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Gout in Dogs / Gout in Cats

Gout in Dogs / Gout in Cats

Herbal nutrition to help address symptoms of gout in dogs and cats.

Natura Petz Organics supplements to help address gout in dogs gout in cats

Your pet's nutrition has a direct impact on bone, teeth and skin and coat health as well as impacts the immune system, which is your pet's main health driver. Plant botanicals and plant adaptogens may help provide critical nutritional supports which may help boost or balance immunity as needed, they may help counteract the effects of free radical damage to your pet's body, may help prevent disease and help repair exposure to toxins, bacteria, viruses, antigens, pathogens, microorganisms and skin wounds by maintaining proper liver, adrenal, immune, and intestinal function. 

Plant nutrients may also protect the skin and connective tissues in the joints, may help reduce inflammation in the joints, acidify urine,may help improve immune function and may build resistance to allergies, autoimmune disorders, irregular growths and more.

Nutrition can dramatically affect immunity. A healthy immune system is powerful and tasked to support normal, balanced function. The immune system is not intended to be suppressed or stimulated.  But even an animal with a highly developed immune system can experience dysfunction or failure. In cases of dysfunction, an animal body requires whole body systemic support. If your pet’s immune system is weakened, every bodily system is at risk for disease. 

Gout is an imbalance in the animal body to assimilate calcium properly (and may include other minerals) to convert uric acid into allantoin. The accumulation of excessive uric acid levels and abnormal calcium deposits usually occur in the paws and toes, but It can also accumulate in one of more areas of the body, including the elbows, neck, tongue and ears. 

Gout can also form uric acid stones or crystals in the kidneys and bladder. Although less common, gout can also cause lesions and ulcerations in the stomach and can be linked to liver dysfunction, diabetes, kidney disease and hip dysplasia.

Common symptoms of gout include:  

Painful walk or gait

Lumps in the paw or toes

Stiff, painful joints

Bleeding in the paw or toes

Chalky white substance oozing out of lesions

Bloody urine

Frequent urinating in small amounts

Gritty urine

Lumps on the neck


Behavioral changes

Mood change

There are many forms of gout. One form of gout is related to Cushing’s disease. Animals can suffer from gout without presenting the typical symptoms associated with Cushing's, which tend to include a swollen abdomen, hematoma, bruising, and hair and coat loss (alopecia). 

Gout can present in two forms: hyperadrenocorticism or hyperglucocorticoidism.

When gout affects the skin, it is known as calcified skin, or Cacinosis Cutis, and normally appears on the ears and cheeks. Cacinosis Cutis is usually not cancerous, and most commonly affects dogs, including Boxers and Boston Terriers. 

There are also crystal-related gout disorders, which affect the joints. Crystal-related gout is usually related to excess uric acid. It is known as psuedo gout, or calcium pyrophosphate-dihydrate disease as well as calcific periarthritis.  

Calcium deposits in the skin are not always related to gout. Calcium deposits can also result from injury, metabolic changes, or idiopathic, unknown causes, making diagnosis difficult. 

Gout affects dogs and cats, however, some dog breeds may have a greater genetic predisposition, including Dalmations, German Shepherds, Irish Wolfhounds, English Pointers, Rottweiler’s, and Labrador retrievers. 

Dalmatians, primarily males, are more predisposed to gout. Dalmatians diagnosed with gout should not use Vitamin B, Vitamin C or Brewer’s Yeast supplements as they are high in purine and may increase the likelihood of stone formation.

Herbal Nutrition - (listed in order of relevance and recommendation by holistic vets - human grade meets/exceeds highest safety criteria for pets)

Herbal nutrition may be effective in helping to relieve symptoms and conditions related to gout; may help reduce uric acid, may help work against cellular dysfunction which contributes to stone formation, may help limit abnormal growths, may help provide relief due to frequent urination, bladder discomfort, bladder and urinary infections, may help relieve incontinence and may help support bladder control in dogs and cats, may help improve bladder & urinary tract health due to its antibacterial and antiseptic properties, for the holistic treatment of severe cystitis, prostate problems and symptoms of burning urine, and may help reduce inflammation and strengthen the immune system.

