antioxidant (disease fighting and potentially disease prevention)

      May help stimulate collagen production (framework of bones, cartilage, muscle, connective tissue)

      Reduces cortisol production in the body

      Promotes serotonin production

      May help fight infections (all types)

      Camu Camu is found in All Shins & GrinsBody Bliss and I Want Liquid Immunity.

      D. Spirulina –

      Natura Petz Organics spirulina for dogs and cats to provide fatty acids and oils and support joints

        Nutritive (Super food; Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, B9 and A, C, D, and E; macro and micro minerals; fatty acids, protein)

        Marine based Omega 3’s Omega 3 ALA alpha-linoleic acid (over 48%); Omega 6 GLA gamma-linoleic (36%); and Omega 9 oleic acid (8%, which nutritionally activates omega 3's and 6's)

        95% digestibility and assimilation

        Promotes immune system response


        May help lubricate joints and tissues (important in aging and degenerative conditions

        such as arthritis)

        May promote heart and cognitive health

        May help promote eye, teeth, skin and coat health

        May promote energy

        Spirulina is found in Vitamin Ninja and Skin & Coat Starter Pack.

        E. Turmeric -

        Natura Petz Organics turmeric for dogs and cats to promote joint and brain health and limit inflammation

          Nutritive (Super food; essential vitamins & minerals, fiber, essential oils, electrolytes)


          Boosts or balance immunity as needed

          Protects the animal body from oxidative stress

          Supports the body’s natural anti-inflammatory response, which is directly linked to disease prevention

          Helps limit allergies (acts as a decongestant and anti-histamine, which may limit allergen triggers by reducing the mast cell de-granulation or histamine response)

          Acts as natural leukotriene inhibitor for allergies related to bronchial asthma and other lung problems

          Helps improve digestion due to its effects to suppress inflammation in the gut

          Cleanse and detoxify the liver, kidneys and gall bladder

          Helps address cognitive disease such as Alzheimer's, by helping limit micro-inflammation in the brain and supporting the neurological, endocrine and cardiovascular link

          May help halt mutations in DNA related to cancer formation, and may help block the production of enzymes that cancer needs to spread

          May help prevent heart disease and strokes by inhibiting the build-up of plaque in the arteries, including the arteries that provide the brain with essential oxygen and nutrients. 

          Turmeric is found in Pets Love Turmeric, Turmeric the Magnificent and the Immunity Starter Pack.

          4. Chemicals: Limit chemical exposure to inorganic fragrances and chemicals-both inside and outside the house. (Think dryer sheets, room deodorizes, cigarettes, deicers, lawn fertilizers, etc.) Maintain a hygienic environment by regularly disinfecting your pet’s food and water bowls, sleep area as well as litter box. 

          5. Exercise. Exercise your dog and cat daily. It helps tone the lymphatic system and encourage detoxification and supports proper waste elimination. 

          Of course, visit your holistic vet regularly for routine checkups to ensure overall health and well being.

          Cheers to you being an awesome pet parent!


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