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Tangled Hair Matting

Tangled Matted Hair / Matting

Herbal treatments to help prevent knots and grooming tips to remove matted hair for tangle-free fur, to promote healthy digestion, to reduce coughing due to fur balls in cats and dogs.

Nutrition plays a major role in skin and bone health. Healthy skin and bones are a result of a well-functioning, synchronized effort by the immune system, tissues and organs in the body and herbal and marine extracts provide natural antibiotics, proteins, co-enzymes and trace minerals that provide skin support, help to maintain the skin’s ability to withstand and repair the effects of topical skin wounds, scars, burns, environmental exposure to toxins, antigens and microorganisms, bacterial and viral.

The immune system is a complex array of cells that are found throughout the body. Immune cells are designed to function in conjunction with one another to provide a fortified defense against unwanted invaders, such as allergens. When your animal’s immune system reacts to an irritating substance, it is considered to be an allergic reaction.

Matted hair is a common problem for many cats and kittens, especially long haired cats such as Persians. Not only are these matted clumps of hair unsightly, they can become quite painful for your pet and may even cause skin irritations or infection if they are not removed.

Grooming matted cat fur can be quite the task. Brushing your cat daily will help prevent knots and mats and regular bathing will keep your pets fur clean and tangle-free. However, if you pet already has matted hair, follow the following steps to get rid of them
Step 1: Approach your cat when he is relaxed and try get him to lie in a comfortable position that allows you access to the matted spot for grooming. Apply some corn starch to the area and gently work your fingers into the mat as far as possible.

Step 2: It’s always easier to tackle smaller areas than one large clump, so if possible, break the large mat into smaller pieces. Very tight mats won’t separate easily so you may need to cut the clump with scissors to remove it. Be very careful that you do not nick your cat’s skin and do not even use scissors if you think the mat is too close to the skin.

Step 3: Once you have smaller more manageable pieces, you will need to use a comb and gently brush the matted fur out. This can be a timely process so do not expect to finish in one sitting.

Some matted hair is just too stubborn to be combed out. In these cases you can try to cut the mat out. Work the mat away from the skin and position the comb between the skin and the scissors so that you don't accidently cut your cat. A last resort is sending your cat to the vet or a professional groomer to be shaved. Rest assured. It will grow back!

When we see a dog or a cat with a shiny healthy coat, we regard it as a sign of health and vitality. However, without proper care - the coat of any animal may become lackluster, brittle and may even begin to fall out.

While many factors influence a healthy coat, nutrition is crucial. The right balance of protein, carbohydrates and minerals can go a long way to help keeping your pet’s coat healthy

Although it may be cheaper to purchase generic brands of pet food, these brands may not contain high quality ingredients – and may not be the best choice for a shiny coat. Homemade pet foods (preferably using organic produce) contain essential minerals and nutrients. The skin of an animal requires these nutrients to produce natural oils to help keep the skin and hair follicles hydrated, moisturized and protected naturally.

Although you may not realize it, worms and internal parasites can sap vital nutrients from your dog or cat’s system – causing harm to his or her coat (as well as other, more serious health problems). Your vet should perform a fecal examination during a routine check up to look for worms.

Fleas and ticks can also wreak havoc on an animal’s coat. Severe itchiness will most likely lead to consistent scratching, hot spots and weeping skin, leading your pet’s coat to look ‘patchy’ and uneven.

All Shins & Grins – (learn more) supports the skin’s ability to withstand environmental toxin, antigen and microorganism exposure due to its Vitamin C and antioxidant content, promotes optimal immune response, promotes strong teeth, bone, skin and coat, reduces allergic (acute and chronic) skin reactions and irritations, hot spots and soothes itchy skin and coat in dogs and cats, works to cut recovery time and prevent recurring infections and provides general mood support.

The Daily Paws – (learn more) is used as a multi-system nutritive for daily maintenance of all body systems, with emphasis on a healthy endocrine system, promotes healthy skin and shiny, glossy coats due to its high mineral and vitamin content, and is used to maintain body temperature, (important in immuno-compromised animals), and for a multiplicity of conditions and diseases including for allergies, arthritis, cognitive disorder and cancer, for urinary disorders to alkalinize (higher Ph) acidic urine and for blood purification.

I Feel Good! –  (learn more) promotes healthy immune response, reduces inflammation, provides dermal support and growth of healthy cells and tissues in the body’s defense mechanism, reduces the histamine trigger for contact allergies, seasonal and chronic allergens, pathogens, skin rashes, infections, hot spots, inflammation, swelling, hair loss, itching and geriatria (dull coat, lethargy), for all types of arthritis, including Degenerative Joint Disease, Osteoarthritis, Osteroporosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) and symptoms associated with rheumatism, including pain, strains, injuries, muscle pain, swelling and lack of mobility.

Bathe for your breed. Some pets need regular bathing while others may need it only periodically. Check with your vet on which routine is best, and pay attention to how your pet’s coat reacts to washing. Customize your bathing routine to suit your animal.

If your pet has a particular skin condition such as dermatitis or eczema speak to a vet about a suitable grooming program as they may require special care.

Always comb and brush your pet gently before bathing – as wet hair is harder to work with if it is tangled or matted.

After bathing, always rinse your pet thoroughly. Even when it seems like the product is rinsed out; rinse again a few more times as soap residue will dull the coat and leave the skin feeling itchy (it may also be trapped in skin folds leading to problem skin.)

Never use human shampoo or skin products on your animal. Human products differ in pH and may be designed to strip the hair shaft and skin of essential natural oils leaving your animal’s coat dry and flaky.


Related Products:

Probiotic Lean Machine - (learn more) contains healthy fatty Omega 3 acids used in the treatment of skin conditions and to promote healthy skin and coat, to support and tone the lymphatic system, to balance glandular activities including the thyroid, adrenal and pituitary glands, to support and maintain healthy thyroid function and to soothe the thyroid and endocrine system, for allergies, alopecia, allergic dermatitis, moist dermatitis (hot spots), to stimulate tissue repair and for all types of arthritis.

Yelp for Kelp! - (learn more) provides critical trace nutrient support for the endocrine system, to energize the body, for building and toning enzymes, tissues, hormones and bones, for enhancing natural cleansing and detoxification, for anemia, as an osteoporosis preventative, to promote immunity and for metabolic disorders, including the thyroid gland and other glands and tissues that affect the thyroid, for thyroid disorders, to cleanse the lymphatic system, to maintain healthy levels of TSH, T3 and T4, and for metabolic disorders.

Hepa Protect – (learn more) supports proper liver function, metabolism, bile production and flow, rehabilitates the performance, health and repair of the liver, kidneys, bladder and gall bladder, detoxifies the kidneys and liver, tones and balances the connective tissue of the liver, kidneys and bladder, normalizes liver enzyme levels, regulates kidney acid/alkaline levels, for all types of stones and gravel of the liver, kidneys, bladder and gallbladder, reduces uric acid, for gall bladder inflammation, gall stones and gallbladder infections, for renal colic and renal calculi.

Conventional Remedies:

For dogs and cats alike a healthy coat depends a great deal on proper grooming. To remove matted, tangled longer hair, you may try using a special comb. Grooming brushes will help to remove dead surface hair and dead skin cells, also helping to distribute the natural oil on the coat.

Having your pet’s hair shaved can sometimes be the only alternative when his or her coat is matted and tangled to the skin. Shaving can actually be a lot less painful than trying to get the knots and tangled loose. Once your pet’s hair is shaved, you can start with regular grooming as the new coat grows in.





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