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Diuretics for Dogs and Cats

Diuretics for Dogs and Cats

Herbal remedies to help provide diuretic support to dogs and cats.

The immune system is a complex army of cells that are found throughout your pet’s body that provides a fortified defense against unwanted invaders. It is an intricate system that keeps your pet healthy and protects them against allergens, viruses, bacteria, microbes, parasites, toxins, foreign cells and cellular mutations (healthy cells which have mutated into irregular cells). The immune system is tasked with protecting EVERY cell in the animal body. 

Natural diuretics can be beneficial for your dog or cat as they may help promote improved kidney function as well as may help rid of toxins that have the potential to cause disease. However, because diuretics lower the amount of fluids in the body, they can deplete electrolyte balance (which can be dangerous) and can influence your pet's overall body’s balance. Please consult your vet before using diuretics for your dog or cat.

Any substance that helps the body to eliminate urine and get rid of excess fluids and salts is known as a diuretic. Diuretics can also cause increased perspiration and feces production. They cause the kidneys to excrete more sodium in the urine. Since the urine gets concentrated due to the increased sodium content, the body adds more water to the urine during the process of urine formation. 

Diuretics can be used for any disease where fluid can accumulate, and are most commonly used with heart and lung disease, but can also be used after a brain or bone injury. If your pet has congestive heart failure, diuretics are often the first drugs prescribed by a traditional vet. Other diseases where diuretics may be used include liver disease, certain kidney diseases, high blood pressure, arterial wall pressure or conditions where fluid or edema builds up in the tissues, even cancer.

Diuretics will typically cause a loss of retained fluid and certain electrolytes in the form of sodium and potassium. Diuretic use may result in weight loss well as lower blood pressure due to a drop in bodily fluids. Diuretics can cause mild dehydration, and in some cases, severe dehydration. It is important that your pet maintain fluid and electrolyte intake when using diuretics to avoid excessive thirst and more serious health problems.

Herbal Nutrition - (listed in order of relevance and recommendation by holistic vets - human grade meets/exceeds highest safety criteria for pets)

Herbal and marine treatments have been used effectively for millennia as natural diuretics, to help rid the body of unwanted and unhealthy toxins related to flea, tick and heart worm medications, vaccinations, steroids and antibiotics and toxins found in food, water and environment; to help maintain electrolyte balance in the body; to help ease water retention and bloating; to help soothe the digestive tract and excretory system; to help tone and strengthen the bladder and kidneys; to help act as an anti-inflammatory and immune builder; to help nutritionally support the liver, kidneys and help tone the lymphatic and excretory systems.

Stix & Stones – (learn more) promotes improved kidney function, helps to treat urinary tract infections (bladder and kidney infections; for kidney and liver disease; tones and balances kidney, liver, intestine, pancreas, gall bladder function and health; reduces uric acid levels in urine; increases urination, blocks the formation of calcium crystals such as calcium oxalate and prevents them from entering kidney and bladder cells, provides pH modulation (urine pH balance); for urinary system disorders and pathologies and for hepatic insufficiency, helps to break up kidney, liver, gallbladder and bladder stones and gravel (active stones, crystals and as a preventative); helps to safely remove stones from the body. This product has been proven to be 94% effective at addressing urinary tract infections, and all types of stones, gravel, calculi and crystals in dogs and cats.

Easy Flow – (learn more) helps support circulatory and lymphatic function to aid in toxin elimination in the body; encourages blood flow to remove waste products from the body which may help promote cardiac and circulatory function and may help reduce the risk of heart disease by maintaining hearth health; supports the strength of veins, arteries, heart, muscle cell healing and regeneration, for hypertension; supports healthy blood circulation to the brain; may help address symptoms of  varicose veins, aching joints and heavy, swollen legs; may help address symptoms of degenerative diseases including arteriosclerosis and atherosclerosis, Heart Disease, Congestive Heart Disease, Cardiomyopathy, Valvular Heart Disease, Endocardiosis, Ischemic Heart Disease, Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy by toning the cardiovascular system; may help fight infections related to heart; for mild heart arrhythmias and as a stroke preventative.

Urinary Tract Infection Meal Topper  – (learn more) Organic Urinary Tract Infection may nutritionally help support healthy kidney function and its natural plant adaptogen content may help identify the source of the urinary tract infection at a cellular level and nutritionally work to help restore balance in the bladder, kidneys and ureters; may help moderate cortisol and calcium levels in the blood; may help normalize pH levels toward balance (neither acidic or alkaline); may work to help limit all types of future urinary tract infections (UTI's) and stone formation and crystal formation by blocking their formation in the kidneys and bladder (i.e. calcium oxalate stones from acidic urine; struvite stones from alkaline urine); may help address and break up commonly occurring stone formation related to kidney, liver, gallbladder and bladder stones, gravel, crystals and calculi; adaptogen content helps carry out reparative actions against cellular dysfunction that allows stones to form by helping to block unwanted material from entering kidney cells and supporting their safe elimination in the urinary tract; suitable for all life stages of dogs and cats.

Digestion Starter Pack – (learn more) contains prebiotics and probiotics to help maintain native gut flora and support healthy digestion and a healthy digestive tract; containing adaptogens which are specialized, healthy natural plant chemicals, able to identify digestive disorders and works to nutritionally correct digestive upset; adaptogen content  may help correct bladder, kidney and upper and lower urinary tract infections; natural antioxidants and plant steroids help fight stomach infections and limit stomach inflammation; soothes stomach upset, supports proper elimination and nutritionally supports balanced immune health.

Conventional Remedies:

Common diuretics include thiazide diuretics (hydrochlorothiazide), loop diuretics (Furosemide), and potassium sparing diuretics (Spironolactone).




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