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Top 10 Health Conditions Affecting Dogs

Our dogs love to play and live large.  They are family and when they are sick, we worry and fret and wonder how we can help. Below you will find the most common health conditions as well as pet supplement solutions to help your dog get happy and healthy again. 

Top 10 Health Conditions of Dogs: 

1.     ear infection

2.     skin allergy

3.     skin infection/hot spots

4.     vomiting

5.     diarrhea

6.     bladder infection

7.     arthritis

8.     soft-tissue trauma

9.     non cancerous tumor

10.    eye infection

For example, pets suffering from ear infections might benefit from using Yummy Tummy, which supports ear and Probiotic digestive health plus a whole lot more. Did you know that ear infections are often caused by a digestive disorder? For dogs who suffer from a genetic ear condition and require a surgical correction, Yummy Tummy will provide symptomatic relief. 

For all types of skin allergies, we recommend Life's An Itch and I Feel Good, which costs a mere $25.00 each and WORKS to relieve and eliminate most allergy sensitivities, reducing inflammation and cooling histamine and mast cell response in the animal body which are the triggers that cause allergies to present. Life's An Itch! does not just treat symptoms, it treats the underlying cause of disease and conditions.These pet supplements also support whole body, systemic health for a happy, healthy dog!

The most expensive health problem to treat in dogs is related to non-cancerous tumors, with an average veterinarian bill of $335 per visit. For non-cancerous tumors, we suggest Get Well Soon and I Want Liquid Immunity, which are phenomenal at addressing all types of tumors, cysts, polyps and all types of growth abnormalities. These products contain plant botanicals which moderate and correct aberrant and irregular cellular response and boost and balance immunity.

Many of the top 10 pet health conditions affecting dogs are associated with the natural aging process. As a pet owner, you can do a lot to help your dog in preventing disease and regulating disease once it presents by adding supplements. Begin with good nutrition. Feed your dog a holistic, grain free diet and add supplements for a happy, healthy canine!

If you would like more information about a disease or condition that is affecting your dog, please use our Search button, or visit the Pet Health A-Z or Education sections.

If you would like to email us, please send your questions or comments to; call us at 877-306-1744 or visit our Facebook page.

Thank you from the Team at Natura Petz!

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