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Herbal remedies for increasing agility in cats and dogs to support healthy, agile, joints, cartilage and bones.

The canine and feline musculoskeletal system has many components including bones, blood vessels, joints, ligaments, muscles, nerves, tendons, and support organs that include the liver, kidneys, and adrenal glands. Age, injuries and wear and tear can undermine your pet’s joints and connective tissue, causing stiff and aching joints, degenerative disease and trigger inflammatory responses throughout the body.

Agility is defined as being nimble, or the ability to change the body's position efficiently, requiring the integration of isolated movement skills using a combination of balance, coordination, speed, reflexes, strength and endurance.

Agility in an animal depends on healthy supple joints, muscles and cartilage. An agile cat or dog is less likely to sustain injury while playing, and is also less susceptible to degenerative joint disease later in life.

Exercise is a great way to keep pets agile, but often, our pets diets are deficient in essential minerals, vitamins and other nutrients due to our reliance on feeding dry kibble over ancestral raw. As a result, our dogs and cats may be lacking essential fatty acids to provide lubrication and plant extracts that strengthens and support connective tissue throughout their lifetimes.

Agility is also important for working animals, or athletic dogs and cats who present in competitive events where conditioning, concentration, training and teamwork are assessed. Agility is the fastest growing AKC event and one of the fastest growing dog sports in the United States.

Herbal and Marine Remedies:

Herbal and marine treatments have been used effectively for millennia to

promote long-term health in joints, muscles and cartilage, to enhance agility, comfort in movement and control performance, to treat degenerative joint disease and conditions, to reduce symptoms of pain and inflammation; as an anti-inflammatory and immune builder, to support the joints, skeletal system and overall health, in the treatment of degenerative joint diseases, to strengthen and support healthy joints and alleviate pain and inflammation.

Joint Ease Super Dog & Cat – (learn more) contains plant and marine extracts that promote preventative and reparative support to rebuild tissue, joints, bones and muscles, supports healthy immune and inflammatory response, for rheumatism, for arthritis (all types), osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, rheumatism,  Degenerative Joint Disease and arthrosis, for muscle pains, strains, injuries and other degenerative joint related diseases, for pain and as a pain reliever for swelling and lack of mobility, for overall optimal health and function and as a natural alternative for tumors and cysts.

I Feel Good –  (learn more) promotes healthy immune response, dermal support and growth of healthy cells and tissues in the body’s defense mechanism, as a broad spectrum anti-inflammatory and reduces the histamine trigger for contact allergies, for seasonal and chronic allergens, pathogens, skin rashes, infections, hot spots, inflammation, swelling, hair loss, itching and geriatria (dull coat, lethargy). 

The Daily Paws -  (learn more) is used as a multi-system nutritive for daily maintenance of all body systems to promote healthy skin and shiny, glossy coats due to its high mineral and vitamin content, and is used to maintain body temperature, (important in immuno-compromised animals), and for a multiplicity of conditions and diseases including for allergies, arthritis, cognitive disorder, cancer and for urinary disorders to alkalinize (higher Ph) acidic urine.

Related Products:

Gland Candy - (learn more) is used in the treatment of skin conditions and to promote healthy skin and coat, to support and tone the lymphatic system, to balance glandular activities including the thyroid, adrenal and pituitary glands,  to support and maintain healthy thyroid function and to soothe the thyroid and endocrine system.

I AM A ROCK STAR - (learn more) is used to help support adrenal glands to respond normally to stress and metabolic demand, to support glandular ability to rebuild and regenerate, to promote memory and physical performance, for natural energy in young and geriatric pets, to increase muscle use, ability and stamina and to provide anti-inflammatory and immune support.

All Shins & Grins – (learn more) supports the skin’s ability to withstand environmental toxin, antigen and microorganism exposure due to its Vitamin C content, for free radical scavenging effects on fibroid tumors and for its antioxidant protection.





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