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Sepsis in Dogs and Cats / Septicemia in Dogs and Cats / Bacterial Infections in Dogs and Cats

Sepsis / Septicemia / Bacterial Infection in dogs and cats.

Herbal nutrition to help address conditional needs related to sepsis and help address bacterial infections in dogs and cats. 

Nutrition plays a major role in skin and bone health. Healthy skin and bones are a result of a well-functioning, synchronized effort by the immune system, tissues and organs in the body, and plant botanicals provide skin support, help to maintain the skin’s ability to withstand and repair the effects of topical skin wounds, scars, burns, environmental exposure to toxins and bacterial antigens and microorganisms.  

Pet supplements for sepsis, septicemia and septic fever.

Sepsis, also commonly known as blood poisoning, septicemia and septic fever, is the result of an enduring and untreated bacterial infection. Common infections include E. coli or staphylococci. 

Sepsis occurs when a persistent bacteria is present in the blood of your dog or cat and becomes systemic and spreads throughout the body. Sepsis can produce abnormally low blood pressure, high body temperature and can lead to septic shock. Typically, a healthy immune system is able to eliminate an infectious agent but sepsis can be fatal. If treated early, recovery is possible.

Symptoms of Sepsis:



Lack of appetite




Tachycardia (rapid heart beat)


Darrhea (blood with mucus is common)

Breathing difficulties (when lungs are affected)

Heart murmur

Low blood pressure

Low blood sugar

Electrolyte imbalance

Pale gums

Gastrointestinal tract difficulties

Depression and hiding behavior

General state of weakness



Causes of sepsis include exposure to gram negative organisms and exposure to organisms that cause diseases in their hosts, such as E. coli. The primary concerns are related to electrolyte imbalances, low blood pressure, and shock.

Risk factors may include an existing health condition, such as diabetes mellitus, liver failure or kidney failure. Animals that are immuno-compromised are at risk for a bacterial infection as are pets with skin infections and urinary tract infections.

It is important to keep in mind that septicemia and bacteremia are not the same condition, although they share similarities. Sepsis and bacteremia may develop slowly or suddenly depending on how a pet’s body manages a generalized infection.

Signs and symptoms may vary, or they may involve many different organ systems, including the cardiovascular system. Symptoms are often confused with other immune-regulated diseases and usually begin in the gastrointestinal tract.

Clinical symptoms are often more severe when the organisms involved are gram-negative organisms, which are more likely to cause diseases in the dog.

Other suggestions:

Feed your pet a high quality, all natural diet that is free of additives, preservatives and colorants

Ensure that your pet always has fresh, clean water available

Exercise your pet regularly -

Use stainless steel food and water bowls instead of plastic – and always wash bowls thoroughly with warm, soapy water

Keep your pet’s living clean, dry and regularly disinfected

Incorporate immune-building supplements into your dog or cat’s diet to boost their immune system

Always disinfect cuts or scrapes to avoid further infection

Detox your pet regularly to eliminate unwanted toxins

Visit your annually for a check-up

Avoid situations overcrowded with other animals such as boarding facilities, dog or cat shows

Herbal Nutrition: (listed in order of preference as suggested by holistic vets - human grade meets/exceeds pet industry safety standards)

Herbal and marine treatments are used to help treat bacterial infections, to help cleanse the blood of infection, toxins and other impurities, to help soothe inflamed and irritated skin, to help treat abscess, to help promote a healthy immune system, to help cleanse and heal cuts, scrapes and irritations of all kinds, to help reduce the risk of infection and to treat the presence of all types of skin eruptions and bacterial infections.

Seal ‘Em & Heal ‘Em – (learn more) LIQUID  POWDER  CAPSULES  helps promotes healing for all types of wounds, including hot spots, abrasions, bites, cuts, scrapes, skin irritations, infections, viruses, bacteria, fungi, germs, bleeding & hemorrhaging conditions; for holistic use for ulcers, GERD, esophaghitis & other degenerative conditions of the larynx, throat & nerves; helps provide cellular support of tissue, skin & coat; for gastrointestinal distress; as a neurasthenic that blocks the activation of nerve fibers & tissue response to inflammation, nerve & joint pain and pain associated with wounds and injury; may help remove plague and tartar upon application to help support healthy teeth and gums; helps support the  body's tissue repair mechanism to stop mutations (important in the treatment of all types of Lyme disease, including Lyme borealis, burgdorferi, borreliosis & Chronic Lyme disease (CLD); and; documented anesthetic, anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-viral, antidysenteric, antifungal, antihemorrhagic, antileukemic, antioxidant, antiseptic, antitumorous,  neurasthenic and vulnerary (wound healer); used holistically for all types of Herpes virus, for DNA and RNA viruses; used holistically to address respiratory viruses A and B (RSV) and influenza virus A (FLU-A) and para-influenza (PIV); inhibits bacterial and microbial skin fungus infections related to Staphylococcus aurous, S. epidermis and other gram negative bacteria such as enterobacteria, citrobacteria, salmonella;

