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Heart Palpitations in Dogs and Cats / Canine Heart Palpitations / Feline Heart Palpitations

Heart Palpitations in Dogs and Cats

Herbal nutrition to help address symptoms of heart palpitations in dogs and cats.

The heart is at the center of the cardiovascular system providing nutritional support to the cardiovascular, circulatory, digestive, immune and excretory systems and other organs including the liver and kidneys. Plant and marine nutrition may help support optimal cardiac function, muscle cell healing and muscle cell regeneration, all are which critical in any case of heart dysfunction.

Heart palpitations has multiple causes including illness, hormones, electrolyte imbalance or an unknown, idiopathic cause such as a short circuit in the heart.

There are many kinds and causes of heart palpitations. The heart is controlled by a complex electrical system made up of circuits. If the electrical system has a short circuit or a blocked circuit, the heart beat cat change unexpectedly and unpredictably, creating an irregular heartbeat.

There are also several physiological problems that may cause temporary heart palpitations, including anxiety, fear, fever, pain, lung disease, gastrointestinal system disease, and hormonal or electrolyte imbalance.

There are different forms of heart palpitations, including:

Bradycardia (slow heart beat)

A common form of heart arrhythmia, Bradycardia is a slower than normal heartbeat. A slower heartbeat means there is a slower blood flow that reduces the amount of oxygen in your pet’s body. With less oxygen your dog or cat will act lethargic and may appear tired.

Weakness will increase as the condition worsens. Less oxygen also affects the brain causing your dog to act dizzy or sometimes confused. The reduced levels of oxygen could also lead to fainting and collapse.

This condition is diagnosed if a large animal’s heartbeat at rest is below 60 beats per minute and in a small animal the heartbeat is less than 80 beats per minute. This disease is sometimes attributed and misdiagnosed as a pet getting older instead of an issue with their heartbeat.

Tachycardia’s (Racing heart beat)

This condition is usually detected during a veterinarian check up. Your dog or cat may display not symptoms. In more several cases your dog or cat could appear weak and lethargic. If the heartbeat remains high for a long period of time, your pet could suffer from heart tissue damage and heart failure due to liquid build-up in the lungs.

Herbal Nutrition - (listed in order of relevance and recommendation by holistic vets - human grade meets/exceeds highest safety criteria for pets)

Herbal remedies can be used to help balance heart rate and to help reduce heart palpitations, as stand alone therapies or as adjunctive additions to conventional therapies for varying form of heart dysfunction, depending on the health and wellness of your animal. Herbal remedies have been used for millennia as a cardio tonic, to help improve the heart and circulatory systems, including healthy circulation and strong blood vessels, to help support healthy blood pressure, to help healthy arterial wall and cell health, to help support healthy arterial blood pressure health, to help increase or reduce blood volume and flow as needed, and for their general and nutritional benefits to the heart, circulatory and nervous systems.

Serenity Zen Dog & Cat - (learn more) is used for its multi-level nutritional and plant botanical support that works on all animal body systems to help soothe, relax, calm, balance and provide pain relief to nerves and muscles (Adrenal, Cardiovascular, Digestive, Excretory, Respiratory, Autonomic and Central Nervous Systems); may be useful for stress, anxiety and behavioral disorders; may be helpful in reducing the effects of allergies, digestive colic, storms, fireworks, travel, boarding, vet visits, separation, restlessness, irritability, depression, hyper-excitability, aggression, sadness and fear; to help address and reduce pain; to help maintain normal electrical balance in the brain, to reduce neuro inflammation,  and to modulate inflammatory response throughout the animal body.

Soothed & Serene  – (learn more) is used to relax and calm all bodily systems of an anxious animal, particularly the Central, Autonomic, Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Nervous Systems, as well as for its positive effects to relax the endocrine, cardiovascular, digestive, excretory & respiratory systems; used holistically to help soothe animals exhibiting all types of  destructive behavior due to anxiety, fear, grief, separation, pain, illness, allergies, aggression, socialization issues, electrical and thunder storms due to its calming, mildly sedative, nervine effects and alternative to benzodiazepine drugs; as a nutritive to help bridge nutritional deficiencies and relieve irregularity in bodily systems;  helps restore emotional balance, promotes comfort, relaxation, balanced mood and feelings of security; helps protect the blood brain barrier, important in preventing plaque buildup in the brain related to cognitive decline and as a stroke preventative. 

That’s A Nice Looking Bone – (learn more) used holistically to help address all types of Heart Disease (Cardiomyopathy, Valvular Heart Disease, Congestive Heart Disease), for all types of arthritis, osteoporosis, Degenerative Joint Disease and Intervertebral Disk Disease; for its genistein and daidzein isoflavone content which has a stimulatory effect on osteoblastic bone formation and an inhibitory effect on osteoclastic bone resorption; for its plant actions to help support bone mineral density, potentially increasing bone mass; for its ability to help restore lost cartilage and bone deterioration and to provide nutritional support for joints, muscles and tissue; for its nutritive content to address mineral deficiency; to help support veins and arteries and to help increase vascular elasticity; for its oestradiol compounds which may help address urinary incontinence.

Kick Start My Heart  (learn more)  is used holistically as a cardio tonic to help address symptoms related to all types of Heart Disease once diagnosed, including Cardiomyopathy, Valvular Heart Disease, Congestive Heart Disease; may help to improve the heart and circulatory systems by strengthening heart muscles and blood flow throughout the body; may help to reduce the risk of heart disease by maintaining heart health, including muscle and cell healing and support of cell walls and arterial blood pressure, for all parts of the body including the brain; may help to protect cell walls and to support strong blood vessels; may help to support the strength of veins and arteries and as a cognitive tonic; may help to stimulate alpha brain waves, critical to heart function; and for its overall toning effects on the heart, circulatory and nervous systems. 

Conventional Remedies:

Your vet will listen to your pet’s heart rate, and will likely conduct an electrocardiogram to measure the electric patterns in the heart. Your vet may have your dog or cat wear a device that records its heartbeat.

Your vet will likely recommend a drug to regulate the heart muscle and the amount of liquid that may build up around the heart, including beta-blockers, calcium channel blockers, digoxin, or atropine.

There is a new treatment called Electrophysiology Study and Radio frequency Catheter Ablation. This can be a cure for heart beat problems and is a surgical procedure. Dogs that have the procedure done can often go off other heart medicines. Another expensive approach is the use of a canine pacemaker. 


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