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Abnormal Tissue Growth in Dogs and Cats

Abnormal Tissue Growth in Dogs and Cats
Herbal nutrition to help address abnormal tissue growths on dogs and cats.


Herbal treatments to help nutritionally address abnormal growths in dogs and cats including lumps, tumors and fatty lipomas.

Nutrition plays a major role in skin health and is linked to a well functioning immune system, that impacts other organs in the body, including the liver, adrenals, and digestive system. The condition of your pet's skin is often an outward manifestation of what is occurring within the body. Proper nutrition enables your pet's body to fight against environmental toxins, antigens, microorganisms, fungi, bacteria and more.

Tumors are abnormal growths of body tissue. They are either classified as cancerous (malignant) or non-cancerous (benign). Cancerous tumors can spread at a rapid rate and can metastasize to other areas of the body. Common malignant tumors in pets include mammary gland tumors, mast cell tumors, oral tumors, malignant melanoma and fibrosarcoma.

Benign tumors are typically less serious as they generally remain localized in one area and do not always metastasize to other areas of the body. Some benign tumors can grow to mammoth proportions and when they are left untreated can eventually cause serious complications.

Tumors and lipomas are evidence that your pet's immune system has been overwhelmed and is out of balance. One of the most common types of tumors seen in vet rooms is called a lipoma, which is a benign soft tissue tumor composed of fatty tissue. Lipomas are usually found under the skin, are normally painless and usually harmless. Still, as a pet parent, a lipoma is a direct indication that your pet's immune system needs to be balanced.  

Tumors occur when there is a problem with the way in which cells of the body divide. Cell division is a strictly controlled process, with new cells being created to replace old cells, and damaged cells, dying so that they can be replaced. When this balance is disturbed, a tumor can develop.

While a clear cause as to why a tumor occurs, there are a few known contributing factors, including a lowered immune system, poor nutrition, obesity, genetic problems, vaccination and toxin exposure. Pet parents are surprised to learn that common house hold products may cause toxicity and in some cases, can even be linked to tumor formation.

Common house hold examples may include cigarette smoke, candles, carpet cleaner, room deodorizers and dryer sheets. Likewise, outside the home can present toxicity in weed killer, lawn fertilizer and chemicals on the driveway and in the garage. Removing these common chemicals may help reduce toxic load in your pets and may help them maintain wellness. 

Herbal Nutrition - (listed in order of relevance and recommendation by holistic vets - human grade meets/exceeds highest safety criteria for pets)

Herbal treatments are used to help boost immunity and address inflammation of skin tissues and structures in the body; to help nutritionally address tumors and may help restrict growth; may help cleanse the system and support healthy cells and cell response in the animal body; may help support the body’s own natural restorative functions while having a tonic effect on the skin, bones, muscles and connective tissue; may help promote healthy cellular response, to help promote wound healing, treat pain and injuries as well as chronic skin conditions.

Get Well Soon  (learn more) is used holistically as an immune booster, an adjunctive cytotoxic therapy against cancer cells and complementary therapy in anti-cancer protocols due to its active content of Annonaceous acetogenins, for its significant anti-tumorous (slows growth), anti-cancerous activity (inhibits anaerobic cells while protecting healthy cells), broad-spectrum internal and external antimicrobial, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties against infection, for cysts and tumors, including fibrous, fatty, sebaceous tumors including cutaneous mast cell tumors (mastocytomas, mast cell tumors, sarcomas), lipomas, histiocytomas, adenomas hyperplasia and papillomas. Also used adjunctively and holistically for the following types of tumors: hind quarter, deep tissue, lesions, polyps, warts, basal and mast cell, bone, brain, heart, liver, kidney, bladder, mammary, skin, stomach, eye, ear, nose, mouth and leg tumors.

I Cell-Ebrate Life (learn more) helps to promote healthy cell and cell membrane support; helps promotes connective tissue, skin and coat support and antioxidant protection against free radicals, which is important in disease prevention; helps standardize normal cell operation; encourages free radical scavenging of cysts, tumors and lipomas; may help address symptoms related to Lyme disease; provides nutritional, biochemical and plant botanical support of healthy immune cells; promotes optimal immune protection and systematic health and strength; supports bone, teeth and muscle health and integrity and for animals that need extra joint, immune, circulatory and vascular support.

I Want Liquid Immunity -  (learn more) contains water-soluble plant bioflavonoids that function as potent antioxidants which are important in disease prevention; used adjunctively for growth abnormalities such as tumors, cysts and lipomas (often related to poor diet, excessive medication, environmental toxicity as well as aberrant cellular mutations); provides antioxidant protection against free radicals; helps promote cellular health and to reduce catabolic waste; may help address symptoms related to allergies, Lyme disease and other auto immune diseases; provides nutritional, biochemical and plant botanical support of healthy immune cells; promotes optimal immune protection and systematic health and strength; supports bone, teeth and muscle health and integrity and for animals that need extra joint, immune, circulatory and vascular support. Strongly anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-mutagenic.

Joint Ease Super Dog & Cat – (learn more) contains a synergistic blend of plant and marine extract adaptogens that help promote preventative and reparative support to rebuild tissue, joints, bones and muscles; supports balanced immunity and limits whole body inflammatory response while promoting systemic healing and balanced immunity; as a holistic, natural treatment for rheumatism; for arthritis, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, rheumatism, Degenerative Joint Disease (DJD), Intervertebral Disk Disease (IDD), Degenerative Myelopathy, arthrosis and related inflammation and pain; for muscle pains, strains, injuries and other degenerative joint related diseases; as a pain reliever for swelling and lack of mobility; for overall optimal health and function and as a natural alternative for tumors and cysts. Contains herbs and marine extracts recognized by the World Health Organization as some of the most important ingredients in the natural treatment of all forms of arthritis.

Conventional Remedies:

All growths, bumps and lipomas should be examined by your vet. A biopsy may be taken to determine if the growth is cancerous, which may be either a simple needle biopsy, or by having the tumor removed and biopsied post-operatively. 

Treatment of tumors, lumps and lipomas depend on the size and location. Tumors and/or lipomas that are not growing and are not causing your pet any pain may simply be monitored regularly, while other tumors may require immediate removal if cancer is detected. 

Surgery – Many tumors require surgical removal to either prevent or remove cancerous cells from spreading to other areas of the body. With benign tumors, surgery may be selected to prevent excessive growth and damage to surrounding tissue.

Chemotherapy – If the tumor is found to be malignant then chemotherapy and/or nutritional resources may be recommended. 

Radiation – Used when dealing with cancerous tumors, radiation therapy may be recommended. 



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