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Toxascaris Leonina in Dogs / Toxascaris Leonina in Cats

Toxascaris Leonina / Roundworm  

Herbal treatments to help address conditional needs of de-worming and stomach bloating due to round worms in cats and dogs. 

The immune system is a complex array of cells that are found throughout the body, to provide a fortified defense against unwanted invaders, directed at facilitating normal function and is not intended to be suppressive or stimulating, but in cases of dysfunction, requires whole body systemic support.

Roundworms are common intestinal parasites that affect both cats and dogs. Most puppies and kittens are infected with roundworms at birth or within the first few months of life as the worms are often transmitted in the uterus or while nursing from their mothers.

These large, cylindrical and cream colored worms can grow as long as seven inches and can cause a number of unpleasant symptoms for your pet such as vomiting, diarrhea, poor nutrition and distended stomachs (often seen in puppies and kittens with a worm infestation) if they are left untreated.

Female roundworms can produce up to 100,000 eggs in a single day! The larvae are then passed in the stool and the embryonic worm develops within this larva in the outside environment.

In good conditions, it takes approximately 1 month for the egg to become infective and once at this stage they can remain infective for as long as a year! The infective egg is then picked up by your pet, usually in the course of normal grooming, and ingested. The second stage larvae is now in the intestine of your pet, from where it can migrate to other tissue areas of the body such as the lungs and liver where it can develop into a third stage larvae.

Once ready, the developed larvae burrow into the airway and up towards the throat where they are coughed up and swallowed and once again find themselves back in the intestine where they can hatch into worms. Note that in serious infestations, the presence of many larvae in the lungs and airways can cause a serious case of pneumonia. Once the mature worms are back in the intestines they can then start to mate and shed eggs, and so the cycle begins again.

As previously mentioned, the larvae can also migrate to the uterus of pregnant animals and as a result many kittens and puppies are infected with worm larvae before birth! However, if the mother is free of worms, then this would not occur.

Herbal Remedies:

Herbal remedies to help pull worms from tissues, cells and organs, to help prevent roundworm by building immunity against parasitic infestations, to help maintain skin health, to act as a digestive tonic and help rid the system of worms by promoting regular digestive cleansing, to help restore digestive health after parasitic infections, to help discourage pests and to act as natural parasite repellants, to help promote digestive, skin and immune health, detoxification and to help cleanse the blood and organs.

Shake Ur Groove Thing  (learn more) promotes healthy bowel function, purification, gentle parasitic detoxification and body clarification; waste and toxin removal, including pesticides, environmental toxins found inside and outside the home, chemicals related to flea and tick products and drugs regimens such as NSAID’s and synthetic glucosteriods and corticosteroids; helps remove inorganic synthetic and derivative compounds from an animal’s cell walls to help reduce toxic load in the body; also used for cramping, pain, constipation, gas and bloating; helps support a correct balance of native intestinal flora and helps calms the digestive system; promotes immune balance and helps to limit inflammation, which is important in disease prevention; used holistically for anal fissures, fistulas, hemorrhoids, food allergies and hypersensitivities and as a general skin support. 

Flea, Tick & Pest Defense Meal Topper for Dogs and Cats* - (learn more) is used as a natural insect repellent, insecticide and anti-parasitic, without harsh chemicals; natural plants creates a pH balance in the blood that naturally repels fleas, mosquitoes and ticks; may help address all types of bug, flea and tick bites and irritations; as a natural plant liquid “band aid, use may help heal and seal  and heals all types of wounds, abrasions, rashes, cuts, hot spots and infections, including bacterial, fungal, viral or microbial in origin; may help lessen and/or limit itching, inflammation and infection due it’s strongly anti-hemorrhagic, insecticide, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-microbial, anti-septic, antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, anti-histamine, larvacidal, anti-parasitic, vermifuge (removes worms from organs) and pain relieving plant actions; nutritional content may help boost immune health and may stimulate collagen production and cellular repair matrix of skin and coat; safe for all life stages dogs and cats.