First Aid & Wound Meal Topper for Dogs and Cats* - (learn more) is used holistically to help provide relief against external and internal infections (bacterial, fungal, viral and microbial), wounds, cuts, bites, hot spots, bruises, scrapes, abscess, cellulitis, allergic responses and more; as a hemostatic which may help stop bleeding on contact; may help promote collagen production, cellular repair and wound healing up to 30 times faster than without use; may help accelerate wound healing and combat infection; may be used internally or externally for bacterial, fungal and microbial infections as well as for its anti-inflammatory and pain-reducing properties; used holistically for its action on intestinal parasites, which are known to compromise immune health; may help as an adjunctive to help address acute and chronic diseases related to bacteria, germs, fungus and viruses, including retrovirus; cytomegalovirus; E. Coli; Staph; Bacillus subtilis, Coccidiomycosis, Cryptococcosis and DNA and RNA viruses and as a holistic adjunctive for cases of rabies.

I Want Liquid Immunity -  (learn more) contains water-soluble plant bioflavonoids that function as potent antioxidants which are important in disease prevention; used adjunctively for growth abnormalities such as tumors, cysts and lipomas (often related to poor diet, excessive medication, environmental toxicity as well as aberrant cellular mutations); provides antioxidant protection against free radicals; helps promote cellular health and to reduce catabolic waste; may help address symptoms related to allergies, Lyme disease and other auto immune diseases; provides nutritional, biochemical and plant botanical support of healthy immune cells; promotes optimal immune protection and systematic health and strength; supports bone, teeth and muscle health and integrity and for animals that need extra joint, immune, circulatory and vascular support. Strongly anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-mutagenic.

Hepa Protect – (learn more) may help support proper liver function and metabolism, bile production and flow, ma help rehabilitate the performance, health and repair of the liver, kidneys, bladder and gall bladder, may help rehabilitate and detoxify the kidneys and liver; tones and balances the connective tissue of the liver, kidneys and bladder, normalizes liver enzyme levels, regulates kidney acid/alkaline levels, for all types of stones and gravel of the liver, kidneys, bladder and gallbladder, including oxalate and struvite crystals and stones; reduces uric acid, for gall bladder inflammation, gall stones and gallbladder infections, for renal colic and renal calculi; helps to protect red blood cell formation, useful in diseases such as ehrlichia, ehrlichiosis

Love Your Liver - (learn more) promotes the performance, health and repair of the liver, kidneys and bladder; adaptogen content may help identify cellular dysfunction and nutritionally work to restore liver health; may help facilitate liver cell regeneration and may promote renal and digestive excretion; may help provide protection and detoxification from insecticides, toxins, vaccinations, a diet which contains fillers, preservatives and chemicals; may help address anemia due to iron content; may help relieve symptoms such as pressure, stomach pain, nausea, vomiting and flatulence; may help regulate kidney acid/alkaline levels; used holistically for hepatic lipidosis, Fatty Liver Disease (FLD),  Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD), Feline Urological Syndrome (FUS) and Feline cholangiohepatitis.



Conventional Remedies:

A complete blood profile, including a chemical blood profile, a complete blood count, and a urinalysis will be conducted. Your vet will rule out other diseases, and will likely schedule an x-ray for signs of internal abscess.

Diseases that provoke similar symptoms may include immune-mediated diseases such as thyroidits or lupus.

Prompt diagnosis and aggressive treatment is crucial to save the animal’s life. Infections can complicate the diagnosis and your pet may be susceptible to developing an abscess from an infected wound under the skin.

Medications that may help improve the outcome include antibiotics, antimicrobials, and specialized antibiotics that work specifically on this type of infection (as opposed to routine antibiotics).

Nutritional support can dramatically improve the health of an animal with sepsis and bacteremia. If your pet cannot eat, an intravenous feeding tube will stabilize your dog or cat.

A high mortality rate is associated with sepsis. If you suspect your pet has sepsis, it is a medical emergency and you must contact your vet immediately.



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