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Shedding / Excessive Shedding in Dogs and Cats

Shedding / Excessive Shedding in Dogs and Cats

Herbal nutrition to help address and reduce excessive hair loss and natural shedding in dogs and cats.

Nutrition plays a major role in skin and bone health. Healthy skin and bones are a result of a balanced immune system, which in turns, impacts the liver, kidneys, skin and coat and well as other tissues and organs in the body. Premium nutrition also provides necessary natural antibiotics, proteins, co-enzymes and trace minerals that help support the skin, help promote the skin’s ability to repair wounds, environmental exposure to toxins, allergens and infections and microorganisms, bacterial, fungal and viral in nature.

Shedding is common to dogs and cats, but excessive shedding, also known as alopecia (hair loss) is a condition that indicates imbalance in the animal body. Day to day shedding and seasonal hair loss in your dog and cat is normal, especially in the spring and fall, as seasonal changes occur. But if your pet's hair is thinning so much that the skin becomes visible, it is not normal. Excessive shedding may be triggered by many causes and can cause partial and localized hair loss or complete and generalized in several areas of your pet's body.

An animal’s hair protects the skin from the weather, providing warmth in cold months and preventing warm air from reaching the skin in warm months. In cases of excessive shedding, an animal's skin and coat become vulnerable to the elements.

Shedding is a natural process that is affected by seasonal and temperature changes, your cat’s age and diet. In many cases, shedding is caused by a variety of skin problems, all of which can make an animal itch, and the incessant scratching, chewing, and licking cycle can lead to hair loss.

The first issue to address is diet. Feeding a raw, home cooked or holistic, premium diet is recommended because it is likely to be rich in nutrients and minerals. Poor quality or inappropriate diets (such as foods that contain corn, wheat, soy, colorants and other chemical additives) can affect your pet's digestive system and leaving them short on vital nutrition. This in turn contributes to unhealthy skin and coat and results in excessive shedding.

Common causes for excessive shedding: 

Allergies (atopic dermatitis, flea bite allergies, or food allergies)

Hot spots

Skin rash

Lack of nutrition in diet 


Bacterial infection

Undiagnosed illness

Demodectic mange

Alopecia caused by malnutrition tends to be generalized, affecting the whole body of your dog or cat. New coat and skin health requires a lot of nutrients and protein to grow and replace old, dead hair. A lack of required nutrients can result in brittle and weak hair, as well as thin hair growth. Poor nutrition can be caused by low-quality foods as well as poor absorption of nutrients, or internal parasites such as worms.

Helpful sugggestions:

Adding in an Omega 3 and trace minerals, vitamins, amino acids, enzymes and healthy fatty acids may help deliver the nutritional resources that your pet is lacking. 

Regular baths. Your pet may protest, but regularly washing your pet can help remove oil and hair build up that regular grooming may not remove. Use a dog or cat specific shampoo as human shampoos and conditioners can irritate your pet's skin , making the problem worse.

Regular brushing. Although your pet likely keeps busy grooming its coat, regular brushing can help lift heavy undercoat your pet may be unable to reach. 

Herbal Nutrition - (listed in order of relevance and recommendation by holistic vets - human grade meets/exceeds highest safety criteria for pets)

Herbal and marine remedies are used to help provide nutritional support to help improve and repair skin and coat conditions, to nutritionally provide vital nutrients and minerals your pet's diet may be lacking, to help reduce and limit shedding, to help support hair follicle strength and a healthy coat, to help cleanse and detoxify the blood of toxins, to help limit hair loss and to reduce stress and anxiety in dogs and cats.   

Body Bliss – (learn more) is used holistically as a plant based, full spectrum Omega 3; for its anti-inflammatory, auto-immune, antioxidant and free radical scavenging (disease preventive) actions; for its heart and brain healthy effects; as a potential heart and blood vessel disease preventive; for its essential fatty acid content which may help to prevent blood clots (thrombus) and may provide critical neuro support for brain health; to help address myocardial infraction and cerebral apoplexy; for its effects to lubricate mucous membranes found throughout the body; may help address symptoms of Crohn’s disease, disseminated sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis, for its nutritive content which may help to nourish the body and strengthen and revitalize skin; for its nutritional value to help protect and promote bone, eye, teeth, joint, ligaments and connective tissue health while keeping your pet's coat healthy and glowing, from the inside out.

Love Your Liver - (learn more) promotes the performance, health and repair of the liver, kidneys and bladder; helps repair cellular dysfunction related to the liver; helps facilitate renal and digestive excretions,; helps provide protection and detoxification from insecticides, toxins, vaccinations, an inappropriate diet and an excess of food; helps relieve symptoms such as pressure, stomach pain, nausea, vomiting and flatulence; helps regulate kidney acid/alkaline levels, for hepatic lipidosis, Fatty Liver Disease (FLD),  Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD), Feline Urological Syndrome (FUS) and Feline cholangiohepatitis.

Yelp for Kelp - (learn more) provides critical vitamins, amino and fatty acids and trace macro and micronutrient support for the endocrine system, to energize the body, for building and toning enzymes, tissues, hormones and bones, for enhancing natural cleansing and detoxification, to help nutritionally support a balanced immune system; to help support healthy skin and coat;  to help balance digestion; as an osteoporosis preventative, to promote immunity and for metabolic disorders, including the thyroid gland and other glands and tissues that affect the thyroid, for thyroid disorders, to cleanse the lymphatic system, to maintain healthy levels of TSH, T3 and T4, and for metabolic disorders.

Bionic Body – (learn more) is used holistically for its adaptogenic (read, repair and restore functions) for its immune boosting and anti-inflammatory support; as an antioxidant and for its free radical scavenging (disease preventing) actions; for its nutritive content which may help to nourish the body and strengthen and revitalize bones, eye, teeth, skin and coat; works to stimulate collagen production, a primary building material of bones; may help prevent dental disease; for its plant actions to help strengthen bones, cartilage, joints, muscles, connective tissues & blood vessels & helps to reduce joint inflammation, while activating a cartilage-protective biochemical, potentially helping to preserve healthy cartilage in aging joint; for its anti-allergen natural plant chemicals which may help to fight off allergies and infections; for its prebiotic and probiotic content to help support native gut flora and healthy digestion.

Skin & Coat Starter Pack – (learn more) is a convenient and easy way to help address skin and coat problems as well as to help nutritionally boost skin and coat health in dogs and cats; may help stimulate collagen production and cellular repair; may help support your pet’s natural defense mechanism and provide a solid nutritional foundation for all body systems; adaptogenic plants may help identify dysfunction in the body and nutritionally works to restore balance, while building immunity, fighting infection and helping limit inflammation, so your pet can enjoy whole body wellness; may help promote hair growth and follicle strength and may nutritionally soothe hot spots and other skin and coat disorders; may help limit shedding and may help reduce skin and coat allergen triggers.

Conventional Remedies:

The most important thing to remember is that shedding and hair loss in dogs and cats is an indication that the pet is likely to be suffering from some health problem. Have your dog and cat checked annually and more often in cases of irregularities in health, such as excessive shedding to help determine the underling cause.  



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