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Urinary Tract Infection / UTI's in Dogs and Cats

Urinary Tract Infection / UTI's in Dogs and Cats

Herbal remedies to help reduce bladder and urinary tract problems and infections and to help prevent urine leaking in dogs and cats. 

Pet supplements to help treat urinary tract infections in dogs and cats.

In renal challenges, the bladder and kidneys not only need to be supported and rehabilitated but whole system support should be considered, including attention to the liver, cardiovascular system and autonomic nervous system.  

If your pet begins to have continual accidents indoors, it's likely time to explore the underlying problem that could be causing bladder loss. Bladder control problems are not necessarily related to age and temperament, and can be caused by chronic bladder and urinary tract infections.  

Urinary tract infections in pets occurs frequently, causing urination to be extremely painful and uncomfortable. These infections are caused by bacteria that enter the urethra (the tube connecting the bladder to the exterior of the body through which urine flows), bladder or any part of the urinary tract.

Bladder stones, underlying disease, overuse of medication, bladder tumors, bladder cancer or abnormalities of the urinary tract can also increase the likelihood of urinary tract infections. Urinary tract infections affect both dogs and cats, although they tend to be more common in cats.

Female cats and dogs experience more episodes of urinary tract infections because the urethra is shorter and broader than in males. If left untreated urinary tract infections can lead to more serious health complications such as kidney infections.

Small puppies and kittens do not have mature bladders and so accidents are likely to occur during potty training. Even a trained puppy might have the occasional accident as their bladders are only mature from about 6 months. If your perfectly house-trained pet starts urinating in the house, then you should consult your holistic veterinarian. 

Symptoms and signs of urinary tract infections include:

Straining to urinate

Urinating with pain

Licking of the genitals

Cloudy or blood urine

Urinating without passing much urine – only drops

Urinating in odd places


Loss of appetite 

Helpful Reminders/Suggestions:

When pets are feeling unwell or have symptoms of a bladder or kidney infection, they may urinate in an unusual place to get your attention. Urinary tract infections are painful and can become more serious if the kidneys are affected. Never ignore the message! 

Never punish your pet for an accident. There is always an underlying cause, even if that cause is poor house training.

Consider your pet's diet. If you are feeding a commercial kibble from a big box store, consider upgrading your pet's food to a grain free, premium food. Premium foods will likely not contain grains, fillers, meat by products, colorants, preservatives and other additives, all which can contribute to urinary tract infections.

If your pet’s bladder control issues are related to house training, remember to use plenty of positive reinforcement and rewards for the correct behavior, rather than punishment for the wrong behavior.

Reduced bladder control is a common symptom in aging pets, or those suffering from Alzheimer’s. Take your pets outside more often for “potty breaks” and reward them when they do urinate outside. For cats, you could try placing additional litter-trays around the house so that they are always readily available.

Herbal Products: (listed in order of relevance and recommendation by holistic vets for this disease or condition - human grade meets highest safety criteria for pets)

Herbal remedies have a long history of use for dogs and cats in the holistic treatment of bladder and kidney inflammation, infection and disordres; to help address urinary tract inflammation, disorders and infections such as bladder infection; for cystitis; to help address burning and straining during urination: to help increase bladder strength and for bladder control, weakness, paralysis of the muscles and nerves within the bladder; to help support bladder and urinary tract health health: to reduce incontinence, urine leakage and improved over all urinary health.

Stix & Stones – (learn more) promotes improved kidney function, helps to address symptoms of urinary tract infections (bladder and kidney infections; as a repairative and nutritional support for kidney and liver diseases; may help tone and balances kidney, liver, intestine, pancreas, gall bladder function and health; reduces uric acid levels in urine; may help increase urination, and adaptogenic plant acts may help block the formation of calcium crystals such as calcium oxalate and prevents them from entering kidney and bladder cells as well as may help interrupt chronic bladder and kidney inflammation and related infection cycles; may help modulate pH levels toward balanced (acidify urine pH balance); for urinary system disorders and pathologies and for hepatic insufficiency, helps to break up kidney, liver, gallbladder and bladder stones and gravel (active stones, crystals and as a preventative); helps to safely remove stones from the body. This product has been proven to be 94% effective at addressing urinary tract infections, and all types of stones, gravel, calculi and crystals in dogs and cats.

Urinary Tract Infection Meal Topper  – (learn more) Our organic Urinary Tract Infection Topper may nutritionally help reduce urinary tract inflammation; may help support healthy kidney function and its natural plant adaptogen content may help identify the source of the urinary tract infection at a cellular level and nutritionally work to help restore balance in the bladder, kidneys and ureters; may help moderate cortisol and calcium levels in the blood; may help normalize pH levels toward balance (neither acidic or alkaline); may work to help limit all types of future urinary tract infections (UTI's) and stone formation and crystal formation by blocking their formation in the kidneys and bladder (i.e. calcium oxalate stones from acidic urine; struvite stones from alkaline urine); may help address and break up commonly occurring stone formation related to kidney, liver, gallbladder and bladder stones, gravel, crystals and calculi; adaptogen content helps carry out reparative actions against cellular dysfunction that allows stones to form by helping to block unwanted material from entering kidney cells and supporting their safe elimination in the urinary tract; suitable for all life stages of dogs and cats.

Break It Up Meal Topper – (learn more) has been proven to break up to 94% of bladder stones, crystals, calculi and gravel within 2 weeks of use; may help address all types of stones, including liver, kidney, bladder and gall stones, gravel, crystals, grains and calculi, including calcium oxalate, struvite, uric acid, cystine, calcium phosphate and silica stones; adaptogen content may help work preventatively against future stone formation and urinary tract infection by helping to identify and nutritionally address cellular imbalances related to stone and infection cycles; adaptogen content may help address urinary tract infections, including chronic UTI’s by nutritionally helping identify and correct cellular imbalances and infection cycles; may help reduce the amount of cortisol and calcium produced in the urine and helps normalize pH levels in the animal body, which may be beneficial for dogs and cats suffering from chronic and episodic upper urinary tract and bladder infections and kidney infections; may help normalize liver enzyme levels, helps reduce uric acid, helps acidify urine and helps increase urination and may provide relief from prostatitis.

Tinkle Tonic – (learn more) helps address male specific issues of the urinary tract for dogs and cats, including may help address prostate disorders, help nutritionally support urinary tract and prostate health and help reduce prostrate symptoms including Prostatitis and Benign Hyperplasia Prostate disease (BHP), help promote prostate gland health, a healthy bladder, urinary tract and bowel movements, help soothe and reduce swollen and enlarged prostrate glands, help promote strong and healthy urine flow, relieve pain, discomfort and difficulty when urinating; for incomplete urination, increased frequency of urination or reduction in the volume of urine, help relieve painful and strained defecation, help increase circulation and strengthen the immune system; help nutritionally address urinary incontinence and weakened bladders.

Conventional Remedies:

The diagnosis of urinary tract infections are based on the symptoms, medical history and a physical examination. A urine test will be performed to check for a high ph balance, the presence of bacteria, crystals, red and white blood cells. Additional tests such as a urine culture, blood tests, x-rays and ultrasound may be performed if recurring infection occur or to determine the cause of underlying diseases or abnormalities.

Proper nutrition that contains all the essential nutrients, providing filtered, clean, fresh water, good hygiene, regular exercise and encouraging your pet to urinate can make a significant different to your pet’s urinary health.






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