Yelp for Kelp - (learn more) provides critical vitamins, amino and fatty acids and trace macro and micronutrient support for the endocrine system, to energize the body, for building and toning enzymes, tissues, hormones and bones, for enhancing natural cleansing and detoxification, to help nutritionally support a balanced immune system; to help support healthy skin and coat;  to help balance digestion; as an osteoporosis preventative, to promote immunity and for metabolic disorders, including the thyroid gland and other glands and tissues that affect the thyroid, for thyroid disorders, to cleanse the lymphatic system, to maintain healthy levels of TSH, T3 and T4, and for metabolic disorders.

Stix & Stones – (learn more) promotes improved kidney function, helps to treat urinary tract infections (bladder and kidney infections; for kidney and liver disease; tones and balances kidney, liver, intestine, pancreas, gall bladder function and health; reduces uric acid levels in urine; increases urination, blocks the formation of calcium crystals such as calcium oxalate and prevents them from entering kidney and bladder cells, provides pH modulation (urine pH balance); for urinary system disorders and pathologies and for hepatic insufficiency, helps to break up kidney, liver, gallbladder and bladder stones and gravel (active stones, crystals and as a preventative); helps to safely remove stones from the body. This product has been proven to be 94% effective at addressing urinary tract infections, and all types of stones, gravel, calculi and crystals in dogs and cats.

Break It Up  (learn more) helps to eliminate liver, kidney, bladder and gall stones, crystals, grains and gravel (calcium oxalate, struvite, uric acid, cystine, calcium phosphate and silica stones ) with less pain and safely removes them from the body; helps to treat bladder and kidney infections (urinary infections) and diseases, balances and normalizes liver enzyme levels, reduces uric acid and increases urination, for cystitis and prostatitis, infectious hepatitis and leptospirosis, Fatty Liver Disease, (hepatic lipidosis), Feline cholangiohepatitis, Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD), Feline Urological Syndrome (FUS), Feline Immunodeficiency Virus Infection (FIV), Leaky Gut Syndrome, Intestinal Dysbiosis and Intestinal Hypermerability. This product has been proven to be 90% effective at addressing urinary tract infections, stones, gravel, calculi and crystals in dogs and cats.

I AM A ROCK STAR - (learn more) may nutritionally help support and nourish the endocrine system; help support adrenal and thyroid gland health and response to stress and metabolic demand, help support proper HPA (Hypothalmic Pituitary and Adrenal) gland function, help support glandular ability to rebuild and regenerate, help promote hormonal balance, help regulate stress on liver, kidney and digestive functions by reducing thirst and excessive elimination, may help promote cognitive function and memory performance, may help balance blood sugar levels, may lend support to the pancreas in cases of dysfunction; for natural energy in all life stages of pets, but especially adult, senior and convalescing dogs and cats, may help increase muscle use, ability and stamina, may help provide anti-inflammatory and immune support, and may help maintain overall healthy adrenal, central nervous, digestive, immune and reproductive systems due to tonic, natural plant chemical functions.

Love Your Liver - (learn more) promotes the performance, health and repair of the liver, kidneys and bladder; helps repair cellular dysfunction related to the liver; helps facilitate renal and digestive excretions,; helps provide protection and detoxification from insecticides, toxins, vaccinations, an inappropriate diet and an excess of food; helps relieve symptoms such as pressure, stomach pain, nausea, vomiting and flatulence; helps regulate kidney acid/alkaline levels, for hepatic lipidosis, Fatty Liver Disease (FLD),  Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD), Feline Urological Syndrome (FUS) and Feline cholangiohepatitis.

Conventional Remedies:

Your veterinarian will likely prescribe Allopurinal for gout, which reduces the amount of uric acid in the blood but includes side effects such as cramping, vomiting and diarrhea.

For a natural, at home remedy, apple cider vinegar is sometimes recommended.



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