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Herbal remedies to help counteract aging, balance hormones, provide energy and vitality support in dogs and cats.

The immune system is a complex array of cells that are found throughout the body, designed to function in conjunction with one another to provide a fortified defense against unwanted invaders, as well as to provide a multidimensional approach of nutritional factors directed at facilitating normal function and is not intended to be suppressive or stimulating, but in cases of dysfunction, requires whole body systemic support.

Plant and marine extracts can benefit aging and convalescing pets by supporting immunity, reducing susceptibility to infection, aches and pain and to help prevent recurring and degenerative conditions.  Because our dogs and cats age differently, some breeds and sizes of animals present symptoms of age earlier than others.  

Cats tend to live longer than dogs, with an average lifespan of 16 years. A dog’s age is typically calculated in human years, in a 1 to 7 ratio. Large breed dogs or larger cats tend to show signs of aging earlier than smaller animals and are considered senior between 7 to 10 years. Small breed dogs are considered old between the age of 9 to 12 years, and medium dogs between 9 to 11 years.

As our pets age, they usually manifest the same physical and behavioral changes as humans do and are beset by the same degenerative diseases and conditions such as muscle and joint pain, arthritis, heart and kidney disease, weight gain, diabetes, cancer, and skin, circulation, dental and eye problems. In many cases, disease can be delayed or prevented with supplementation throughout our pet’s lifetimes.

As your pet transitions from adulthood to senior status, you may notice reduced energy, appetite loss, weight gain or weight loss, stiffness, less interaction, confusion, difficulty in walking, loss of bladder and more frequent urination. Pay attention to these symptoms as it is valuable information as to which stage of the aging process your pet is experiencing.

One of the best systemic, life extending supports you can provide your dog or cat is to feed premium, holistic, grain free or human grade food. Suggested brands include Blue Buffalo, Evo, Merrick, Natural Balance, Taste of the Wild and Wellness varieties.

Herbal and Marine Remedies

Natural and holistic remedies can deliver symptomatic relief for the multiplicity of symptoms and illnesses that may affect your animal as it ages, strengthening the immune system and providing cellular support, normalizing cell function, delivering necessary nutrition, functioning as an anti-inflammatory, blood cleanser and body purifier and reducing joint and muscle aches, pain, wear and tear.

The Daily Paws – (learn more)is used as a multi-system nutritive for daily maintenance of all body systems to promote healthy skin and shiny, glossy coats due to its high mineral and vitamin content, and is used to maintain body temperature, (important in immuno-compromised animals), and for a multiplicity of conditions and diseases including for allergies, arthritis, cognitive disorder, cancer and for urinary disorders to alkalinize (higher Ph) acidic urine.

All Shins & Grins – (learn more) supports the skin’s ability to withstand environmental toxin, antigen and microorganism exposure due to its Vitamin C content, for its support to strengthen connective tissue, muscles and joints, for free radical scavenging effects on fibroid tumors and for its antioxidant protection, to reduce inflammation in the joints, to acidify urine and may build resistance to allergies, as well as improve immune function.

I Cell-Ebrate Life – (learn more) promotes healthy cell, connective tissue, skin and coat support and antioxidant protection, standardizes normal cell operation, encourages free radical scavenging of cysts and tumors, provides nutritional, biochemical and plant botanical support of healthy immune cells, optimal immune protection and systematic health and strength, supports bone, teeth and muscle health and integrity, for animals that need extra joint, immune, circulatory and vascular support.

Related Products:

I AM A ROCK STAR - (learn more) is used to help support adrenal glands to respond normally to stress and metabolic demand, to support glandular ability to rebuild and regenerate, to regulate stress on liver, kidney and digestive functions by reducing thirst and excessive elimination, to balance blood sugar levels, for natural energy in young and geriatric pets, to increase muscle use, ability and stamina and to provide anti-inflammatory and immune support.

Kick Start My Heart – (learn more) is used to reduce the risk of heart disease by maintaining heart health, supports the strength of veins and arteries, supports healthy blood circulation to the brain, promotes healthy energy levels, wellness and vitality, and supports overall systemic health, including encouraging blood flow to carry waste products out of the body. 

Dog & Cat Kryptonite - (learn more) is used to support hypothalamic-pituitary adrenal (HPA) function, to enable the body to respond normally to stress and metabolic demands while supporting the glands' ability to rebuild and regenerate, to support healthy energy levels and vitality, for lethargic, aging or convalescing animals, to regulate the organs which secrete hormones, including the pituitary, parotid, thyroid and adrenal glands, the pancreas, and the testes; to stimulate the hypothalamus, to support endocrine function and to support the central nervous, digestive, immune and reproductive systems. 

Conventional Remedies:

Regular holistic veterinarian visits are also important to assess your animal’s general health. Aging animals should receive a thorough physical examination, and geriatric testing which includes blood tests, ultrasound and EKG.  




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