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Herbal dandruff treatments for dry, itchy, scaly, white, flaky patches of skin on your cat or dog.

The immune system is a complex array of cells that are found throughout your pet’s body. Immune cells are designed to function in conjunction with one another to provide a fortified defense against unwanted invaders. It is an intricate system that keeps your pet healthy and protects them against all sorts of invaders including allergens, viruses, bacteria, microbes, parasites and toxins.

The immune system is also directed at facilitating normal function and is not intended to be suppressed or stimulated. In cases of dysfunction, an animal’s body requires whole body systemic support. If your pet’s immune system is weakened, all of its bodily systems are at risk.  

An animal’s coat is the most visible sign of health and wellness. Dandruff is loose, dead skin cells that flake off from the outer layer of the skin, catching in your pet’s fur. Dandruff can be caused by a variety of reasons, including fungal infection, sensitivity to fungus on the scalp and food or environment allergies. Itchy skin may lead to scratching and hair loss, producing a patchy coat.

Dandruff can also be related to systemic problems, such as overactive oil glands, which cause surrounding skin to become dry and produce flakes.

Cold weather, dryness, excessive bathing, ongoing stress or a weakened immune system can also all cause dandruff.

Herbal Remedies:

Herbal treatments help to keep your pet’s skin healthy, hydrated and nourished, supporting natural oil production, healthy production of thyroid hormones, which are necessary for maintaining skin and coat health.

All Shins & Grins – (learn more) supports the skin’s ability to withstand environmental toxin, antigen and microorganism exposure due to its Vitamin C and antioxidant content, promotes optimal immune responsepromotes strong teeth, bone, skin and coat, reduces allergic (acute and chronic) skin reactions and irritations, hot spots and soothes itchy skin and coat in dogs and cats, works to cut recovery time and prevent recurring infections and provides general mood support.

The Daily Paws – (learn more) is used as a multi-system nutritive for daily maintenance of all body systems, with emphasis on a healthy endocrine system, promotes healthy skin and shiny, glossy coats due to its high mineral and vitamin content, and is used to maintain body temperature, (important in immuno-compromised animals), and for a multiplicity of conditions and diseases including for allergies, arthritis, cognitive disorder and cancer, for urinary disorders to alkalinize (higher Ph) acidic urine and for blood purification.

Gland Candy - (learn more) contains healthy fatty Omega 3 acids used in the treatment of skin conditions and to promote healthy skin and coat, to support and tone the lymphatic system, to balance glandular activities including the thyroid, adrenal and pituitary glands, to support and maintain healthy thyroid function and to soothe the thyroid and endocrine system, for allergies, alopecia, allergic dermatitis, moist dermatitis (hot spots), to stimulate tissue repair and for all types of arthritis.

Related Products:

Yelp for Kelp - (learn more) provides critical trace nutrient support for the endocrine system, to energize the body, for building and toning enzymes, tissues, hormones and bones, for enhancing natural cleansing and detoxification, for anemia, as an osteoporosis preventative, to promote immunity and for metabolic disorders, including the thyroid gland and other glands and tissues that affect the thyroid, for thyroid disorders, to cleanse the lymphatic system, to maintain healthy levels of TSH, T3 and T4, and for metabolic disorders.

I Feel Good –  (learn more) promotes healthy immune response, reduces inflammation, provides dermal support and growth of healthy cells and tissues in the body’s defense mechanism, reduces the histamine trigger for contact allergies, seasonal and chronic allergens, pathogens, skin rashes, infections, hot spots, inflammation, swelling, hair loss, itching and geriatria (dull coat, lethargy), for all types of arthritis, including Degenerative Joint Disease, Osteoarthritis, Osteoporosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) and symptoms associated with rheumatism, including pain, strains, injuries, muscle pain, swelling and lack of mobility.

Conventional Remedies:

Diagnosis and treatment will depend on the cause of the dandruff. Most animals will experience dry skin at some point in their lives, and with the right care, most skin problems are easily corrected.

Depending on the cause, treatment may involve topical creams. Topical creams may have potential side effects. Your vet may also suggest supplementing your pet’s diet with omega-3 oils and a multi-vitamin.

Do not change diet suddenly as this may cause an imbalance of natural oils and consequently a dry, flaky skin.

Never use human cosmetic lotions on your animal’s skin. These products contain rich chemicals that can cause irritated skin.

A tablespoon or two of olive oil added to the food a few times a week can help improve skin and coat health by stimulating natural oils in the skin.

Dry your pet thoroughly after washing, as shampoo residue can dry on the skin and cause flaky skin, itching, rashes and chronic dandruff. 

Vitamin A helps to maintain healthy skin. Sources include carrots, squash and sweet potatoes that can be added to your pet’s diet.

Brush your pet regularly, but GENTLY, to loosen dry skin cells and dandruff flakes.



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