Seal ‘Em & Heal ‘Em – (learn more) LIQUID  POWDER  CAPSULES  helps promotes healing for all types of wounds, including hot spots, abrasions, bites, cuts, scrapes, skin irritations, infections, viruses, bacteria, fungi, germs, bleeding & hemorrhaging conditions; for holistic use for ulcers, GERD, esophaghitis & other degenerative conditions of the larynx, throat & nerves; helps provide cellular support of tissue, skin & coat; for gastrointestinal distress; as a neurasthenic that blocks the activation of nerve fibers & tissue response to inflammation, nerve & joint pain and pain associated with wounds and injury; may help remove plague and tartar upon application to help support healthy teeth and gums; helps support the  body's tissue repair mechanism to stop mutations (important in the treatment of all types of Lyme disease, including Lyme borealis, burgdorferi, borreliosis & Chronic Lyme disease (CLD); and; documented anesthetic, anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-viral, antidysenteric, antifungal, antihemorrhagic, antileukemic, antioxidant, antiseptic, antitumorous,  neurasthenic and vulnerary (wound healer); used holistically for all types of Herpes virus, for DNA and RNA viruses; used holistically to address respiratory viruses A and B (RSV) and influenza virus A (FLU-A) and para-influenza (PIV); inhibits bacterial and microbial skin fungus infections related to Staphylococcus aurous, S. epidermis and other gram negative bacteria such as enterobacteria, citrobacteria and salmonella.

Get Well Soon  (learn more) is used holistically as an immune booster, an adjunctive cytotoxic therapy for cancer cells and as a complementary therapy in anti-cancer protocols due to its active content of Annonaceous acetogenins, for its studied anti-tumorous natural plant chemicals (slows growth), and potential anti-cancerous activity (inhibits anaerobic cells while protecting healthy cells); antioxidants help promote healthy cell and cell membrane support; helps promotes connective tissue, skin and coat support and antioxidant protection against free radicals, which is important in disease prevention; helps standardize normal cell operation; encourages free radical scavenging of cysts, tumors and lipomas; as a broad-spectrum internal and external antimicrobial, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties against infection, as an adjunctive for cysts and tumors related to fibrous, fatty, sebaceous tumors including cutaneous mast cell tumors (mastocytomas, mast cell tumors, sarcomas), lipomas, histiocytomas, adenomas hyperplasia and papillomas. Also used adjunctively and holistically for the following types of tumors: hind quarter, deep tissue, lesions, polyps, warts, basal and mast cell, bone, brain, heart, liver, kidney, bladder, mammary, skin, stomach, eye, ear, nose, mouth and leg tumors.

Because it is not always possible to know when your pets have been exposed to infected roundworm larvae it is important to have your pet regularly treated. Some pets are at higher risk than others, for example, an indoor cat is low risk and may only need treatment once a year, where a dog that interacts with other dogs may need treatment every three months.

Remember that the roundworm larvae can be transmitted to humans and while the worms do not develop, the larvae can cause serious damage to body tissue. For this reason it is essential to wash your hands after handling pets and other animals and immediately after cleaning litter trays.

Make sure your pets have a healthy sanitation area. This includes cleaning litter boxes daily and regularly removing stools from the garden.

If you take your dog for walks in public areas, make sure they stay clear of other animal’s feces as this is a common way that roundworm is transmitted.

Roundworm is also transmitted by host animals such as rodents. The larvae lay dormant until the host animal is caught and ingested by a larger animal. If your cat is an avid hunter it is at a much greater risk of contracting a number of unwanted parasites. You can try a collar with a bell to discourage your pet from catching small animals.


Conventional Remedies:

A veterinarian can diagnose the presence of roundworms by examining and testing a stool sample. The sample is placed in a chemical solution that allows the microscopic eggs to become more visible. In other cases the round worm is visibly identifiable in the stool or vomit.

There are a number of medications that can be prescribed by your vet or bought over the counter for the treatment of worms however, over-the-counter medications are often less effective than prescription types, and potentially more harmful to your pet. Commonly recommended wormers recommended for roundworms are Pyrantel Pamoate, mebendazole and albendazole.

Most medications for roundworm only act on matured roundworms and so 3 to 4 doses may be required to allow the other larvae to become more mature and therefore more susceptible to the treatment. Because worming medications are chemical-based, regular worming, while not without benefits, can be damaging to your pet’s immune system. Many people are therefore exploring alternatives treatments.





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