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Collagen Production in Dogs & Cats / Why Collagen Production Is Vital to Bone Health in Pets

Natura Petz Organics collagen building supplements for dogs and cats

Collagen Production in Dogs and Cats

Herbal and marine remedies to help promote collagen production and to help promote strength in connective tissue and bone health in dogs and cats.

Nutrition plays a pivotal role in not only skin and coat health but it also affects all cells, tissues, organs and ultimately, the health of every body systems in your dog and cat, especially related to immune balance and the digestion and elimination health of your pet. 

Collagen production is critical to the integrity of your pet's skeletal system over its lifetime. Collagen is the building block of bones and literally builds the framework for bone mass, bone strength, as well as cartilage, joints and joint health, muscles, connective tissues and blood vessels.

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Natural plant and marine extracts contain multiple healthy natural plant chemicals such as vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, C, selenium, calcium, protein, serine, thiamin, valine, taurine, mixed carotenoids (including lutein, astaxanthin and zeaxanthin); resveratrol, glucose, potassium, phosphorous, iron, plus the amino acids serine, valine and leucine; co-factor enzymes, terpenes alpha-pinene and d-limonene and flavonoids, which have been attributed with stimulating up to 30% of cartilage loss and which may combine naturally and synergistically to help ensure maximum utilization and absorption of nutrients in your pet's body as well as may help support bone re-mineralization and help nourish lost bone density. 

Collagen forms the rods that give actual structure and strength to every bone in your pet's body, which is required to sustain and nourish the health and strength of your pet's skeletal structure over its lifetime. Collagen production can become even more important in cases of arthritis, bone loss (bone resportion) and joint diseases, such as Intervertebral Disk Disease and Degenerative Joint Disease.

Collagen products also help stimulate the connective tissues that promotes eye and teeth strength and health. How important is this process? Collagen production is the primary building material of bones, ligament, tendons and parts of your pet's bones, including the delicate tissues that support eye health

Additionally, natural plant chemicals supply primary and secondary metabolites that nourish your pet's body as well as may help provide an important weapon in your dog's and cat's immune system arsenal against bacteria and viruses, may help fight against infection, allergies and irregular cell activity potentially related to tumors, lipomas, etc. 

Herbal Nutrition - (listed in order of relevance and recommendation by holistic vets - human grade meets/exceeds highest safety criteria for pets)

Herbal and marine treatments are used to help address inflammation of skin tissues and structures in the body, to help stimulate collagen production and to help strengthen connective tissue, bones, cartilage, tendons and muscles, which is vital when bone loss and joint conditions such as arthritis are present, may help limit bone reabsorption, may help promote wound healing, to help holistically treat pain and injuries as well as chronic skin conditions, and are used to help reduce inflammation and for their natural plant chemicals to work against infection.

All Shins & Grins – (learn more) support the skin’s ability to withstand environmental toxin, antigen and microorganism exposure due to its Vitamin C and antioxidant content; stimulates collagen production which directly affects bone mass, bone strength, cartilage, joints, muscles, connective tissues and blood vessels (important for cases of arthritis); for its critical carotenoid content to help nourish eye and teeth health (important for eye health and eye diseases including macular degeneration plus collagen production may promote strong teeth and dental disease); promotes optimal immune response; promotes strong teeth, bone, skin and coat; may help reduces allergic (acute and chronic) skin reactions and irritations, hot spots and soothes itchy skin and coat in dogs and cats; may work  to cut recovery time and prevent recurring infections and provides general mood support; may help fight infection in the animal body.

Joint Ease Super Dog & Cat – (learn more) contains a synergistic blend of plant and marine extract adaptogens that help promote preventative and reparative support to rebuild tissue, joints, bones and muscles; supports balanced immunity and limits whole body inflammatory response while promoting systemic healing and balanced immunity; as a holistic, natural treatment for rheumatism; for arthritis, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, rheumatism, Degenerative Joint Disease (DJD), Intervertebral Disk Disease (IDD), Degenerative Myelopathy, arthrosis and related inflammation and pain; for muscle pains, strains, injuries and other degenerative joint related diseases; as a pain reliever for swelling and lack of mobility; for overall optimal health and function and as a natural alternative for tumors and cysts. Contains herbs and marine extracts recognized by the World Health Organization as some of the most important ingredients in the natural treatment of all forms of arthritis.

Joint Support Meal Topper – (learn more) contains natural glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM, vitamins, minerals, essential Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids including ETA (Eicosatetraenoic acids), EPA  (Eicosapentaenoic acid), DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) and GLA (Gamma-liolenic acid); amino acids, antioxidants, super foods, adaptogens and digestive enzymes, which may nutritionally and synergistically combine to help support joint problems related to degenerative tissue decline and bone loss; may help support the cartilage matrix; may help promote smooth, unrestricted joint movement and flexibility in the skeletal system; may help address sore, aching joints and help limit inflammation related to all symptoms of arthritis; loss of synovial tissue and reduced collage production; may help promote healthy, strong muscles, joints and bones; may stimulate synovial fluid and promote cellular repair; nutritionally content may help promote balanced immune health; safe for all life stages of dogs and cats.

Bionic Body – (learn more) is used holistically for its adaptogenic (read, repair and restore functions) for its immune boosting and anti-inflammatory support; strongly antioxidant and free radical scavenging (disease preventing) actions; for its nutritive Vitamin C content which may help to nourish the body and strengthen and revitalize bones, eye, teeth, skin and coat; ); for its critical carotenoid content to help nourish eye and teeth health (important for eye health and eye diseases including macular degeneration plus collagen production may promote strong teeth and dental disease); adaptogens and natural phytochemicals work to stimulate collagen production, a primary building material of bones; may help prevent dental disease; for its plant actions to help strengthen bones, cartilage, joints, muscles, sheath surrounding nerves and muscles, connective tissues & blood vessels & helps to reduce joint inflammation, while activating a cartilage-protective biochemical, potentially helping to preserve healthy cartilage in aging joint; for its anti-allergen natural plant chemicals which may help to fight off allergies and infections; for its prebiotic and probiotic content to help support native gut flora and healthy digestion.

Camu Camu - The Petz Kitchen provides a whole food, human grade extract, premium antioxidant, super food, water soluble and fat soluble super berry plus super vitamin and super mineral nutritional powerhouse, which may help your pet's body manage a variety of critical functions, including to potentially help stimulate collagen production due to its strongly antioxidant proanthocyanins, flavonoid and glycosaminoglycans (GAG's) content, which may work to help directly build bone mass, bone strength, bone mineral density, cartilage, joints and joint health, muscles, connective tissues, blood vessels, teeth and eye tissue health

Vitamin Ninja – (learn more) is used holistically as a super food, nutritive, adaptogen and multi-vitamin blend, containing spirulina and camu camu, which may help fight oxidative damage; may help promote a happy mood; may promote heart health by lowering lipids in the blood, may help support immunity and may help prevent disease in dogs and cats; may help stimulate collagen production due to its antioxidant proanthocyanins, flavonoid and glycosaminoglycan’s content, which directly affects bone mass, bone strength, cartilage, joints and joint health, muscles, connective tissues and blood vessel support as well as may help to promote the strength and health of the eyes and teeth;  may help sustain and nourish the skeletal structure of your pet over its lifetime and may be important in cases of arthritis, bone loss and joint diseases, such as Intervertebral Disk Disease and Degenerative Joint Disease.


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